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Sound Off 214: Scott Hall is a Mess, But Leave Kevin Nash Alone

The legends may have jumped the shark on Smackdown this week, but Hot Rod is still the man -- plus, who the best heel in the business is right now and Match Anatomy returns looking at the first Lesnar vs. Cena match nine years ago this month

MAILBAG: Should The Undertaker Ever Lose At WrestleMania?

One reader makes the case for the dead man losing at Mania and seeking vengenace -- plus, Warrior in the Hall of Fame, Davey Richards in WWE and Rock's salary

Sound Off 213: Thoughts From WrestleMania Weekend in Miami!

Brock Lesnar is BACK and wasn't even the most over guy in Miami on Monday night! -- plus, live thoughts from WM28 at Sun Life Stadium and audio from the interview with Kelly Kelly we didn't air last week (guess which wrestler meets all of her boyfriends first?)

MAILBAG: Is Rock vs. Cena The Biggest Match In History?

WWE says it is, but is it true? -- plus, will we see a WCW "One Night Stand" show, was Karl Malone a bigger draw in wrestling than Mike Tyson, and what will Cena do after Mania?

MAILBAG: What Jump To WWE Would Hurt TNA The Most?

What wrestler would hurt TNA the most by making the leap to WWE -- plus, are the fans complaining about Rock and Cena really just playing into the company's hands?

MAILBAG: Will WWE Move CM Punk Over To Smackdown?

There is one "stone cold" reason why this won't happen -- plus, why is it OK for Jerry Lawler to still wrestle, but not Ric Flair? And what's with all the Jersey hate for WM29?

MAILBAG: Cena vs. Rock, Who Should Go Over At WrestleMania?

Considering what's good for business, who should win at WM28? -- plus, why did Hogan and Michaels never have a rematch, what killed women's wrestling and Bruno in the HOF

MAILBAG: Does WWE Really Think Its Fans Are Stupid?

One reader is annoying by a storyline inconsistency from Raw — plus, Daniel Bryan's skin condition, Goldberg and Jericho heat, and the Rock/Mankind "I Quit" Match

MAILBAG: What Is With All The Internet Hate For Randy Orton?

Why is The Viper so hated by certain fans? -- plus, will Triple H hold gold again, what killed the Nexus storyline and who is the longest tenured WWE star?

MAILBAG: Why Does WWE Allow Michael Cole To Belittle Talent?

Has Michael Cole's announcing made you more or less likely to watch WWE TV? -- plus, Foley's fall from the cell, HBK's 2002 return and rebooting the Nation of Domination?

MAILBAG: Someone Actually Asked a Question About Brakus!

Solomonster spent way too much time answering it, but if you were a Brakus fan, this mailbag is for you -- plus, is RVD coming back to WWE?

MAILBAG: Who Was REALLY Responsible For The Death Of WCW?

Only one person actually killed the company -- plus, the Bret Hart/Vince McMahon fight on Raw, what happened to Drew McIntyre and CM Punk's battle cry

MAILBAG: Should Mick Foley Challenge Undertaker At WM28?

Would you buy into the idea of the Hardcore Legend ending the streak? -- plus, why The Patriot disappeared, is Vince a bully and what happens if the WWE Network fails?

MAILBAG: Does John Cena Deserve To Be WWE Champion?

Someone cites his "Make-A-Wish" efforts as one reason why he should. Is that valid? -- plus, wrestlers taping their fingers and where in the world is Chris Hero?

MAILBAG: The Absolute Worst Chant In Wrestling History?

It may not be the most vulgar, but it sure is the most annoying -- plus, trying to make sense of Triple H's "vote of confidence" and why was Brock Lesnar on Smackdown?

MAILBAG: When Did John Cena Become The Face Of WWE?

We actually have multiple questions about the WWE champion this week -- plus, can the Intercontinental title regain the prestige is once enjoyed?

MAILBAG: Is Bret Hart The Greatest Champion Of All Time?

One reader makes the argument why The Hitman is the best -- plus, what is wrong with TNA (oh boy), reforming the nWo and did Eric Bischoff really want Triple H in WCW?

MAILBAG: Does The Survivor Series Concept Work In 2011?

Would you pay for Survivor Series if it featured ONLY elimination matches? -- plus, WWE salaries, reviving the Nation of Domination and is Smackdown going live for good?

MAILBAG: Who Had The Greatest Debut, Jericho or Kane?

It's a close call, but what do you think? -- plus, was Triple H the first wrestler to use the sledgehammer, should CM Punk bring back Undertaker, Nathan Jones in prison and more

EDITORIAL: Why Is It So Damn Difficult To Book Pro Wrestling?

Looking back at the Summerslam main event 18 years ago today -- how on earth did Vince McMahon think THAT would be a good main event finish?

MAILBAG: Who Was Hotter At Their Peak, Austin or Goldberg?

They were two of the hottest acts in wrestling, but who was bigger? -- plus, the worst injury in wrestling history, WWE ending the PG era and why Heath Slater gets no respect

MAILBAG: Is The Wrestling Media Killing Pro Wrestling?

If a wrestler does something dumb and wrestling sites report on it, who is responsible? -- plus, WWE moving to ESPN, why did Steve Austin turn heel and where is the Raw GM?

MAILBAG: Is Nexus The Worst Faction In Wrestling History?

One reader makes a pretty bold statement -- plus, the highest rated Raw episode of all time, Edge's final five years in WWE and where it ranks, and could ROH soon top TNA?

MAILBAG: Will Vince McMahon Headline Next Year’s HOF?

An interesting question given the current storyline -- plus, should WWE introduce a Divas Tag Team championship and where does Kurt Angle rank on the all-time list?

MAILBAG: When Did WWE’s Attitude Era Officially End For You?

Weigh in with your thoughts -- plus, will Triple H do away with the PG rating, the Amazing Shrinking Kurt Angle and one reader has THE SCOOP on CM Punk

MAILBAG: Why Is Everyone Suddenly Hating On The Rock?

Putting people in their place on the Rock argument -- plus, is Triple H one of the true greats of all time, and one reader asks, why should I watch Impact Wrestling?

MAILBAG: Which WWE Referee Hired a Hitman To Kill Himself?

A question about the web series WWE would like you to forget about -- plus, should the Undertaker gimmick be passed on to someone else and Mick Foley as Raw GM

MAILBAG: Is The Warrior Just Bashing Hogan For Publicity?

Is he The Ultimate Nutcase or do his claims against Hogan have merit? -- plus, listing the top 10 greatest talkers of the past 20 years and what ever happened to Matt Bentley?

MAILBAG: Who Was Responsible For Bob Holly’s Broken Neck?

A special batch of Q&A's for Memorial Day weekend -- why Mr. Anderson hates Randy Orton, addressing Savage and Stephanie one last time, HBK teams with God and more

MAILBAG: Is There Still Heat Between Triple H and The Rock?

Is there bad blood between two of WWE's biggest names? -- plus, giving credit to TNA, Austin facing Undertaker at WrestleMania and what ever happened to Muhammad Hassan?

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