Former WWE Producer Sues Big Show & WWE, Update On Alberto Del Rio’s Release

Big Show and WWE are currently facing a lawsuit against former WWE road producer Andrew Green, who claimed that Big Show roughed him up during the filming of a backstage segment.

WWE officials felt that having another similar incident, like the one with Alberto Del Rio and WWE Social Media producer Cody Barbierri, that it would strengthen the case against Big Show and also strengthen a potential Barbierri case. This was reportedly another factor behind the decision to release Del Rio.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

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    • G.I.R.L.

      But what about Barbierri’s racially insensitive comments and reputation backstage as a snobby rude egotist?

      • Pappy

        What about it? If you learn to read they was Big Shows situation could strengthen a potential case against Barbierri

        • Drmgiver

          The point is that they should have let go of Barbierri. Their logic is backwards.

        • G.I.R.L.

          Wow, what a b!tch.

          Does being such a supercilious nondescript truly leave you feeling joyed?

    • pwnez

      Man, poor Big Show. First he gets sued and his house taken away by HHH and Stephanie and now another lawsuit. He can’t catch a break!

      • Fantasma Del Guapo

        And you just know he’s hit a rock bottom getting lumped with Mark Henry!

        • Scott

          I think thats a blessing dude. What was he gonna do if he wasnt going for the Tag Titles with Henry. Neither one of them were gonna do anything. Seeing 4 giant men in that tag match was very refreshing and surprisingly entertaining. I hope they put the straps on those 2 big men

          • LACenaFan

            I agree with everything except the last sentence. They can just be there as spot fillers for contenders and the champions. They can still put on a great show without the titles. They can be like Harper/Rowan. Just be put in 3v3 tag team main events. I’d love to see Bryan/Show/Henry vs The Wyatts when Bryan returns. Bryan/Bray feud was epic.

            • Scott

              See man i gotta admit I’m flat out sick of the 3 on 3 tag matches. Since the Wyatt and Shield factions have come to WWE we’ve seen more of those than regular tag matches. I think having the Usos lose(seeing how they didnt even have a summerslam match) to someone like a new tag team such as those guys would freshen things up. They clearly dont want the straps on Roman and Rowan so i dont see why WWE doesnt put it on those guys.

        • matt zardoz

          Lol. Yeah Mark Henry sucks.

    • The Man From Jonestown

      ADR should sue, too.

      • brad

        He should I honestly wouldn’t blame him one bit.

        • gohan879

          u guys do realize alberto del rio has had a history of assaulting ppl backstage right. even if he was provoked why do u think we’ve barely seen him on tv the last 2 years be been suspending for injuring ppl.

    • Esteban J. Hernandez

      More like suing Big Show as for getting him as fired by the wannabe “American” Adolf Hitler: Triple H.