Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena At Extreme Rules

Brock Lesnar will wrestle John Cena at WWE Extreme Rules in less than three weeks on April 29th. John Laurinaitis announced the match at the start of Monday’s RAW. Lesnar came out and thanked John Laurinaitis for having the wisdom to bring legitimacy back to WWE.

John Cena’s music then hit and he entered the ring. Cena slapped Brock Lesnar in the face. Lesnar charged him, taking him down and pummeling him before the WWE officials and wrestlers hit the ring to keep the men apart. Cena’s mouth was bloodied in the scuffle and a replay showed Lesnar nailing Cena square in the face with a nasty punch.

The ring was full with people separating Lesnar and Cena, but the two broke free several times and brawled on the ground.


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Michaelknows

    Holy shit now this is RAW! This is going to be better than rock-cena! Wow I only get to see wm in ppv.

    • Lord Spliffmeister

      Ill be watching live ;-)

      Chitown best crowd!! XD

    • Andrew Campbell

      I was starting to cringe when I saw Cena smiling as usual as he entered the ring, but I thought it was great when he slapped Lesnar and a brawl erupted between the two.

      That’s the right way to build to a PPV match. It looks like WWE is learning from their mistakes with how they booked the build to the Cena/Rock match.

      Lesnar’s stiff punch to Cena’s mouth and the blood was a nice touch aswell.

      • Djdon

        LESNAR got what was coming to him, and he got bitchslaped

  • You Mad? Stop B***hin

    Brock Rocked Cena! YES! YES! YES! YES!

    • You Mad? Stop B***hin

      Rock & Brock & Cena  Oh my! lol

  • Ant Perkz

    that feud looks sick>:)

  • realer5

    brock forget he is not in the ufc anymore and he gave cena a super panch right in the face!

    • You Mad? Stop B***hin

      Once I seen cena bleeding my face when from this -___- to this :D

    • Jager1017

      really lol he felt the slap and went into ufc mode, saw who he was beating and went to body shots and he was holdin’ back on them haha he would DESTROY cena in a real fight lol

  • budgie

    obviously the blood wasn’t intentional, but how awesome does it make this feud look? I for one will DEFINITELY be watching this, credit to WWE.

    • pwnez

      Lesnar and Cena’s segment was the best part of raw. I look foward to seeing how this turns out. Lesnar needs and should win his first match. He should also keep going over each week up until Extreme Rules.

      • Jager1017

        definitely was the best part, MAYBE second best to kane choke slamming the retard from 3 stooges. but seriously, it was definitely the best part of raw. lesnar is gonna draw HUGE. one question i need clarified for me though.. why did lauriniatis say “for years to come” about brock when he only signed a 1 year deal.. with limited appearances..? i’m very confused.

        • Fighter

          Although he signed a one year contract, WWE in most cases does not acknowledge how long a superstar signed a contract for. That for them is like behind the scenes stuff and does not belong in front the camera, unless it’s part of a storyline, like CM Punk last year around MITB.

          So yeah they can say for years to come and then next year he (Lesnar) finishes up with WWE, maybe with a career match or something like that.

          I can see WWE having a good run this year. I remember last year the week after WM week, WWE was right back to square one. Yeah the main event for WM28 was made, but that was it. This year however from Rock and a very good Mania, WWE transitioned to a hot feud between Cena and Brock Lesnar a man who you can easily put on the same level of the Rock in WWE in this day and age. And he’s around on a regular basis, even to wrestle at the smaller ppv events like Extreme Rules, which should do a damn good buy rate this year because Lesnar in the main event match.

      • Shambo

        CM Drunk is the Best Alcoholic in the World! 

        pwnez… all i can say is well done buddy…. very funny              

        • CMPeeP313

          lol jericho and punk are the like the best soap opera you could ever have

      • Yeahboy

        noooooooo cuz then whats the point cena already loss to rock he needs a win over brock to make look like the better man


       Lesnar will have to learn to punch safely again he opened up Cena in just one punch!

  • Z Emmons

    No one under the age of 10 will believe a cena win over brock. Brock would destroy him hands down.

    • Z Emmons

      Sorry ment over the age of ten,lol watching as I type not very good

    • Kyle Cotton

      Um dude Brock almost lost to Cena 9 years ago. Honestly I can see Cena beat brock easilly especially at a PPV like Extreme rules where anything goes.

      • Franll2507

        If we were to talk about a real fight, yeah Cena would probably have good chances to beat Lesnar. The good thing Lesnar has is he can attack when least expected and if you’re caught, you’re done.

        • partsunknownresident

          “If we were to talk about a real fight, yeah Cena would probably have good chances to beat Lesnar.”

          I’m sorry, but what are you basing this on?  Cena’s strong, I’ll give him that.  But so is Lesnar, possibly stronger than Cena.  And yes, Cena is tough, durability-wise.  But to my knowledge, Cena has zero training in any combat art, including amateur wrestling.  Sure, Cena could beat Lesnar in a real fight.  Gouge the guy’s eye out, get a lucky shot on the jaw, maybe get him in a fluke submission, and he’s got him beat!  But Lesnar has at least proven himself in MMA by beating guys such as Couture, Mir and Carwin.  Cena’s beaten……..nobody.  I don’t know if he’s ever been a real fight before.

