Fan Who Was Ejected From RAW For His Signs Speaks Out reader Justin Stever was one of the fans who was kicked out of Monday’s RAW for his “disruptive” signs. Here’s his live account of what happened:

I went to Monday Night Raw on the 24th in Green Bay, WI. I still have the ticket and have pictures of the event where you can see me.

So they started the matches for Superstars and during the Kofi and Sandow match I raised the Golden Shovel I made. Nothing happened with that. Then I held up a sign for 3MB that said, The New J.O.B. Squad. Nothing happened with that one either. Then Raw started. Hogan comes out and you can visibly see me holding a sign that says, Hogan+Bryan=Ratings || Hogan+Cena=Riot.

After his promo was the Del Rio and Batista match. This is where it all started to go downhill. When Del Rio came out and was walking up the stairs you can clearly see me holding a sign that says, We Agree With CM Punk, UFC>WWE. As i watched it back i realized they took it away during the commercial break.

The second match of the night was Big E vs Cesaro. During that match you could not see me or the sign i held up however I was holding a sign that sad, I Missed My Flight To NXT, So I Had To Settle For This 2nd Rate Show. After watching Raw back i realized they were plugging the NXTArrival show and talking about how both Big E and Cesaro were on NXT, yet they took away an NXT sign? I was absolutely stunned when the event staff guy came over and said quote, “I’m going to need to take that sign too.” I said, “Are you serious? It’s an NXT sign.” To which he replied, ” Yup sorry, they told me to come get it.” I was just like wow whatever.

So then we get the Cena promo and you can also see me in the crowd with my Ronda Rousey sign. When Cena started talking i took off the shirt i was wearing and underneath i had a white t-shirt. I wrote on the back of the t-shirt, #CenaStrike Cena = midcard. I wrote it on the back of the shirt because I didn’t want to see him in the ring and wanted to make a statement. As I had my back turned I held up my Rousey sign that said, Ronda Rousey Would Make Super Cena Tap Out And Bleed. after the Wyatt family walked down the ramp is when the event staff guy came over and told me and the guy I was sitting next to to come over (off camera) and talk with the 2 officers that were there. The guy I was sitting next to was also kicked out and he didn’t do nothing wrong but be next to me. I had just met him and hour before the show when I got to my seat. He was holding my #SavageHOF Ohh Yeahhh sign during the Hogan segment.

So Chris (the guy who was next to me) walked over and the officers asked if we had anything else of ours by our seats, I said yeah and he told us to grab everything. So i grabbed everything and the 5 of us (@officers, event staff guy, Chris, and myself) walked out passed the curtain next to the concession stand. The officer then asked Chris and i what was the problem. We said we didn’t know. Then the officer said, “Then why is he telling me you guys are being disruptive to the show?” I said all I’ve done was had 2 signs taken away. And then i threw my signs on the ground and said here look at them and tell me which ones are acceptable. The officer said he didn’t care about my signs and that wasn’t up to him. He then went on to say that Chris and I were welcome to stay but we could not go back through the curtain into the arena. And we were just like what that ridiculous and not fair. I said so you’re telling me i wasted $111 on a ticket and I’m cant watch 2 hours of the show? He said that’s not his problem and he said I’m going to have to ask you to leave the building and he proceeded to walk us all the way to the doors.

That’s the story. I didn’t get any of Chris’ information or anything. I wish I would have but its too late now. Looking back on the show I was not the only one with a sign in the air during the Cena promo so they cant really use the excuse that I was blocking other peoples views because 100’s of other should have been kicked out as well if that was the case. If you want to see the pictures I can send them in a separate email or you can take them off twitter but I didn’t post all of them on there.

So there you go. The full and true story. Your thoughts?

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Jamie Morgan

    they are offensive signs. well some of them. idiot deserved it.

    • A-Dubs

      They guy with the bad haircut is right, Macho Man is super offensive.

      • nickgrasso

        How is that offensive?

    • mrchopper

      I like the handwriting. It’s real neat. But he lost me at ,”I was just like wow whatever.” I like Clueless as much as the next guy, but CAHM ONNNNN

      • Impunity


    • nickgrasso

      You make no sense

  • pwnez

    He made a golden shovel sign?! I wanna see a picture of that!

    • Justin Stever

      there it is

      • BMPunk

        that’s hilarious

        • Justin Stever

          look for it on wwe superstars. thats when i was waving it around

          • Killthecrown

            I don’t watch superstars at all, but i’ll have to watch it for just that golden shovel sir.

          • Justin Stever

            i dont know for a fact if its on there but i was waving it around so hopefully it was caught

          • DirtydaN86

            im going to actually watch superstars just so i can spot your sign, but i bet wwe edited it out. DAMN THEM!

