Exclusive: Undertaker Less Than 50% For WrestleMania 29

In a major development, we have learned EXCLUSIVELY that the WWE writing team has been told Undertaker is “less than 50 percent for WrestleMania,” and that before the writers can present a “grid” (long term storyline planning) to Vince, HHH and Stephanie for review, Undertaker needs to be examined, as he is “not medically cleared” as of yet.

A member of the writing staff told us “this is going down to the wire, and members of the team actually joke that we’ll find out on the Internet about Taker before we’re told definitively here!”

No word yet on when Undertaker will be evaluated for medical clearance.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • http://twitter.com/PennyUndead Roger Penland

    i kinda hope they wait until WM 30… he may not make it if he wrestles at 29.

    • http://twitter.com/StupidSobi SOBI

      I think they are delaying the news because they havent got anything Major planned for Taker. If they tell now That he is returning then people will start expecting a great match from him. where as if they disclose the news very near WM people will just be happy to have him at WM regardless of the feud or quality of match.
      But IMO Taker still can give the best matches.

    • I’ve still got it

      Waiting until WM 30 would be a good idea to me. Hopefully by then a current younger wrestler will shine and be at the point where they can take him on and put themselves over, regardless if they beat the streak or not. Right now, nobody is in good enough position to be put over by a match with Taker and make it fit. By WM 30, a young guy should be ready to take over I would think. I don’t think it does any good to put Taker with a guy like Punk, he’s over and I don’t think it needs to happen. Of course, WWE is all about the $$$ and PPV buys. So who knows how they’ll go with it.

  • gucciboy


  • Shauno

    Yeah sure, I’ll bet cash money he is wrestling at Wrestlemania this year.

    • Holliezboy5711

      50 dollars?

  • Y2J


  • Fister

    Seriously the guy wrestles once a year for the last couple years, and he is that banged up that he might not make his annual match? Time to hang them up Deadman.

    • TheKillingMoon

      His injuries over the past years are taking their toll on his body. Quit being an ignorant schmuck for once and think before you type.

      • IKeepsit100

        I understand the “injuries over the past years” that some may speak of but from what i can even remember…Undertaker never hurt himself as much as anyone think he has. He’s in the same boat as Kane…People take rumors to the head too much. Age is getting to him and THAT is the only thing i can see that may cause him to slow down.

        • TheKillingMoon

          Age is indeed a factor but it’s also those surgeries he had in the past. One of which happens to be a gallbladder surgery if I’m not mistaken. Not forgetting he has bad knees.

        • DerrekSolaris

          He’s not in the same boat as Kane. Kane’s my favorite wrestler, but even I know Undertaker’s a better storyteller and in-ring performer than Kane is. Doing those moves (some very high-risk) over the course of 20 years will definitely take its toll. I don’t think he’s as “injured” as people think he is though. He isn’t in constant pain or anything, just in a place where he gets to decide if it’s worth subjecting his body to possible injury again or not.

          • Steve

            Undertaker has broken his back, broken his facial bones numerous times, he has a bad hip and a really bad sholder. And that is not counting in teared muscles and other traditional wrestling injuries which, while surgically repaired, probably nags him more every year

        • morrisonfanone

          That and Kala. His and Michelle’s new baby.

      • uhmmmm yeah!!!!

        how is he being an ignorant schmuck when he stating something that is true.

  • guest

    Time for Taker to go to the retirement home. It’s better if he just stops at 20-0. No point of him facing CM Punk at WM since Punk’s not even a believable opponent to end the streak.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

      CM Punk is a believable choice to end The Streak, He has beat Sheamus, John Cena, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, he technically beat The Rock, He wrestled a great match against Triple H like 2 years ago at Night of Champions and almost won, He is a choice.

      • Name Goes Here

        Punk beating Taker clean would truly place Punk in the upper legend category if he isn’t already there after his title run.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        They will never end the streak. It makes no sense to destroy his legacy to put CM Punk “over” after Punk just had the longest WWE title reign in the last 25 years. That’s like letting Cena end the Streak to put Cena over.

        The only believable guys who could end the streak are already over. It’s not worth ruining the legacy. It’s better to keep the legacy preserved so that others can try to break the record much later.

  • http://twitter.com/Shaddy_esc_617 Rashad Jackson

    if he cant wrestle this year at WM fine…i think they shud do this instead…let him rest give him til survivor series…let him some how win the title and keep it til WM 30 and lose to who ever at 30 then retire…but again whats the point of making him be undefeated all these years just to lose 1 match…dumb! pointless…wwe can not end the streak n should not…

    • Pozessed

      He will NEVER be the champ again.. I reckon the next match he has will be his last.

  • King

    i m tired of The Undertaker, he just needs go away, i always find him boring and the most annoying thing about him is his long ass entrance.

