Exclusive Photos From The WrestleMania Superstore In New Orleans

I am currently in New Orleans for WrestleMania XXX weekend and had a chance to check out the WrestleMania Super Store located in the New Orleans Convention Center.

The sheer amount of merchandise available is staggering, with everything from t-shirts to championship belts, hats, toys, masks, posters, WWE hot sauce and everything in between. They must have had 15 different styles of WrestleMania XXX shirts alone, with individual t-shirts for several of the matches on the card.

There is new merchandise for several WWE legends, including all of the 2014 WWE Hall of Famers. There was a surprising amount of merch for CM Punk and Randy Savage, including a McFarlane Toys statue of Randy Savage from WrestleMania 5 that’s coming out this summer. There’s also a full section of Jim Ross BBQ products.

WWE is also holding autograph signings in the Superstore and I got a chance to meet Fandango and Summer Rae.

Overall, a very impressive display of WWE’s merchandising efforts.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • raVen

    papa shango shirt just made my day!

  • fatneal

    that shirt with triple H holding the sledgehammer behind his back facing the “yes movement” is a dope shirt

  • Tom Shelton

    I Would Have Spent A lot of Money there. I want that hot Sauce

  • Tom Shelton

    and that Voodoo Mania Shirt Was Great

  • fatneal

    shoulda known wwe wasnt gonna pass up the opportunity to squeeze the last few pennies outta the cm punk brand

    • KingBack

      He walked out while being under contract so just stop yourself.

      • fatneal

        whats your point?

        • KingBack

          That WWE owns all his sh*t as long as he is under a contract.
          So stop being a mark.

          • fatneal

            first off…we are all marks….secondly…nothing about my comment says im fanboying on any level

          • KingBack

            Your comment says that WWE is doing something wrong
            for keep selling merchandise that they own.
            Punk walked out while being under contract so of course
            WWE wants to make as much money of him as they can while he is still under that contract.
            Yes.. Your comment makes you sound like a CM Punk mark because you’re definding him in a case where there is nothing to defend.

          • fatneal

            youre reaching buddy…my comment is simply factual..it doesnt lend itself to right or wrong…if anything it speaks to how business minded the wwe as a whole is…thats it…you come off as some smarter than the average douche crusading around the internet looking for guys who support cmpunk…youre barking up the wrong tree clown

          • KingBack

            I’m a Dendrofil so I always pick the right tree.

  • fatneal

    lol who is this clown? you must be new here…

  • tbls

    i think c.m. punk will be back at w.m. too screw over daniel bryan. i think this was planned as no else has seen or talked to him also if he did that they’d be mad and wwe would take it out on a.j. by taking the title off her pretty quickly. i think he needed some time off for injuries or to clear his head but i think he’s gonna come back and well see c.m. punk with triple h being the new face of wwe.

    • Roger Penland

      No…. Just…. No.

    • Summer Rae Dudley

      He walked out on you, DEAL WITH IT!

    • Dirty Dan

      With Stone Cold returning…I think cm punk and stone cold will have a face off and set up WM 31 main event

  • Pooka

    Nice shots! Thanks for sharing.

  • MajorHeel

    Bottle of water only $25

  • Aperture

    You know that you are a “smark” too, right? We are all under the same IWC stereotype, so your insult is useless. Just because fatneal noticed that the WWE was still selling Punk shirts even though the are trying to give him the Chris Benoit treatment doesn’t mean he is a “smark”. If stating the obvious is being a “smark” then I guess 95 percent of the people on this website would qualify. Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan like Punk, so are they considered “smarks”? The Rock and Stone Cold like Punk, so are they considered “IWC” fans?

    Get real, dude….

    • BasedWorld

      Where are people getting this they are treating him like Chris Benoit treatment from?! Especially since he is still on contract and the WWE is still selling his merchandise. When another wrestler quits/walks out they get the same treatment but since it’s Punk they are trying to erase him from history to you people lol

      • Aperture

        I would like to explain it to you again, but it gets tiring. No one seems to try understanding another person’s opinion. I listen to people like you who sound pretentious because you stray away from “typical IWC logic”. I try to understand John Cena fans and casual WWE fans, but they never try to understand me. Funny thing is that we are all representing the same stereotype. You say “you people”, but you are what you hate. When you say that you are a wrestling fan to people who don’t watch it they will consider you a “mark” or a “smark”. Anybody with common sense or just enjoys pure wrestling is a “smark” all of a sudden. I am tired of arguing with douchebags like you who feel like you don’t have to understand someone’s opinion…

  • Dixie Carter’s Crazy Eye

    That Macho Man figure is epic!!!!!

  • Ronslasher

    He wasn’t even criticizing them and the comment had nothing to do with being a fan of CM Punk. You smarks are so quick to jump down someone’s throat bashing CM Punk, calm down.

    • Aperture

      No one seems to understand the definition of “smark” at this point, so let me define it for you guys.

      “Smark is the fan who knows wrestling is choreographed, but appreciates it on a higher level” – Urban Dictionary.

      “Mark meaning a wrestling fan who believes (or temporarily suspends his disbelief) in pro wrestling” – Urban Dictionary.

  • Spacecataz

    “Sauce that sets your ring on fire.” Haha! I see what they did there.

  • beatskeetskeet

    That Macho Man replica for WM V is sick