Explanation Behind Wade Barrett’s Absence, Goldberg/WWE News, New Mysterio DVD

-One of the key reasons Wade Barrett has not been featured on WWE television or at WWE live events in recent weeks is due to the fact that he is back in England dealing with visa issues. As noted previously, Barrett recently returned to action with the company during their current live event tour in Mexico.

-The new Rey Mysterio DVD produced by WWE is scheduled for a release in 2014.

-For those wondering, it indeed was Vince McMahon who made the call for Jerry “The King” Lawler to mention the “Goldberg” chants on Monday’s RAW and tie it into the current “Ultimate Goldberg Collection” DVD that was released by the company this week. Whether or not more transpires as a result, remains to be seen.

Update On Rey Mysterio’s WWE TV Return + Wade Barrett Gimmick Change [>>]

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

Matt Boone

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  • Pozessed

    To be honest, I’d think a Goldberg Vs Ryback match would be boring.

    • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

      It couldn’t possiblt be more “exciting” than Goldberg vs. Lesnar & that crowd reaction in MSG

      • iknoweverythingicwftw

        That shizz was ALL about the Rattlesnake.

    • bambam

      Ryback vs anybody is boring. At least this would get a reaction and Goldberg would finally burry him once and for all. Ryback gets no reaction as heel or face. They should have just kept him undefeated with a streak and face Goldberg. That would have been somewhat decent.

    • Reality

      Do you realize how great the fans would react once he finally destroys Ryback?

      • Pozessed

        Yeah, the fans would love that but come on… Imagine these guys in a 15 min match together, it would absolutely suck.

  • brad

    Hopefully he does come back it would be cool to see him at wm 30.

  • Cujo999

    I thought they were giving Barrett his 10th repackage. Maybe this visa thing is a work to put over his new illegal immigrant laborer gimmick, complete with a feud with Zen and company.

    • Pozessed

      Haha, he could somehow end up as a ‘real american’ with Zeb Colter.