          • Justin Stever

            they probably will blur it out like its the finger or something

      • pwnez

        LOL! This might be the greatest, most creative sign ever made.

        • Edward Morris

          Agreed. That’s priceless

      • Matt Gallagher

        You should sue the arena and wwe

        • joe

          The arena is private property. Legally they can have people removed.

          • Matt Gallagher

            For having signs? That’s discrimination and in the amendments

          • Guest

            You give up your rights when you’re on private property at a private event.

          • Matt Gallagher

            So if they kicked him out because of his race this would be totally different right?

      • cooperpooper

        You sir need to be inducted into the wrestling fan HOF just for that sign alone lol

      • Buzzard Follower

        thank you

      • Cena Swallows

        You sir just got sign of the year …

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    If wwe takes away cm punk signs in Chicago someone is gonna go nuts and shoot someone

  • payton

    Some Of Those Are On The Controversial side.

  • willywonckcka

    Hates the show, pays to go see it. idiot.

    • pwnez

      I will admit his logic doesn’t make much sense. Why pay $111 to go see a “2nd rate show?” Then again i’m sure he was just trying to be a bit of a smarta**.

      • BMP

        Why chant for someone who isn’t alive or wrestling in the current match….everyone loves that don’t they

    • yomomma


    • BMP

      Hates the show but love wrestling so he goes there for a good time yet is kicked out for being an actual wrestling fan.

      • joe

        I’m pretty sure he isn’t giving the whole story. Usually security and the cops are OK with giving warnings and taking signs if you are respectful. I’m guessing this guy was being an idiot and belligerent so they removed him.

        • Kevin G. Wolfe

          And yet you have no basis for this accusation other than your own opinion.

          • joe

            That would be why I said “I’m pretty sure” and “I’m guessing”. I didn’t flat out say he was being an idiot. I said my opinion is that he was probably being an idiot. Am I no longer allowed to have opinions?

  • Gallagher

    Why does it matter if the signs are controversial? There was no hate speech, or profanity on them. Surely the rest should be ok via freedom of speech?

    • some guy

      Yeah that isn’t how free speech works.

      • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

        No such thing as “Free Speech” its a nice idea but it doesn’t exist. 9 times outa 10, if you say something controversial you’ll be in trouble for it.

    • Sam Coolsome

      Free speech means he can’t be arrested for it.

    • Agg

      Yup, just like WWE is free to control their product how they see fit.

    • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

      You can make a case that every single one had hate behind it, probably not the intent of the fan but a good lawyer could make it happen. Rather easily i might add.

    • Mike

      The last two signs were just fine. However the UFC > WWE was a clear advertisement. And Vince isn’t profiting off it, so it would very likely be confiscated.
      The “riot” sign in an arena full of people…. is self explanatory. It’s just stupid. He was likely ejected for these two signs alone.

  • Guest

    Oh so you hate the WWE?

    tell me about how you spent $110 for a front row seat…

  • Willy wonka

    Oh so you hate the wwe?

    tell me about how you spent $110 on a third row seat..

  • Adam Amory

    I was there, sad to see you get kicked out for that. I thought you guys got in a fight or something.

    • Justin Stever

      nope him and i had just met

  • DoubleD

    Im going to be at Raw in Chicago and honestly lol truthfully being honest im considering jumping the guard rail to get my ass kicked by Brock. Anyone know what the consequences would be on that? Lol

    • BMPunk

      You’ll probably get killed by Lesnar. I don’t think you wanna do that.

    • SharinganIxU

      Well you’d look like a moron on live TV, not entirely sure how smart that is. You’d also get killed, and I’m 100% sure that’s not smart.

    • raVen
    • yrabadi

      Dude, the safety of both the performers and you are at risk if you do something stupid like that.

    • Deante320

      Read your comment again to the getting your arse kicked by Brock lesnar part then you’ll have your answer lol

    • Vince McMahon

      try me. I’m giving brock 100% permission to beat the living hell out of you if you even take a step over the rail.

    • Impunity

      Do it bro, make sure you do it when Lesnar is near the ropes because then you can get in and get out real quick.

    • *?•??ss ?r?s???•??~*

      Well, it depends really. Some people have been banned for life from events for jumping the rail. Some people get kicked out for the remainder of the show, and sometimes, as the case with the Orton dude in South Africa, the cops get involved. Plus to echo what a couple others said, you’re putting your safety as well as the safety of the performers at risk. Probably not a smart idea.

  • Curtis Axel FACE of WWE

    This guy went a bit overboard and really makes himself seem like more of assclown instead of just a clown. Maybe he should go to a Nascar race and hold up a sign telling the racers to stop wasting fossil fuels !