    • KAZ


    • DerrekSolaris

      Never heard someone say ‘Undertaker’ and ‘boring’ in the same sentence. Good for you for being original, but it also got you a downvote from me. You’re welcome.

    • Chris

      Okay let me rewrite this for you. I love the Undertaker, I hope he never goes away, I always find him entertaining and the best thing about him is his long entrance. Shut up Cena fanboy.

      • AVPredator4985

        Like x299 times

  • Steve

    just give him Santino or some other lowcard wrestler to squash in the first match – fans will understand and be happy that UT at least showed up

    • morrisonfanone

      If it’s going to be his last match, he shouldn’t go out wrestling a mid-carder.

  • http://disqus.com/LateTrain27/ Late Train

    Undertaker’s my favourite and I don’t want see him wrestle if he isn’t 100%. I’ll be fine if he doesn’t wrestle this year or even if he retires. I think that epic Hell in a Cell Match with Triple H at Wrestlemania 28 would be the best final match he could have.

  • Name Goes Here

    Taker vs Sting at WM30?

    • 5er

      In a “walker on a pole match.” :)

      • morrisonfanone

        It may have to be with the way they’re both going.

    • Steffomeister

      Panty and bra match!


    WTF IS He 70 years old or what to just punch and fell like 30 -40 minutes?? Fuck it he’s like 47 and yeah 2 metters also , So what? Steven Segal is 60 and 2 metters and doing the same He didnt even die last year and its a damn year in counting or what is he doing any other body wars for now that hes never medically clear anymore? .. O well.. For the nowadays entertainment in WWE… Who would give a fuck.. because lets face it… from 2004… Everything fuckin sucked in WWE.. as storyline….Good matches..but.. storys…just to thank kids … well they dissapointed old ones.

  • Cooker T

    Am I the only one who thinks he should have retired after reaching 20 – 0??? That sounds MUCH better than 21 – 0 or 22 – 0 for that matter. As much as I’d like to see 25 – 0, his body just can’t handle it any more. He wrestles once a year and it takes 11 and a half months to recover??? Time to hang em up for good and enter the HOF at WM 30.

    • dae

      As much as I love ‘Taker…
      I completely agree with you. He needs to take this year off, enjoy his new baby, come back when he can put together a Rumble-Mania season storyline, win his final WM match, and hang them up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.outlaw.33 Andrew Outlaw

    I like undertaker I think he shouldn’t compete this year if he is less than 50%

    • morrisonfanone

      He shouldn’t even compete at 50%. That could be dangerous as well. And I know we don’t want to see him get hurt.

  • qwertyboy619

    RIP Undertaker

  • currygoi

    Plan B:
    WWE should announce Taker is going to wrestle CM Punk at WM. Then have Punk take out Undertaker somehow (don’t know how). Kane want’s revenge for his brother (who is now in a wheelchair or something like that). Of course Punk wins against Kane. And if Taker is medical clear for WM 30, they can bring up the feud with punk again.

    • WWEFan4Life

      Im sure im not the only one who would totally cringe at that storyline

  • DerrekSolaris

    Ah, the media. Making stories out of baseless grapevine chit-chat since the dawn of civilization.

    Undertaker isn’t as “injured” as “news” paints him out to be. WWE is a business it needs to sustain itself even without core players. Taker is a core player. He’s in a place now where he decides his schedule, and if or not he wants to subject his body to potential injury. Most people have sore thighs for a week after a f**king 10km marathon, imagine what 20+ years will do to your body. Does he want to spend that time with his family or in and out of rehabilitation. Those are his priorities. As for WWE, they need to put on WrestleMania regardless of Taker’s streak. So they’re testing the waters, making other big matches as a transition away from the current key attractions. That being said, Undertaker WILL be at WM29. He may not have a match, but he’ll show up. I suspect he’ll aid Team Hell No in some way. Maybe he’ll help them out of a ‘Shield-situation’. The goal here is to see if they can market WrestleMania without a big Taker-Streak match, and if they can sustain buyrates.

    This will give WWE a realistic plan of how to plot future WM events. AND it gives them the advantage of using Taker as a “surprise” at ‘Mania. It’s a win-win.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.wahl1 Mike Wahl

    I wish they would just let Lesnar destroy him and then he can retire. Tired of him being beatable any other day of the year but not at Mania. I do not want to see HHH/Lesnar again. zzzzzzz

  • Javo

    Let’s face it,Taker already give everything he could since his return from worst groin injury back in mid 2000,beside he is powerhouse type,not like Ric Flair,he required his strength to do his signature moves,and this thing can never he get when he get older

  • fatneal

    for the life of me why are they leanin on taker so much…and why is it important that he be at every wrestlemania?…he can take one off…have him comeback next year or never at all…IMO he doesnt really have anyone to feud with…how can a cmpunk/taker feud work? punk would destroy verbally while he just walks slowly around the arena lol…lesnar vs taker…that could work but who wants to see them feud?…i dunno

  • morrisonfanone

    I would hate to see what would happen if UT isn’t able to compete at WM. It wouldn’t be the same without him. I mean, he did just have a child, but it would be odd.

