Exclusive: WWE SummerSlam Card Revealed

We’ve got another exclusive scoop – the top 4 matches for WWE SummerSlam 2014.

The main event won’t surprise anybody, as John Cena will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Brock Lesnar. The original plan was for Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan, however, Bryan’s injury has him out of action indefinitely and last week, the SummerSlam DVD artwork leaked online spoiling the Cena vs. Lesnar plans.

“The Principal Owner of WWE” Stephanie McMahon will be getting back in the ring in a match against the woman she fired, Brie Bella.

Roman Reigns will face Randy Orton, while Bray Wyatt goes up against Chris Jericho, who is now back with WWE.

WWE SummerSlam 2014 takes place on Sunday, August 17th from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

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  • Jon Saltsman

    I’m actually excited to see steph actually wrestle again. As for cena/Lesnar I just feel like I’ve seen it too many times. Bray/Jericho sounds really good. Reigns/Orton sounds extremely boring. Just my opinions.

    • Uzoma Iwuagwu

      Stephanie coming back to wrestle for the first time in a decade does sound good. I understand how you feel about Cena/Lesnar as if Cena beats Lesnar, it’ll be bad for Lesnar as he ended the Streak along with the overkill of “Super Cena” overcoming the odds, but if Lesnar wins, considering that he’s a part-timer and how The Rock’s reign went, I’m not sure if that’ll be good but, again, since Lesnar conquered the Streak, he needs to maintain the momentum he has from that. Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt isn’t actually bad, too, considering that they had a very good match over at NXT last year. Not sure about Reigns/Orton, either.

      • theguywholoveschickfight


    • Chyna

      Reigns and Orton boring? I think you read that wrong, this should be a great match, two greatly complimenting “killer instinct” styles.

      • gimmegimmekevin

        I’m thinking Orton will set up punt kick only to run straight into a spear or superman punch.

        • Viper1

          Orton sets up a punt kick to Reigns’s skull and connects with it. As payback for what Reigns did to him at MITB’s main event title belt match at the PPV.
          Reigns tries to set up a superman punch or spear but misses and is unable to connect with it and Orton slips out of it and counterattacks him and DDT’s him off the ropes, duplexes him, and unleashes a european uppercut and dropkicks him and rko’s him then kicks him in the skull.

    • VoiceofReason

      So that one, yes one match between Lesnar and Cena that you’ve see, and it’s too much? It was a fight, and everyone on here is always all about Cena getting beaten, well guess what, he makes the most sense as a transitional champion to drop the championship to Lesnar.Everyone an their mother would be up in arms if Reigns or Wyatt lost in 2 months to Lesnar. All I ever see is complaining about booking. Well if everyone thinks they can do better, put in your application to WWE HQ and then do something about it. Otherwise, STFU!

    • nBonThaBeat

      I think Cena and Lesnar only wrestled each other like 2 times (not including live tapings and Smackdown shows” in the last 12+ years.

      • gdaddy1971

        Actually, Cena and Lesnar had a pretty substantial feud back in the day when Lesnar was a face and Cena was starting to get over as a hell during the Thuganomics gimmick. It was such a big feud that Cena starting using the FU as a finisher to mock Lesnar’s F5. Of course, the FU had to be changed to the Attitude Adjustment for the PG WWE.

        • nBonThaBeat

          That’s one of the matches I’m talking about. It ended with the one match they had a Backlash and then I think they wrestled each other in a Survivor Series match but not one on one just on opposite sides. Then the match at ER 12′ hence why I said just 2 PPV’s they wrestled each other one on one.

    • Leather Face

      I hope her match is a bra and panties match
      We will all be winners then

      • TNA Live Crowd

        I take it you don’t have a girlfriend do you? If you want to see women in bra and panties to get you off go look at a Victoria Secret catalog

      • gimmegimmekevin

        Except for women everywhere, y’know half of the population. Not only that but a degrading match like that doesn’t exactly scream PG and it tears down Stephanie’s strong female position too. How about, oh I don’t know, a wrestling match with punches, kicks, grapples and scary spots? Novel Idea I’d say.

    • theguywholoveschickfight

      steph to wrestle again sounds good, but look who she’s gonna face.

      • gimmegimmekevin

        Brie had made some strides in the ring recently, Nikki too. They’re still far from AJ, Emma, Charlotte or Paige’s level but they’re probably the better “models” in terms of wrestling on the roster. I’m not sure if you consider Naomi a “model” or actual female wrestler at this point tho

        • theguywholoveschickfight

          for 1. Naomi was never a “model” and 2. Summer Rae is a better wrestler/character then both the Bella’s combined. no matter how much they improve, the fact remains that they started improving in their second run when summer is better in her first. summer has a more believable persona/ring-ability then them.

    • tnicols

      reigns and orton is going to be great; 2 3rd generation stars. Orton is going to get injured bad !!!!!!!!!!!

    • raVen

      I just pray that Steph doesn’t wear this..thing


    • Starkkletta

      well it does depend on how www decides to put the reigns vs orton match together.
      if the match is done correctly it can be brilliant and extremely good.
      though having reigns as a face and orton as heel sucks.
      or-ton is much better as a clean shaven badass, intense, cool, sweet babyface.

  • Buzzard Follower

    wow how disappointing

  • WCWJobber

    Ah its not bad..

  • JC

    At least Jericho will put over Wyatt unlike one superstar that unfortunately shares the same initials as me…

    • TNA Live Crowd

      Who has Stone Cold put over in his career? Not every younger talent needs to be put over when they can’t run with the momentum and will drop the ball within weeks especially during this era of wrestling.

      • Chyna

        The Rock, Mick Foley, Kane, Undertaker, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Mr. McMahon the list could go on a fair bit. In comparison, the business was a lot better/competitive back then. Cena is a board meeting warrior/kiss ass rather then someone who physically earned that position, while being good at their craft too.