    • Crash14

      Let me first start off by saying I’ve been a fan of WWF/WWE, NWA, and WCW since like 1978. However, in this instance I see WWE being a little too “touchy” on this one. Yeah the whole UFC and 2nd rate program references were a little “direct”, but seriously, if that’s the worse someone puts on a sign? So are they gonna start having “sign police” at all NBA, MLB, and NFL games? Far worse language in those venues. You’re right though. If the guy doesn’t like the show or the company, don’t watch, don’t buy tickets. But to be kicked out for this? Getting closer to that “police state” everyone’s been talking about

      • joe

        Unless he didn’t tell the whole story. I’v seen them take people’s signs and end it there. I’ve only seen them throw you out if you were drunk, belligerent or disrespectful to security. I’m thinking this guys is an idiot just trying to get sympathy.

  • Elliot A.M.

    This was all really lame. I think this guy deserves what he got, and is to blame for getting someone else (whether that guy was actually not causing trouble or not can’t be confirmed just by this guy’s write up, since maybe he was a friend who was causing trouble as well) kicked out with him. It’s one thing to be upset and bring signs expressing yourself, but it’s another thing to bring in references to a completely separate company (UFC) because that has NOTHING to do with the WWE.

    I think him writing the Ronda Rousey making Cena Bleed on the back of his shirt mid-show and keeping his back to Cena while holding up another sign just shows that this guy just wants attention.

    He’s not making a statement on anything except for himself, and that statement is “i’m a douchey smarky moron, look at me.”

    A Bootista sign? Yeah, i feel you.

    A UFC is better than WWE sign? Why the hell did you pay for the tickets to the show then?

    Besides, this is only his side of the story. Lets remember that.

  • SharinganIxU

    Some of these signs, you can see why they were taken away. I’m all for free speech, but having a UFC sign at a WWE event is stupid.

    • Justin Stever

      why? it was the same night Paul Heyman mentioned it in his Promo

      • SharinganIxU

        You can’t compare someone in ring to someone in the crowd. One is there to entertain, the other to be entertained. 99% of guys on here will tell you, if you don’t like it, don’t watch. You can’t PAY to get into an event and knowingly take signs in that really don’t have any place there.

        • BMP

          As you’ve noticed the stuff in the ring isn’t entertaining the crowd that’s why they takeover the show.The crowd is there to be entertained yet also to entertain themselves and the people watching on tv.Why in the first place take signs to a show if not to get a reaction.Also they’ve mentioned UFC multiple times throughout the past couple years.Just cause the performers said it doesn’t mean they are the only ones.Fans bring signs a day or even a week after something that was said in the previous week’s show. Rousey making Cena bleed was over the top for the PG show but the others had no ill toward a person whatsoever.WWE was wrong and the guy was wronged.

          • joe

            Assuming his story is completely true.

          • Mike

            The sign about UFC basically had the appearance of an advertisement, regardless of the intent of the designer. Vince profits from any business he advertises on his show. That sign is basically an AD for UFC. UFC isn’t paying Vince to put people in the audience with Pro UFC signs. If they were, Vince would very likely go along and even likely make an angle out of it. It’s about money.

          • SharinganIxU

            You can’t play victim when you pay money to go and insult the product. What is the point in being there if you’re gonna do that? Someone else could have taken the seat, instead it was essentially wasted on someone who (from the beginning) quite clearly didn’t want to be there.

        • Mike

          I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Lawrence

    I saw you by the stairs when I was leaving the arena. Did you leave the arena completely or stand by the stairs the remainder off the show?

    • Justin Stever

      we were walked out of the building

  • bobbyflavor

    I wanna see Chicago fans actually get into a brawl with security.

    • Mike

      That would be the dumbest thing those fans would ever do. They’ll get roughed up by police and get locked up. And for what?
      Over some petty nonsense?

  • yrabadi

    I guess the question becomes one of control. Fact is, these WWE shows have become more and more productions, which means to an extent, the crowd is part of the show… ‘Talent’, if you will. While WWE constantly tells us that the audience is free to voice their own opinions, they obviously don’t mean that with their constant controlling of the audience… Whether it be dubbing them on taped shows, or in this case, taking away signs to control the reactions…

    I guess I’m a bit on the fence. I think fans should be able to say whatever they want, but I get WWE’s point of view in wanting to control their product, and by proxy, control the fans to an extent. Stories like this get out, and it makes the smart fan who is planning on bringing signs like this think twice about it. Still, sucks for this guy.

    • mrchopper

      I think after getting half of my signs confiscated I’d probably think about not taking off my shirt to reveal a provocative shirt and hold up yet another UFC related sign. I’d probably give it rest and try and enjoy what was left of the show, especially if I’d spent all that money.