          I just think you’re giving Cena a bit too much credit.  He’s no chump, but Lesnar has experience on his side.

    • Craig DeBoard

      Go back and rewatch it. yeah he clocked Cena good, but Cena easily turned the tide and ended up on top of Brock. One punch does not equal an ass whooping.

  • Shamimyousefpour

    fuck oath… wrestlings back… i like when this shit happens…. wooooo hoooo

  • Shamimyousefpour

    be nice if we had like a 20man tag team thing happenig… team brock vs team cena… be sick…

    man i need sleep… but a man can dream … and dream big i shall

  • Elgwyn

    Wow! I was like I time traveled! Cena took the first slap! Though Cena is all smiles, I can feel the intensity. I see Cena out of the title picture for another year. Just wanna see Cena attach Lesnar again next Raw. 

    • Elgwyn

      *attack* I mean, Got too excited. :D

  • Lpzrj1


  • Shambo

    im also diggin the jericho punk beef.. punk drenched in  beer from jericho just makes raw ever so intersting… likin this fued and the direction that wwe is so far goin thus far

  • Hfmtthw

    this here is a new side of cena which has not appeared since when the animal batista left

    • Jager1017

      batista? cena was the same fruit loop that he is now. he couldn’t beat batista, so he taped him up around a turnbuckle. HARDLY an aggressive side. lol and it can’t be a new side if it’s appeared before, can it?

      • Kyle Cotton

        well yeah if I remember that match Cena and Batista threw everything and the kitchen Sick at each other  in that last man standing match. Heck after going threw everthing they did and not get a ten count I would of duck taped my oponet to the poll too. and beside Batista lost once already and lost again to Cena in an I quiet match. But I will say Cena came off like a Hockey player tonight he got punch square in the mouth he’s bleeding and all he’s doing is smiling as if to say to Brock is that all you got B*****. Ah I love it.

  • Brian Clark

    Everyone loves WWE and Cena again when he gets his ass whooped. Not saying that I didn’t like Lesnar saying “Pow, Right in the kisser”.

  • Super Panchito

    Dude, I thought that was real. Sure seemed like it when you had heels and faces working together holding both guys back and the blood on Cena’s face made it seem so. Another thing..did I really see Billy Kidman there? He was badass back in the day.

    • Vegas13

      I saw him and bill demott and seriously didn’t recognize them with the suit

      • Super Panchito

        Yeah, it was pretty weird seeing random ass former WCW/WWF wrestlers just come out to hold these dudes back. I laughed. Lol

    • Craig DeBoard

      I’m thinking that first shot from Brock was real. Cena did slap him pretty damn hard and something like that can set a guy off. After he clocked him he probably realized “whoops, forgot where I am.” and Cena when he rolled over on top of him was most likely real too because he probably though “i better do something or this guy is gonna kill me”.

      • Franll2507

        yup. That’s what I thought too. When I saw the replay I was like.. damnnn is this WWE or UFC? lol.. and he probably had to hold back after that first punch to Cena 

    • JamieEvsxx

      I’m sure I spotted Jamie Noble as well…not sure though…I’ll have to watch the segment again later when I actually watch Raw rather than watching the segment on YouTube…=P

  • ShnMc5

    I understand the excitement over Brock, but it just feels too forced with Cena. Cena has had ZERO fallout from Wrestlemania when for weeks the WWE has been hinting that Cena’s world would collapse if he lost at WM, but it hasn’t whatsoever. He’s still the same bumbling idiot he was and now, STILL main eventing over the WWE Champion Punk, and whoever it may be in the future. So the whole Brock vs Cena thing just doesn’t have the steam behind it yet for a big ppv match. There’s no justification for Brock to be there going after Cena. Yet anyway. Let’s just see where it goes, but idk.

    It just points out the flaws in the Rock-Cena storyline. Everybody got behind Rock because he said Cena was being shoved down our throats and he wanted to change that. Well guess what, he’s still being shoved down our throats. The holes in the character and stories are so wide open they’re trying to have Brock close the hole so nobody notices. The only way for this to work is Brock has to DESTORY Cena beyond recognition, so bad that he has to take a leave. Now the Brock vs Punk storyline comes into play and others that can get Raw and Smackdown moving in a good direction. But that’s the only way it can work. I don’t trust WWE to tell the story the way it should be told.

    The sickest storyline they could have done and what would work is The Rock would have came out that night, but instead of accepting Cenas hand in congrats, he tells him to shove it up his ass and introduces him to someone who will be making sure things go right. Brock walks out, the crowd goes ape, he kills Cena. After a while, Brock is tearing through the WWE, takes CM Punks belt, and with his ego so high, Brock thinks he’s unbeatable…until The Rock shows up ready to take back the WWE and win the gold. The end.

    Too good. Get nast.


    • wrestlingfanatic

      that is just stupid.

