Final Rating For Thursday’s Impact Wrestling: One Of The Lowest Of All-Time

The Thursday, March 20, 2014 edition of TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV scored a final cable rating of 0.86, according to Nielsen Media Research. The 0.86 final draw marks a decrease from the 0.99 rating that the show drew the previous week.

Thursday’s edition of Impact Wrestling averaged 997,000 viewers for Spike TV, also down from the 1.209 million viewers who tuned in the week before.

The figure marks the lowest for TNA since their Thanksgiving show in November of 2013, and one of the lowest first-run numbers in the history of the show.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • TNA=Ponzi Wrasslin’


      • bri

        Grow up. You really want to put people out of jobs? That’s Heartless. What goes around comes around.

        • Pozessed

          Beholder forgive them for they don’t know right from wrong. The ignorant are their own downfall, they will be their own demise.

        • TNA=Ponzi Wrasslin’

          they put themselves in that position to lose their jobs when they put thrash onto tv every week

    • Harry Be

      TNA’s name taste like as$ when you speak it

    • 5er

      They should just turn it into an all-women’s wrestling show. They already have the name for it. I bet ratings would at least double.

    • Pozessed

      I look at these comments and kinda feel sick since it is actually pretty accurate towards humanity in general these days, instead of wishing for something to acknowledge mistakes and swerve into success, you have people wish it to go bankrupt, wish for all of the people involved in the business to go jobless and so forth. This is why we seem to never evolve, I hope if aliens ever land that they remember us for more than our primitive ways.

      • GhostOfRonnieMcDonnie

        You’re correct and quite frankly we don’t care my dear.

        • Pozessed

          Oh wow, a fool with a mockery name trying to denounce the relevance and importance of what I say. How cliche.

      • Deante320

        I do agree. TNA do have their facepalm WTF moments but to wish ruin upon them is over the line. But truthfully, everytime they do wish ruin on TNA, two years later TNA is still on their TVs so let them keep wishing but it’s not gonna come true.

      • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

        I wish they would sell TNA and get off spike bankrupt don’t care to much for but out of the hands of the carters is what i hope e for

    • bri

      Panda Energy needs to sell ti to someone that knows wrestling. It will only have a chance in the right hands. Clearly Dixie Carter isn’t that person.

    • GhostOfRonnieMcDonnie

      Lol scrubs

    • fan4ever

      The show was actually pretty good but I’m not surprised because the NCAA Tournament started that day. I think the post Mania numbers could also take a hit since the Championship game is that night.

      • dae

        I DVR’d TNA for the first time in a long time, myself. With Michigan and Michigan State going and all the upsets, I wasn’t going to stray away. (I still have SmackDown on the DVR to watch although I’ve been DVRing WWF/E’s programs anyway)

    • Bad Influence

      So Dixie Carter been off tv for 2 weeks and the ratings got worse? I never want to see anyone loose there job but this does not look good. especially with all these new wrestling promotions coming soon.

    • erod06

      If they had a A+ type player like Punk…He doesn’t need to come back to WWE and the WWE doesn’t need him.. If he could make a bigger impact elsewhere, he will go down as the man who saved wrestling. Disgruntled WWE superstars would have an alternative finally. I’m not a fan of TNA mind you but I wanna see guys who have the potential live their dreams and get paid so there has to be alternatives not just WWE.

    • nelson916

      ratings are just numbers.TNA should not worry with ratings right now,they should instead make ways to make TNA a better place and then yes, maybe they can look at ratings. I dont watch TNA but i dont wish them to just be dust in the wind.

    • Cool Night

      It’s because people don’t want to watch Magnus. He stinks and everybody knows it. People don’t care about goofy rockstarspud. People are tired of Samoan FAT Joe… as Steiner used to call him, and people aren’t interested in MVP! Willow / Jeff Hardy is goofy as it’s awful. Looking like Jeepers creepers with that fruity dialogue… of his LMAO.
      And don’t get me started on Sam Shaw… Wait till they get to the Hammerstein.. they’ll boo Shaw out of the building. They’ve got two Japanese stars there that nobody knows nor is invested in. How they think they’re going to get over is beyond me. They just basically handed one of them the X division belt. Most people don’t even know who the HELL he is !
      If this is what’s passing now for TNA, no wonder why people are giving it a pass.

      • dae

        And, do forget, they had two or three title changes off TV recently (including one overseas) Sounds like the bush-league WCW stuff.