Final Cable Rating & Viewership For Monday’s Special “RAW Country” Show

Monday’s special “RAW Country” edition of WWE RAW scored a final cable rating of 2.73, according to Nielsen Media Research. The 2.73 final draw marks an equal number to last week’s show, which also drew a 2.73.

Monday’s RAW, which was the Survivor Series “go-home” edition of the show, averaged 3.802 million viewers, which was up slightly from last week’s average of 3.768 million viewers.

Monday’s RAW went up against stiff competition in the form of the New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers Monday Night Football game, which averaged 15.772 million viewers, well up from the previous week’s game, which drew 10.962 million viewers.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • pwnez

      I’m shocked it wasn’t much lower. Raw was pretty bad aside from a couple of matches.

      • Orestis

        Almost every week its pretty bad.Then again there had been worst by a long shot.

      • bambam

        Musical Chairs was pretty awesome lol!!!!!

    • Big Johnny

      Without the country theme it may actually have been higher lol

    • Ninjastar

      I just think Raw is just running out of idea’s to keep people entertained these days, the fans know what they wanna see and happen , but Vince just doesnt listen to the fans , Like really think about it, the ratings just keep getting lower n lower each month , wasnt too long ago they were at 2.98 – 3.01 , when was the last time we seen them at a 3.0 ? I give it another 6 months , they will be a steady 2.65 – 2.75 for awhile , then slowly drop a bit more as the years go on.

      Lets face it, wrestling just isnt as interesting as it use to be . I think we all just should give up on the hope of wrestling ever being good again .

      • Jay Rock

        Dude, the Entertainment industry as a whole has gone down. The WWE is just influenced by the “creative recession” “I’d like to cal it” this Generation has been in for pretty much a decade. Hardly anything is original nowadays & it’ll be a while before things change.

    • Derringer Duo

      People, you just have to realize that Raw is dead. 2.7 is nothing, I flatly guarantee you that Raw will be at 1.7 this time in 2 years. It’s the trend. The WWE is sucking the balls of sponsors until the sponsors realize the fanbase isn’t there anymore. Then, they will go the route of TNA and try all sorts of sad desperate measures.

      Vince McMahon is already dead. The world of pro-wrestling is going to return to regional franchises. It will take a long time, but it’s slowly going to happen. The only way it won’t is if some iconic revolutionary mind emerges to book for the WWE if HHH, Steph and Vince lose control of the company and have to let someone else book. (IE: They all die in a fiery plane crash.)

      • bayarea08

        You are one angry person with little common sense.

      • Reality

        Wrestling isn’t what it is anymore, it’s not recent news. And no, it won’t become as popular again.
        But everything else you’re saying just shows how naive and delusional you are.

      • youngrob2121

        I agree with you with the 1.7, but not in 2yr, more like 8-10yrs.

        • Ninjastar

          8 years, no way!!! raw was just at 3.0 about 6 months ago , now they sitting around 2.76- 2,88 , i give it ya probably 2 more years and they will be down in the 1s , LOL 8-10 years!!! lol!!!!!!

    • WCWPunk

      The WWE creative has tremendous amount of pressure put on them every week because there’s just too many hours to fill. There’s three hours of writing to fill for RAW, an hour for Main Event, plus two hours for SmackDown!, are you kidding me?! SIX HOURS A FREAKIN’ WEEK! You wonder why we get crap programming is because the writing staff is burned out. Back in the 90’s during the Monday Night Wars vs WCW, the WWF back then simply filled in two hours of writing for RAW, THAT’S IT. Although today’s product wouldn’t be as good as the attitude era, it would be better solid quality programming if they scale RAW to two hours, cut main event altogether, and leave SmackDown a one hour show, showcasing upcoming midcarders.

      • nelson

        and so a good way to fill hours is to make a chair game?!no excuses for too many hours to fill.they have lots of talent and they dont use them. still when raw was a 2 hours show it was still crap. if the creative staff are so burned out then let them complain about it.if i was one of them i would do something about either vince liked it or not.its the business that is at stake. WWE is lucky for not having competition like the monday night wars.