  • WWEFan4Life

    Although Wrestlemania will not be the same without the deadman, Undertakers health is certainly more important. I dont want to see him go through pain all over again, the Undertaker just needs to wind down and leave his legacy at 20-0, 21-0 just does not have the type of ring that 20-0 does.

  • zito

    take not at mania? … yea right!!! … don’t believe everything u read

  • Fan

    Goldberg vs Undertaker at WM 30? :D

  • Nate

    The Deadman owes nothing to this business. If he can’t wrestle, he can’t wrestle.

  • GMpunk

    Wait a second.. WWE writes longterm storylines?

  • I’ve still got it

    The Undertaker has earned the right to choose when, if ever, he wants to wrestle. Fans shouldn’t be upset with him if he decides to not wrestle at Wrestlemania 29, he’s put his body on the line for your personal entertainment for years. I do hope that he can make it, he’s one of my favorite wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots. However, I’d respect his choice if he decided to take this Mania off or if he decided to hang them up for good. He has a family to think about, as long as his money situation is good, I wouldn’t blame him for not wanting to beat up an already beaten body.

  • R-Blaze

    he deserves to take this wrestlemania off, he’s given everything he’s had over the last decade.

  • Ex XFL Employee

    I Hope its not true as it shall be the first time i’m ever at a ppv, none the less its a WM. I would really enjoy seeing a taker match.Either way itsgunna be fun from the 1st row ( of section 200 hahaha)…

  • Miz Taker

    If he isnt cleared to wrestle then WHY did he wrestle with Kane at the 1000 Raw episode? WWE do not screw with me..Give me my Deadman~~damn it!!

    • http://twitter.com/MissyH316 MissyH316

      Well, if I remember correctly, Taker didn’t really do MUCH physically in that match, at least not compared to the smash-mouth, balls-to-the-wall approach he’s known for.

      As far as his condition for WM29, you may know he DID tag w/Sheamus at a house show against Sandow & Barrett just in the past few weeks. You’d think he’d have to be “medically cleared” to have even done that – but only Taker himself really knows for sure, at least in my opinion.

      He is my favorite wrestler of all time, bar none, and as much as I too want my Deadman, I’d rather he not risk further damage to his body if it could mean permanent injury. At this point, I’d just be happy to see him – as you well know, The Phenom doesn’t have to say or even do a lot to make his awesome presence felt! :-)

  • Macho Nacho

    what about hbk triple h and Undertaker vs the shield? less work for Undertaker in a tag match

  • http://www.facebook.com/maximillian.patterson Max Da Boss Patterson

    This would be his 3rd Wrestlemania his missed during his career.

  • dede

    wrestlemania will not be any good without the undertaker, But he has to get well before coming back.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ross.preston.165 Ross Preston

    Give the MAN his RESPECT!!!! He’s been around a LONG time!!!!! If he needs another year off then so be it. He will sure be missed though at Wrestemania this year.


    What is Wrestlemania to you??

    Is it about WInning Titles??

    Or is it about the STREAK???

  • http://twitter.com/MissyH316 MissyH316

    I know this is sorta cliche’d, but maybe they could use Undertaker as a special guest “enforcer” for a match, sorta like he did with Austin vs. Dude Love at Over the Edge in May 1998. He only gave a couple of chokeslams to keep McMahon’s “stooges” Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco from interfering in the match, but it was cool just to have him involved, coming out as the only “volunteer” brave enough to ensure fairness by referee Mr. McMahon and his henchmen! :-)

    That was one of the best main event PPV matches I’ve ever seen, by the way; one of my favorites, even though ‘Taker’s role was limited. The first several minutes was some of the best, over-the-top, funniest bullsh*t introductions by Mr. McMahon’s “stooge” Pat Patterson! :-) Back when the WWF Attitude Era was in full swing and humor was done very well!

  • Cyberzero6

    Am I the only one who thinks ”Undertaker is only %50” could be a work? Just look at Jericho before the rumble and countless others over the past few years…. It’s all a work on the internet fans.

  • johnbaked

    dudes been in wrestling since he was 19 his body tore up

  • Ace6644

    I personally don’t believe any of this until someone legitimate comes out and says it themselves. This nonsense about Undertaker, his health, and retirement have gone on since 1998. He wrestles one time a year because that’s what he wants to do at this point in his life regardless of his health being good or being bad i certainly wouldn’t want to be in WWE year round at his age and with the state the product is in. If he wrestles then great I’ll be at Wrestlemania and it would be cool to see him there, if not then no big deal. Just tired of all the rumors we all should know better than to take any of it as fact.

  • Red eye

    What is wrong with the Undertaker