Final 4/5 SD! Rating: How Did The Go-Home WM29 Show Score?

The WWE Smackdown show this past Friday, April 5th scored a 1.83 rating (with 2.52 million viewers), which was a .17 drop as Smackdown recieved a 2.0 rating (with 2.99 million viewers) the previous week on March 29th.

Matt Boone

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  • Fighter

    SD was not the home show for WM29, Raw was. Smackdown was simply hyping WM with replays and hype videos, barely if any story was told on SD for the WM matches. There was a couple of segments and less than a handful of matches. It was WM’s hype show, and this is not the first time WWE this. As of late Raw is usually the go home show for WM.

  • Initializing….

    Smackdown wasn’t shown in the UK , we got past Wrestlemania matches Rock vs Hogan, Edge vs Taker …..