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SEScoops Mailbag: When The Hell Is Triple H Coming Back?

Will The Game ever trade in his suit & tie and don the tights again? Plus -- John Cena's father as a manager, what's up with the Hart Dynasty and will JR ever call another match?

SEScoops Mailbag: Is WWE Planning To FIRE John Cena?

Might WWE be planning on FIRING John Cena as part of the Nexus storyline? Plus -- the real story behind Steve Austin's 2002 walkout and ... Kane on Kane molestation?

SEScoops Mailbag: Has Anyone Used Humping As A Finisher?

This week, we get to talk about The Yeti -- plus, what's really going on with Matt Hardy, why do wrestling sites cover MMA, Triple H taking over WWE, and the Walls of Jericho

SEScoops Mailbag: WWE Discriminating Against Black Wrestlers?

Do they really give "hip hop" gimmicks to every black wrestler -- plus, who did MVP piss off, when is Rock coming back, retiring the Knockouts tag belts and unmasking Kane

SEScoops Mailbag: Who Was Meant To Be Jeff Hardy’s Attacker?

Find out if Matt Hardy was always supposed to be the culprit -- plus, midgets in the WWE Hall of Fame, Vince starting his own channel, a Cena heel turn and dark match main events

SEScoops Mailbag: Did TNA Reveal Who Kidnapped Samoa Joe?

Find out if Samoa Joe's attackers were ever brought to justice -- plus, going back to TV-14, Rikishi managing the Usos, and hanging the Bossman at WrestleMania 15

SEScoops Mailbag: Should WWE Move Raw Because Of The NFL?

We'll talk shifting Raw to a different night -- plus, when did the old territory system die, most hilarious gimmick match, Russo swerves and more

SEScoops Mailbag: Was Tod Gordon Really a Mole for WCW?

Was there really a mole in the ECW locker room? -- plus, your questions on Hogan winning the title from Yokozuna, Mysterio as a heel and news on the new Florida promotion

EDITORIAL: A Plea To Dixie and Jeff, S**t or Get Off The Pot

Solomonster says the boy who cried wolf has got NOTHING on the kiddies running TNA

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