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MAILBAG: Should Christian Sue WWE For Taking The Title?

Real questions that just leave you speechless -- plus, how does WWE decide its champions, why are Mason Ryan and Big Zeke getting pushed and where are Kane's supposed burns?

MAILBAG: Did Sin Cara Really Wrestle Shoot Matches In Mexico?

Does the small man have a big mouth or what? -- plus, is Trish Stratus overrated, why does WWE exaggerate people's weights, and Lex Luger uses the Attitude Adjustment?

MAILBAG: We’ve Got A Myriad Of Diva Questions This Week

It's a DIVA-RIFFIC edition of the mailbag -- but we still have questions about the opposite sex, including Sting in WWE, Rock vs. Undertaker, and...WHERE'S THE SOARING EAGLE?

MAILBAG: Did The Rock Punch John Cena At The Hall of Fame?

Did Rock really give Cena a black eye at the 2008 Hall of Fame? -- plus, heat between Cena and R-Truth, major changes in TNA and did Trish Stratus really sleep her way to the top?

MAILBAG: Is There Still Bad Blood Between The Rockers?

What did Marty Jannetty say the week before HBK's Hall of Fame induction? -- plus, origins of the first chair shot, an NWO revival in WWE, and examining the FCW divas

MAILBAG: Is WWE Risking Too Much With Cena/Rock Match?

One fan isn't pleased with WWE announcing Rock vs. Cena so far in advance -- plus, is RVD the most successful stoner and talking about HBK's first retirement in 1998

MAILBAG: Trying To Sort Through The Memphis Tapes Fiasco

Will WWE ever be able to produce a Memphis wrestling DVD? -- plus, the whereabouts of Tony Schiavone and why did Mr. Kennedy disappear from WWE?

MAILBAG: Did Sid Really Crap His Pants At WrestleMania 13?

If you have a queasy stomach, this mailbag may not be for you -- also answers to your questions about turning Rey Mysterio heel and why WWE doesn't tour India more often

MAILBAG: Did Sunny and Shawn Michaels Ever…You Know?

Questions about two of this year's Hall of Fame inductees -- plus, Triple H during the 2001 invasion, TNA's drug policy and does Spike TV regret losing WWE?

MAILBAG: Mickie James, Trish Stratus and a Cold Shower?

We're answering the tough questions this week, as you can see -- including Buried Alive matches, the whereabouts of Kong and will there be another WWE draft

MAILBAG: Will Kurt Angle Return To WWE Later This Year?

Will the former WWE champion return home this summer? -- plus, what happened to McMahon being in a coma, return date for Evan Bourne and an Undertaker sighting?

MAILBAG: Was Sting The Cloaked Figure In The 2.21.11 Video?

The scoop on who may have been the second person in the latest vignette -- plus, the biggest failure in WrestleMania history and John Morrison's chances of winning the Chamber

MAILBAG: Was John Cena Really Stabbed In A Nightclub?

We'll talk about Jesus (no, not the bearded guy named Christ) stabbing John Cena, where in the world is Desmond Wolfe, scripting matches, facial expressions and more

MAILBAG: Did Kevin Nash Lie To Vince McMahon in 1996?

So rumor has it Kevin Nash lied to Dixie Carter. But, did he first lie to Vince McMahon in 1996? -- plus, clearing up Ric Flair's NWA title loss in Puerto Rico and the heart punch

MAILBAG: Were There Any Post-Mania Plans For HBK in 1998?

Find out if WWE had plans for Shawn Michaels before he got hurt -- plus, when was the earliest cage match on record and some entertaining closed captions during Raw

MAILBAG: Recounting Some Infamous Backstage Fights In WWE

Naming some of the more infamous backstage brawls -- plus, should Sting have made WWE's top 50 greatest list and are we in for a KLIQ reunion against Nexus?

MAILBAG: Did Hulk Hogan Really Place BARS In His Boots?

Did the Hulkster place bars in his boots to create a deadly legdrop? -- plus, picking the 2011 Hall of Fame class and which wrestlers would have fared well in MMA?

MAILBAG: Should Benoit Have Made WWE’s Top 50 Greatest List?

Making the argument against Chris Benoit's inclusion in WWE's top 50 DVD -- plus, would AJ Styles make the jump and putting the Randy Savage rumors to rest once and for all

MAILBAG: Did Vince McMahon Sabotage The ECW Brand?

Putting the conspiracy theories to rest one and for all -- plus, is Batista preparing for a WWE return and what would happen if John Cena suffered a career-ending injury?

MAILBAG: Is The Undertaker Planning To Leave WWE for UFC?

Is Undertaker going to UFC to fight Brock Lesnar? -- plus, minorities in WWE, Magnum T.A. as NWA champion, Vince McMahon's new contract and ... the Death of TNA?

MAILBAG: Displaying A Love/Hate Relationship With TNA Impact!

One reader offers praise to TNA, then stinging critcism -- plus, is Owen Hart going into the Hall of Fame and who should Vince McMahon sign away from TNA if he had the chance?

MAILBAG: Is WWE Preparing for an Ultimate Warrior Return?

Can we expect an ultimate induction soon to the Hall of Fame? -- plus, when will WWE and TNA stars collide and arguing Michael Cole in the BIGGEST mailbag yet!

SEScoops Mailbag: Who Wins Streak vs. Mask At WrestleMania?

If Undertaker and Mysterio had a Streak vs. Mask match at Mania, who would come out on top? -- plus, why is Michael Cole a heel and when is HBK going into the Hall of Fame?

SEScoops Mailbag: The Greatest Managers in Wrestling History?

The art of the manager might be dead, but it wasn't always that way -- plus, what ever happened to SNME, where is Brett DiBiase and unifying the WWE and TNA titles

SPECIAL: Does Winning King of the Ring Really Help Your Career?

Solomonster looks back at past King of the Ring winners and examines whether or not it really made an impact on their career -- plus, predicting this year's tournament

SEScoops Mailbag: Is WWE Planning a WCW Reunion Show?

Find out what WWE was thinking after Monday's Old School Raw -- plus, where is London Brawling, plans for Brian Pillman before his death and WWE beta testing its video games

SPECIAL: SEScoops’ Survivor Series “Pick One and Be Done!”

Solomonster celebrates the Survivor Series tradition by going through all 23 shows and picking just ONE match from each for you to see -- plus a note on why Vince was right

SEScoops Mailbag: The Most Underrated Tag Team in History?

Which team doesn't get the love it deserves amongst the greatest? -- plus, trap door secrets, TNA silliness, Angle's WWE departure and horny 24 year olds

SEScoops Mailbag: Should The Miz Cash In and Lose His MITB?

Would Miz look better cashing his shot in advance but losing? -- Plus, WWE creating a silver unified World title and CM Punk the announcer

SEScoops Mailbag: Is WWE Considering a Non-PG, Third Brand?

Is WWE ready to produce an edgier show while distancing themselves from it? Plus -- is Brock Lesnar Hall of Fame worthy and what TNA needs to do to make that next big leap

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