Final Impact Wrestling Rating, Tough Enough Winner Wants To Work For Jeff Jarrett

– Thursday’s edition of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a final cable rating of 1.14, according to Nielsen Media Research. That is down from the 1.24 final rating that the show drew the previous week. As noted earlier, Thursday’s Impact Wrestling show averaged 1.421 million viewers, which was also down from the 1.481 million viewers that tuned in the week prior.

– WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine recently expressed interest in working for Jeff Jarrett’s new pro wrestling promotion. Leavine recently tweeted the following:

  • VINCE MCMAHON Returning To RAW, Sting/WWE Update + Wyatt Family BREAKING UP?!
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    • Nicolai


    • MohammadAbulawi

      SILLLLEENTTTTT RAGE haha still remember stone cold singing it

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      this guy has no life. look at his twitter. he legit tweets everyone from everywhere about “getting hired”

      • elguapo79

        And he doesn’t know your from you’re

    • Noah

      Who in the blue hell is Andy Leavine?.TNA sucks.Always haved and always will.Vince McMahon should buy TNA and shut them down.

      • Bong_Hit

        Always haved? Take your time next time you wanna troll young one. Leave no chance for mistakes. Also take Vince’s d*ck out of your mouth so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

        • Noah

          I ain’t no young one.I was never a fan of TNA.I’d watch bits and pieces’s of it.That’s it.Never cared for TNA.Period!!.

          • Bong_Hit

            Why such hate for a product that’s irrelevant. It’s not like they pissed in your cheerios

    • Jamie

      TNA is still a 100x more watchable than Monday Night Bore.

      • len

        well both of them is pretty danm boring

      • Noah

        All you people that say Monday Night Raw is boring and you’ll never watch it again,BS!.You’s will all watch it when Sting comes and when Undertaker and Hogan return.TNA is more boring.I heard last week or a few weeks ago TNA had a casket match?.I wonder where they got that idea from.

        • Tookie

          Yea because we all know WWE has never stolen an idea from another wrestling company. Yes I’m being sarcastic

        • Jamie

          And the Casket Match was great, chair shots to the head, blood, violence, how it should be.

          • AceRuby

            Totally agree Bully and Anderson had a hell of a feud and that was the perfect way to end that feud bravo to both of them for putting on great matches.

      • Bryan

        TNA don’t have Daniel Bryan. Case closed

        • AceRuby

          And the WWE doesn’t have a Samoa Joe what’s your point? Impact has actually been quite better lately where as RAW other then some parts has been going threw the motions lately.

    • that dude

      he looks like a young hogan with brown hair.

    • fan

      according to the MAJORITY of viewing fans, TNA is NOT more watchable! Several million more people say otherwise!

    • Impunity

      lol Jeff isn’t stupid enough to go within 2 inches of Big Andy, he should of never won TE and when he did he wasted his golden opportunity by failing a drug test, what a dumbass.