Former WCW Star Talks About Sting In WWE, Working With Paul Heyman & More

The following are highlights of a new interview with former WCW and ECW star Scotty Riggs:

Working with Paul Heyman: “I came into ECW after talking with RVD, Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman at an event in Atlanta and it was an honor working for the evil creative genius of Paul. He actually sat down with me and helped me with my character, moves and attitude… something few office guys beyond Arn did in WCW.”

Backstage Attitude In WCW vs. ECW: “The crew in WCW when I got there in 1995 were a tight bunch of guys but by the end in 1999 a big divide had happened because of too many “bigger than thou” players had come into the company and created a separation in the locker room. Not all the in coming talent had the “better than thou” attitude and were actually great teachers and friends… but the entire ECW locker room and crew ALL had the attitude of wanting the best for the whole of the show. They welcomed me lime I belonged and that was humbling to me. I was honored to be considered extreme.”

Sting in WWE: “Sting is one of the few men in the wrestling business I’m blessed to still know as a friend and as I told him the week of his WWE 2K15 announcement that this whole WWE deal was and is a well deserved honor for his blood, sweat and tears that he gave to wrestling. I’m very happy that he gained this honor for his character and today’s fans can respect his work.”

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      • mzibreg1005

        Damn, you beat me to it.

      • Pappy

        You’re obviously too young and ignorant to know who Scotty Riggs is and probably started watching wrestling as recently as a couple months ago

        • Pozessed

          Lol, Scotty Riggs was never anything to be honest, I didn’t remember him neither, just about recall The American Males due to their theme song.

          • Michael Carter

            Eh, he was on WCW and then ECW just about every week for 5 years straight. Yeah, he may not be one of the guy I “remember” most from that period, but I never forget who he was when he comes up. Lots of people do though for some reason. I blame it on a combination of people having bad memories and his positioning on the card. His character in ECW is pretty much the Bo Dallas Character minus the overly inspirational stuff.

        • Gotstodobetter

          Calm down buddy lol

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        Shoenice’s brother

    • Kevin 247

      im not sure who he is but these are very humble words

      • heterosexual

        a wrestler in the 90’s, teamed with buff bagwell. were tag champs for a week beating and then losing to harlem heat, broke up when bagwell joined the nwo. ended up in raven’s flock until it disbanded where he fell into obscurity before being released in 99.

        • heterosexual

          he was also a part of ecw in 2000, and entered a program with real life friend RVD.

        • Matthew

          I don’t know man, that career summary you just gave leads me to believe he fell into obscurity LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGG before 1999.

          • Michael Carter

            The guy was all over WCW and ECW television from 95-99/2000. Did you just start watching recently or something?

            • Matthew

              Nope, just never watched the Sub-par products who had sub par performers and sup par writers.

            • Michael Carter

              You seem agitated. That wasn’t an insult, just a legitimate question. Being ignorant of wrestling history is nothing to be proud of though. Also, ECW had subpar performers and writers? First time I’ve ever heard that generalization about the company. I’m kind of at a loss for words.

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      And the award for worst theme song ever goes to (drumroll) The American Males

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      Man I was anticipating this interview all night

    • Dixie Carter

      Whoooo? I guess he is trying to make a name by slagging off the TNA hall of famer STING

      • Dave Meltzer

        Breaking News – TNA sign Scotty Riggs. He will receive an immediate title shot at the next PPV.

        • Dixie Carter

          I don’t think so Dave. I only sign talent. Look at WWE signing Hogan, Flair, Nash all in the last few years. It’s become a retirement home for the wrestlers who lost all the millions to a bunch of greedy bxoads!

    • brad

      Never was a fan of ol Scotty but it’s nice to know he’s still out there.