      • Lil jimmy

         for a guy who looks like a beast i thought lesner talks like a nerd. was it just me?

    • pwnez

       I think WWE was hinting he would turn on the crowd to keep it unpredictable. Some fans believed he would turn heel and others thought he would overcome the hate. Cena is the face of the company and as much as I hate to say it, that is not going to change anytime soon. Is it Cena’s fault he won’t turn heel?…no, but unfortunately we’re stuck with it. As long as that guy carries a fanbase he’ll keep on smiling and babbling on.

      Then again, it’s not Cena’s fault nor is it Lesnar’s. WWE hasn’t done a good job at explaining anything which is why this seems like it has no point. Don’t get me wrong, the feud started off well and last nights brawl was great but like you said, what’s the meaning of this? I’m hoping they explain the storyline a little better during the next few weeks.

      • partsunknownresident

        Actually, Cena is partly to blame for not turning heel:

        “I’ve said this before. I truly think to be a successful bad guy —
        and I’ll use the term heel — in this business means you need to be a
        bad guy. I almost broke down and cried three or four times at the
        Make-A-Wish pizza party that we just had. You may not like what I do but
        I’m not a bad guy. I would fight that tooth and nail. I just don’t know
        if I could do that.” – John Cena @ WM press conference.

        • pwnez

           If that’s what he wants then that’s what he’s going to get. WWE isn’t going to make him turn and i’m sure they are thrilled that he is going to stay face. We’re stuck with it so their really is no sense in getting mad over it anymore. I look at it like this, he isn’t the only guy in the company; I watch for certain wrestlers so I try not to let this Cena crap get in the way. He’s been a face for how many years now? I’m use to it. I thought he was going to turn before/after ‘Mania but obviously that didn’t happen and he won’t turn.

          • Andrew Campbell

            I don’t think a Cena heel turn will happen anytime soon, unless the kids suddenly do a complete 180 and start to hate him.

            It’s no secret that Cena needs a character change, but whether he’s heel or face fans are still going to dislike him. At this point, I don’t even think Cena could even pull off a convincing heel turn.

            I don’t think a Cena heel turn will happen, so I’m not going to hold my breath. Right now, I’m happy to just see him stay babyface and watch guys like Brock Lesnar return to kick his ass.

          • Jmc60

            If there not gonna turn Cena heel you think their gonna let Brock run all over him? Cena will win at Extreme Rules and we all know it no matter how much we hate it

          • Andrew Campbell

            If they want to give Lesnar a monster build until WM 29 then Lesnar needs to win at Extreme Rules. Otherwise, the entire storyline is a waste of time.

            If not, then there should be a DQ finish.

          • djdon13

            cena needs to beat brock cuz he already loss to the rock, rite now he doesnt need to lose to brock 

      • b-ran

        during the (pg) era, wwe took on a soft type of characteristic. i.e. no blood, no ferocity- for the most part anyways.  The Bad guys were People like the miz.  good wrestler- not real tough looking.  bringing back legitimacy means bringing back that ferocious personality that wwe lost sometime back.  that’s why brock said he was back— legitimacy for the company. he’s someone that is legitimately tough and nasty.

    • Lighthall19

      Most you people don’t get it.Cena is the WWE he works more and harder than anyone you bitch he needs to turn he needs to change but you don’t say that shit about The rock or steve austin they have been the same for 20 years Brocks a tool a jackass as a person and a talent but one thing will come out of this everyone will see that Cena is hardcore

      • partsunknownresident

        “he needs to change but you don’t say that shit about The rock or steve austin they have been the same for 20 years”

        WTF?!?  Talk about exaggeration!

  • Satishwarne708

    O yaa now its the real heel Lesnar has returned to take down the fake face cena!

  • Javier

    Both of them from OVW,but Lesnar rise early than Cena,they have great feud 9 years before,when Cena came with rapper gimmick
    Now both of them will come without rookie status,but the elite,cannot wait for this one

  • Darko108

    I agree about the storyline with Cena having holes. Instead of having his whole world destroyed because he lost to Rock, now he gets to face Lesner as soon as Lesner comes back. The only good way they can spin it is if Cena loses to lesner, and it finally puts him over the edge and he turns heel. But that makes too much sense, so Vince probably won’t do it.

  • Brett Lane

    it was awesome when Brock Busted Cenas Lip and at the end of the show when he gave him an F5!

  • jccox01

    Can we fix this new layout? It’s bugging the shit out of me. I can’t read anything but only the first comment.

    • The4thwiseman

      mine works good hahaha

  • Jmc60

    I think we all know Cena is gonna win this 1  noway they’ll make Cena lose 2 big matches and not turn him heel

  • R3dgho5t09

    I Would Just Want Cena To Change , Im Tired Of Seeing Him On Every RAW As The “bumbling idiot” 

  • Adoniscespedes

    The rock should had stayed then ever thing would had made sense cuz cena would shaked his hand then brock comes out. takes both of them out, then lets say rock gets injured for a little comes back in time for summerslam then he has a match with brock then he wins, ROCK VS CENA VS LESNAR WOULD BE EPIC

  • Ihatetrolls