      • yrabadi

        Good point. Although a warning like ‘if we see one more sign like that, you’re going to be ejected’ would likely have been helpful in a situation like this…

        • mooseticles

          And I’m sure if they had given him that warning, he’d have mentioned it. Because clearly he has no agenda.

    • Mike

      The crowd isn’t in any way shape or form part of the show unless there are plants purposely put there by WWE. They are spectators. Spectators have to follow the rules just like everyone else.
      Fans can cheer and boo whoever they want, but they do have to behave themselves. They cannot create signs advertising other major businesses, and they can’t do anything resembling a ‘riot’.

      • yrabadi

        I would argue them being ‘spectators’ makes them part of the show. We are all conditioned and trained anyway when we go to these things. They get us all riled up. They tell us to cheer. They play promos during commercial breaks to influence how we as an audience react… There’s a lot going on there. I would argue the fans are part of the production. But you’re correct in everything you say.

  • Happy Chri$$$ ????????

    PG comments below. Check them out. Justin spoke the truth through his signs. Same thing real ”Wrestling” fans have been saying for a long tme

  • BDS

    what a crock Justin! man I can’t believe the way you were treated! complete and utter bullsh*t imo! and likely not even so much as a refund! what a way to ruin what was likely an otherwise ok experience. not sure if asked, but have u been to events before and had this happen?

    • Justin Stever

      iv been to multiple events before this one, its the first iv ever been kicked out

      • BDS

        hopefully the last dude

  • Agg

    Come on man, you had to have realized you were pushing buttons.

    • Justin Stever

      yes but after i offered to give them the rest of my signs so i could stay, and then they still kick me out is what im most pissed about

      • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

        “I was just like wow whatever” Not going to judge you or anything but you probably had a punk attitude atm (most people would). ” then i threw my signs on the ground and said here look at them and tell me which ones are acceptable.” Another display of where you could come off as an ahole teenager, you probably didn’t mean to but you gotta figure they deal with people like you daily and you may have just caught them on a bad day.

  • Dixie Carter

    new sign. #wwenetworkflop and #TNARules

  • Drmgiver

    You know it is interesting….. I thought they were proponents of fans speaking up? That is what they keep claiming anyhow.

  • nickgrasso

    WWE is a joke

  • TC

    So you pay $111 for, as you said, a second rate show.Your only intentions were to bury the show and one of its top performers. You got what you deserved. I’d say having 2 signs taken away was your 2 warnings. Trying to put yourself over resulted in you getting kicked out. Plus comparing UFC and WWE is stupid. But I don’t think anyone isbaccusing you of being smart. If you dont like a show, why are you paying $111 for tickets? I just dont get it.

    • Mike


  • Mike

    I’m so tired of this rebel shiit. The last two signs were the only signs that were ok. The sign about “rioting” is asinine. While he may be figuratively speaking, suggesting something like that is just plain stupid. Who the hell would riot over something as petty as wrestling? Rioting over staged entertainment. Only the ‘smark’ fan base would put up signs this stupid. They are not a bright bunch, and almost always attract negative attention. He should have his sign confiscated for that, so I don’t disagree with it.

    The sign about UFC > WWE. It doesn’t matter what the original intent of the sign is. This looks like a blatant advertisement. Vince isn’t in the business of having people promote other major businesses on his show in the audience. And if he did, you best believe he would get money out of it. So obviously this sign would be confiscated.
    Why can’t these fans figure this shiit out?! These are all grown men doing this, and they figure out this simple shiit. That’s why I don’t care for the ‘smark’ community. They make the whole IWC look like clowns.

  • JRoD

    While I disagree with them kicking you out, I do see why they did. CM Punk is a sensitive subject for WWE apparently and then adding UFC to it, that is just like wearing a Pepsi shirt to a Coke-a-Cola convention. Then while you did promote NXT you were dissing the “flagship” show. If it was opposite they might have allowed it, but no hating on RAW allowed! haha.

    Sucks sorry you wasted your money.

  • Buzzard Follower

    heaven help the security staff in Chicago if they start taking signs on monday

  • captaindaddy72

    The guy did go a lil overboard, however wwe is getting will soft when it comes to signs

  • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

    Please use common sense when making a sign for a WWE event! You’re an idiot if you think it’s okay to have a UFC>WWE sign at a WWE event!

  • Callum

    OMG WWE losing respect for you

  • Urik the Viking

    Had my sign taken away from me at raw last June. It said wcw was way better than wwe! During first commercial break, Justin Roberts and their floor director told me to give them the sign. I said why? They said because I’m bashing their product. I said, the wwe owns wcw so how can I be bashing your product? The said just give us the sign or you might have to leave.

  • dickweed

    Judging by the handwriting, they probably kicked you out for not having a parent or guardian with you at the show.