Fitness Model Ashley Sebera Signs With WWE (Photos)

Ashley Sebera, a fitness model who recognizes herself as a pro athlete for International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness, has joined WWE. Sebera revealed on Twitter that she began training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida on Monday.

Sebera is the eighth female with a non-wrestling background to join WWE this year, following Total Divas stars Eva Marie and JoJo, Brittany Fetkin (a/k/a Devin Taylor), C.J. Perry (a/k/a Lana), Erika Hammond (a/k/a Veronica Lane), Leah Van Dale and Sarah Backman.

Here is her tweet announcing that she’s starting to train with WWE:

Daniel Pena

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  • 10YearOldBoy

    WWE is signing a lot of people which is good and bad. Just hope they find a good set of wwe superstars who are here to make a name and not just get released or job lol.

  • pwnez

    So officials in WWE have been complaining about the lack of in-ring skill that Eva Marie has and what does WWE go ahead and do…sign another female who has never had experience in a ring before. Brilliant!

    • brad

      Two words for ya wwe logic.

    • Puppet H

      But you forgot Trish Stratus and Kaitlyn. pwnez logic

      • pwnez

        Yes, Trish from how many years ago? Kaitlyn, one diva out of how many we have today? No logic.

        • Puppet H

          Dude, you’re going off topic! We’re talking about divas that did bodybuilding experience! Not just in-ring skill, WWE will hire divas with no in-ring ability but if they’re athletic and/or bodybuild, they will sign them. That’s why everyone is complaining about Eva? She not athletic, and has no in-ring ability. Alexa Bliss and Ashley Sebara are all athletic and that’s why WWE are signing them as they are quick to adapt to wrestling.

          • Erin

            I thought Eva was a soccer player?

          • Puppet H

            yea, not for long.

      • pwnez

        Yes, Trish from how many years ago? Kaitlyn, one diva out of how many we have today? No logic.

      • Scott Dorian Dancer

        you think kaitlyn is a success story? eve torres would have been a better pick.

        • Frank

          Kaitlyn can’t wrestler! that why she not on tv.then again AJ TV and she can’t wrestle either! the diva is all screw up!

          • tony

            i would have to disagree with you on AJ and say she can wrestle but that’s just my opinion

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      That’s Vinnie Mac for ya.

    • Chris Savage

      look at like 6th or so picture she has a cyborg outfit on. female ryback FEED HER MORE

    • Chris Savage

      look at like 6th or so picture she has a cyborg outfit on. female ryback FEED HER MORE

    • SOBI

      It has been clear for many years in terms of Divas wwe managment thinks with their Dicks

    • Sumit


  • captaindaddy72

    Damn she’s big lol

    • Nick

      Sarah Backman is bigger I think, Google her and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  • 8 year old boy

    And caked up doll face with no wrestling skills what so ever. This is why I change the channel when the Diva’s are on.

    • Kuntry2TheCore

      You are slowly becoming one of my favorite people on this website… lol

  • JaffaJoose

    I just wanted to point out that Trish Stratus started out as a fitness model with no wrestling background, too. The IWC seems to forget that sometimes.
    Give her a chance.

    • pwnez

      We didn’t forget, we’re just going off of WWE’s track record as of late which is terrible.

      • JaffaJoose

        My point is that fitness models shouldn’t be dismissed just because they don’t have backgrounds in wrestling. That’s all. :)

    • partsunknownresident

      I don’t think it’s an issue of giving the fitness model a chance as much as it is giving WWE a chance to use her correctly. They don’t give the women much of a chance to get better, in-ring wise, when they give them all of a couple of minutes in the ring to do so.

      The women should either become managers, or hell…..make them into a WWE version of the Nitro girls if they’re not going to be taken seriously as wrestlers or performers.

    • Sumit

      Exactly. Not everyone is as bad as Eva or Aksana, look how drastically Kaitlyn and Brie changed if few years.

  • Michael


  • GN-0015

    Her… arms…

  • Killthecrown

    Not sure why, but my first thought was Chyna The Second.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      The 1st few pictures made me think the same thing.

      • pwnez

        The first picture reminds me of a female Vin Diesel.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          LOL! She actually could pull off being his sister in that first one.

    • Sumit

      Chyna was ugly to me. She has a better face.

  • WCWPunk

    I so ran into her at downtown Orlando once >.<


    .. We dont need another KATYLIN !! ..

  • chris hero

    Bodybuilding does not equal athletic coordination

  • Pamela Gilbert

    I would like to see her on

  • handsomeolderblackcavemanbrad

    But as a PROUDLY LUSTY older black lad,60,with boyish good looks and a muscular build-five-nine,200-205 lb.,181/2″ biceps,I’m ECSTATIC there’s another WWE

    buxom blonde diva!!!!!!

  • Starcrunch

    She looks like a young Tiffany Towers

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    Lookas much as WWE women should be true wrestlers,most of as here are DUDES!!!!!-and this good ol’ black Canadian lad get TOTALLY boy-eyed at the sight of some big boob babe grappler!!!!!!(Or better yet,two chesty gals wrestling,boobs bouncing and bopping for us boys!!!!!!