        • TNA Live Crowd

          All those you just mentioned were not up and comers and already had an established name. Call Cena what you want but he wants to go down as one if the greats and there’s nothing wrong with. You don’t become a WWE Superstar just to job to younger “talent” and this era of wrestling fans insists that every single person that gets signed deserves a big push when they really don’t

          • Filthy_animals

            Cena puts over a lot of young wrestlers …just cause he beats here and there does not mean he doesn’t put them over …. Barrett , miz , Ziggler , ryback , wyatt , Daniel Bryan and more have all beat cena

          • yumyum

            you are all right, the problem in wwe is a lack of imagination with writers, and the problem with building talent. now as we all know the quality of the talent is there, but with out the proper build up or script work, they are nothing. look hulk hoagn was champion for years, we still had great characters and wide pool of contestants to try to match him. to me the wwe lacks writers. and talent is not being utilized peoperly, remember those famioue words by vince when bret left to wcw , they will not know what to do with a talent such as yourself, well wwe eat your words, you completely do not know how to use the talent you have, and keep rerunning the B<S< so boring …..

        • gdaddy1971

          Cena has put over plenty of guys over the years, many of them younger talents.

      • Scott Kinnard

        The only person Austin ever refused to put over was Lesnar. Why? Because Lesnar never has and never will respect the business. Rumor is had there been a Punk/Austin match, he was willing to put over Punk as well.

        • Joe

          Thats completely wrong you smark dingus. Austin simply didn’t do the match because they were just going to put the match on a random RAW with no build what so ever. So he got pissed and walked out. And if try to argue with this then you’re a bigger idiot then I expected cause Austin talks about this on his podcast a lot and he always says the EXACT same thing that I just typed.

        • Brock n roll

          Lesnar didn’t need stone cold or triple h to put him over, he became huge on his own.

      • Sigma ?

        Jake Roberts.

      • raVen

        you really think wyatt would drop the ball? why? the man is a total package.

    • Bryan

      It’s all about the politics backstage. Cena has said over and over that has no problem putting people over but Vince has the final say and Vince doesn’t want Cena to lose clean to a heel or a heel winning in a feud against Cena.

      • gdaddy1971

        Oh my God!! Someone actually talking sense for a change. This is one of the few times you will hear someone talking the truth about this matter. Congrats sir!!

  • Doug

    Hey sescoops Jericho is not back

    • Dev9h


    • Louis Salera

      Tonight he is

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Nice fail.

  • God’s Diamond

    I bet Randy Orton and Roman Reigns will end up with h3 interference leading to their match in a few months

  • God’s Diamond

    One thing i can see is Brock winning and Roman Reigns winning and a showdown at survivor series where Roman gets over. It would mirror his cousin rock winning his first title at survivor series 1998

  • tnicols

    how about HHH vs. big show; and ambrose vs. rollins ?

    • Louis Salera

      HHH vs big show? Zzzzzzz. Better than Ambien

  • Donny Octave

    Bray Wyatt vs Chris Jericho? Sign me up, those two killed it on NXT awhile back.

  • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316
    • The Connor

      Comments can’t be blank.

      • MachoViper

        Hahahaahah. I’ve been watching old Raws and have been digging IRS and MDM. What a great team.

  • valo

    aug 17th. paiges birthday. 2 days after mine.

  • JOHN


  • https://twitter.com/bushysowavvey Triple X

    Ambrose vs Rollins and HHH vs Reigns*

    • Richmond

      Nah, Ambrose vs Rollins will take place at Battleground. HHH vs Reigns will be at Night of Champions because that’s when most people’s contract for the WWE Network expires, so they want to make Night of Champions epic so they can subscribe again.

  • https://twitter.com/bushysowavvey Triple X

    Oh i forgot Paige vs AJ

  • JOHN

    all them matches be good to see

  • JOHN

    raw was good tonite just watched MITB AND RAW

  • fatneal

    not gon lie this card already looks way better than wrestlemania did

  • steven harris

    To be fair, not a bad card. Keeps Bray facing some established talent, keeps the Bryan/Brie thing going with the Authority. Reigns and Orton will be a good match and Cena/Lesnar for the title will be a good headlining wrestlemania quality match that will make the title mean something.

  • Merve the Swerve

    I refuse to call the writers, ‘creative’. They are not.

  • pvnez

    I want to see y2j vs hhh .. ortan vs wyatt .. reign vs lesnar .. cena vs boogyman

  • Ouch

    I don’t exactly think this is an exclusive scoop, its an estimated guess most wrestling fans could make. Nice attempt though.

  • Eskylee

    Exclusive: Goldust and Stardust win tag team gold at SS

  • gimmegimmekevin

    Is this really some sort of inside source or what? I mean, these are pretty predictable match ups that are clear after watching half of today’s RAW. I imagine Ambrose vs Rollins, AJ vs Paige, Wyatt Family vs Usos will round it out. Hopefully Cody vs Goldie.

  • Bryan

    I’m actually more excited for Reigns vs Orton than I am Reigns vs Triple H as Orton is a way better wrestler than Triple H is and will carry Reigns to a great wrestling match as Reigns vs Triple H will not be a wrestling match it’ll be a brawl.

    • MachoViper

      You must really like oily headlocks to say HHH is not as good as Orton.

  • raVen

    and the revival of he divas division Paige vs AJ Lee. I’m really excited for this feud, especially with a heel paige.

  • Danny Morgan

    tbh its shaping up to be a decent summerslam, steph in ring gear again yes please

  • AJ

    Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho sounds like the best match on the card. They better not kick off the show with this match though-_______-

  • 3antar

    actually the only thing that intrest me is the ziggler rae kiss and where it is goin’…