Former World Champion Returns In Dark Match At SmackDown Taping

WWE Superstar Big Show made his return in an un-televised appearance at the WWE SmackDown television taping on Tuesday night in Orlando, Florida.

After the taping concluded, Kane issued an open challenge that Big Show came out and accepted. The two had a quick match, which Big Show won via count-out.

Big Show has been off of WWE television for a while, as he has been filming the WWE Studios film, “Vendetta.”

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • pwnez

      Big Show is back! Yippee? :/


        Im so excited (•_>•)

      • Progressed_Now

        Prothean no like you!!

        • Bro88

          That is beyond all measure of creepy. My nightmares will now have nightmares about this image. Thank you for the torment. Good day sir!

      • Bro88

        I thought the same exact thing. Seriously who cares about Show anymore. He’s beyond irrelevant and can’t be taken seriously.

    • Shovel


    • Matt Gallagher

      Thought it meant someone not under contract????

      • LACenaFan

        I thought it’d be Mysterio or something. Lol

        • Matt Gallagher

          I thought it was going to be Shelton Benjamin or chavo

          • Bro88

            It said world champ so Shelton does not fit that bill.

            • Matt Gallagher

              I could swear he was ecw champ, no?

            • Bro88

              No, afraid not. He did use the whole gimmick with the bleached hair in ECW but got traded out pretty quick. Never got passed feuds with Tyler Reks and Sheamus.

    • brad

      I like Show but he shouldn’t be in the main event scene any longer unless it’s to put over someone like Roman Regins.

    • david

      big show is like damien sandow is now useless i wish his storyline with lensler with further