Pictures From “Backdoor To Chyna”

Former WWE diva Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, who recently made her return to the national wrestling scene for TNA Wrestling, has had a colorful past few years that has included a stint on VH1?s Celebrity Rehab show as well as a short-lived career as an adult film star.

According to, Chyna is making a triumphant return to porn – in what they call an “EXTREMELY graphic porno.”

Steve Hirsch, president of the Vivid porn company, tells that Chyna approached him several months ago and demanded to work with the biggest male porn star in the business. Hirsch did her one better – and booked her with TWO porn stars, Evan and Lee Stone. The movie has already been filmed and is tentatively titled … “Backdoor Into Chyna.”

The follow-up to Chyna’s “horrifying” 2004 sex tape with Sean Waltman (titled “1 Night in China”) is set to be released in the coming months.

Chyna’s reps vehemently denied that she is returning to the world of adult film – but now the first images from the upcoming film have been released:

Brad Davis

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  • Forceton_Banfodder

    Good thing this rumor was squashed. *rolls eyes*

    Chyna has the worst PR rep ever.

  • Ac1d_Chr15t

    I’d rather jack it to a diva’s match.

  • Chocolat

    PRs job isn’t to tell the public the truth, it’s to do everything to make it’s clients business as guarded as possible.

  • kjhaltz

    At least it will be 1000X’s better than 1 night in Chyna. Too bad it wasn’t when she was at he prime looking deccent. Willing to try somethingsa at least once as long it is not gay.

  • HarryRKO

    Seriously who the hell is gonna watch this? How many if you watched the first one the picture of xpac and chynas di*k was enough.

  • HarryRKO

    Please excuse my pants grammar.

  • dustdog

    she looks a bit like lauren graham, i think i’ll stay gay though


    Thank god for those black bars lol. THE ONE TIME they are useful haha.

  • SkytheDincht

    They should’ve just black barred all of the pictures. They’re hideous to begin with.

  • bkingston836

    They are scary…

  • TNARKO95

    TNA hired a p*rn star. Tremendous job they are doing with that company. *facepalm*

  • TheSmokingGun

    Lmfao these pics are hilariously funny

  • charlemange623

    She looks ALOT more femmine now might actually want to see a preview of it but if she still has the gigantic **** them im going to throw up

  • Gr8ness

    I seen the preview, I knew it was her movie and all but I didn’t know she was gonna be in 5 scenes tho. The preview was enough for me to endure and I should have learned my lesson after watchin 1 night in chyna.

  • partci

    Damn she’s HOT!

    And screw the TNA haters. Man you are miserable.

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    @TNARKO95 – Dude, Mickie James did prn way before she joined WWE, they contracted her for quite a while.

    I wouldn’t really associate Chyna as a TNA person based on 2 appearences when she did so much more in WWE. She looks alot better in this video than the amateur effort she made a few years back, maybe she was so upset about it cuz of how bad she looked with Waltman lol.

    Good for her though, she will probably get a pretty good pay day from this.

    • Matt

      The only porn Mickie James did was appear in two or three magazines, waayyy before she entered the wrestling ring. Comparing Mickie’s venture into adult entertainment to Chyna’s is like comparing a one-person rowboat to the Titanic. Big difference.

  • justmyopinion

    apparently when chyna walks to the ring they now provide ear plugs to the front row to block the clacking from her flaps… what a roll model??

  • MrFAKEBoOk

    I have got no words!

  • rabidwolverine

    FAKEBOOK – I understand, using your hands for something else. lol
    Some people might still be delusional, but she looks like a woman here, not to be confused with a masculine feminist;
    She put on some lbs a while back, but borrowed Vickie’s ex-trainer cuz she looks GOOD!!! She got the Diva abs, the Diva implants, and even more of a Diva face.
    I’ll see you in CHYNA bitches. ha ha

  • wrestlingnick

    para me, i think she is wwwwwaaaayyyyy to old for that!!!

  • hardyboyzfan

    @dustdog, Lauren Graham, really, what scary ass Gilmore Girls episodes are you watching? :-)

  • JohnyH

    She needs to get Solomonster to do her PR.

  • Kgrueschowjr


  • Anonymous

    yow my eyes sting now!!

    how’d they keep her tiny penis from flopping out?

  • Kaylyn Owens

    Wow. I’m having nightmares tonight.