Former WWE Star Speaks On Racism In WWE, Famous Gay Kiss Segment, More

The following are highlights from a recent Under The Mat interview with former WWE Superstar Ahmed Johnson:

On facing racial issues during his WWE run: “I go out to the parking lot and one of them boys scratched on my car ‘Congratulations N*****!’ Come on Dog what kind of s*** is that? I went straight to Vince and they acted all concerned but they didn’t even bring it up in the big meeting.”

On an idea Vince McMahon had for his character in WWE: “You know I dress how I dress, relax and cool. Shane McMachon comes to me one time and says his dad wants him to change how he dresses. Now this isn’t on TV, this is off TV. They wanted me to get a Gold Tooth, a bunch of chains, and wear my pants sagging. That’s what they wanted me to dress like right before I walked out of there. They want that image of an unintelligent dumbass n***** that what they were shooting for.”

On his reaction to being kissed on the lips by Goldust: “Oh, he got me! Let me tell you how it was supposed to go down. First of all, that was a live TV taping so whatever happened happened. So me and Goldust went over this shit over and over again during the pre-tape. I told him when we did mouth to mouth don’t touch my lips put your hand over my mouth and do it to your hand, nobody is going to know. The camera won’t be that close up to where anybody would see that and we worked out the angle with the camera man and everything. So I’m lying there and Goldust thought it would be (sic) if he did it. So I’m lying there and the part is coming up and I feel this mother f***** lips and, man, I lost it!”

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  • Matt Boone

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    • Pozessed

      Sucks for him, but I wouldn’t kiss another dude neither, Ahmed you should have KICKED VINCE’S ASS!

    • IKeepsit100

      I believe Michael Hayes was behind all of this. Yet he is still hired by the WWE. If i went to a live event and see him come to the ring…you can bet money i will throw a chair at the guy from the middle row.

      • Marvin B.


      • $34197415

        And your expensive WWE Ticket would go down the drain, as they throw U OUT of the arena (pointless).

        • RCW E-FED

          who cares.. Id pay just to throw the damn chair

    • Jeremy-County Roberts
      • LaParkaXV

        Yes calling people that is acceptable……good job MODS!

    • LaParkaXV

      Why was my comment deleted? It contained ZERO profanity?

    • Sigma ?

      Typical racist ignoramous. Get outta here.

      • A Realist

        I’d recommend everyone flag this ass-hole as inappropriate. Only way to get rid of him.

    • Damian BanCster
      • Bad Influence

        i didn’t understand a word he said LOL.

        • Scott Dorian Dancer

          i understood what he said but it did not make it any less hysterical. specially when his voice cracked.

          • Damian BanCster

            I understood certain things but not everything lol. I think it’s because he was speaking in an open room, with no carpet.

        • RCW E-FED

          Wonton and Beef stew! Nothing on dis Urf!

    • G.I.R.L.

      And just when i was beginning to like you again, you go and type something like this! You are now a wretched mongrel and I will never forgive your prejudice! T_T

      • Robert

        I’ve read plenty of things ‘seth bob’ has written on this site. To me he always came off as a piece of sh#t douche with a chip on his shoulder. This only confirms it.

      • Marvin B.

        Right…he was winning me over too..then goes to say ignorance bout my people…smh

    • captaindaddy72

      Man as a black man this story concerns me, this ain’t the first time wwe has shown some racism, but anyway, i can’t blame him for losing it with the goldust thing especially since they rehearsed it numerous of times lol, I really can’t imagine what I would do especially since it happened on live TV lol

    • Vargas

      Stereotypical crap and bias all around. That’s the only thing they have for guys like Ahmed. They wanted Ahmed to dress like that so that he could look like a clown and a jackasss. So the audience will not take him seriously nor even think for one second that he might have a shot at winning the title. Pants sagging, and a gold tooth… why? The owner of this company is something else…

      And this obviously just isn’t blacks… everyone that doesn’t fit the standard gets this treatment. I’ve already known for a long time about the BS. That’s why guys other than the status quo never make it to the top. Unrealistic garbage, which makes the company look like crap.
      Don’t expect Big E. Langston to win the World title, yeah he looks like he can pretty much dominate everybody and kick superman’s asss but if they ever put them one on one, you know who is coming out on top.
      Don’t forget what happened to Bobby Lashley. He should have won at least their “B” World title since they were not going to give him the “A” world title. But naaa, let’s just have him win that “D” title…. because even IC/US title was above that fake ECW championship. Yeah, let’s give him the “D” title and then have him lose it to the owner himself in a garbage contest. Then bring him down even more by feeding him to that phony bast#rd superman. After that he wasn’t the same again. Got injured in the match, and then released.
      Nice way to treat their so called “next big deal”. Someone made an argument that my opinion isn’t true, since Great Khali became World champion in his career. What that person didn’t realize is that Great Khali is looked at as a joke, his title run was weak and was due to Edge being injured, and he is continuously made to look like a jackasss clown. They had no intention on putting a championship on him at all, and they haven’t since then.
      Xavier Woods the new kid on the block… or the new Kofi Kingston I should say. BS Hayes has him taken care of. Maybe he’ll win that worthless belt Dean Ambrose is carrying.. who knows. I doubt he’ll be anything more than just a ‘gimmick’ dancin’ fool like how they made R-Truth. Which reminds me…. R-Truth was given a storyline, for the first time in his entire career in that company. All roads lead to superman John in that world…. and you know how that ends. R-Truth on his back, and John on top as he always is.
      Couldn’t even let the Rock have that sole victory at WM 28.. naaa John has to get it back at 29. Rock never got a decent run anyway. He always ended up looking like an asss flat on his back looking up at the lights when it mattered the most, at WM. I’m surprised they gave him that win against Austin at 19.. but of course that was cut real short when Goldberg made him look like pure sh*t afterwards. Like I said before though, it’s a good thing Rock doesn’t need that company.

      • Aperture

        You just said it all. Wow dude, I’m speechless.

        Good argument.

      • Scott Dorian Dancer

        great post. one thing r truth was always a entertainer. even when he was k quick. but i totally agree with the stereotypes. when you got old boys in charge that is always going to be there.

        • RCW E-FED

          What about Ron Killings in NWA’s TNA? he was the NWA World Champ

      • john

        totally agree with your assessment! racist ass wwe! Im curious as to see when we will have our first black champion

        • Sir Joe

          google ron simmons

          • Kobe’s.White.Brother

            Wwe champ.

            • RCW E-FED

              Neveruary 200Never

      • Alan Lopez

        Bad news brown

      • ynmarcell

        I agree with everything you said, but there was only one black superstar who undoubtedly change the face of wrestling forever, and that’s Hulk Hogan. No one, not even WWE(Vince McMahon) can take that away.

      • RCW E-FED

        Tell em! Church! Preach ! Tabernacle!

      • RCW E-FED

        Dont even get me started on Ron Simmons.. First Black world heavyweight champion.. comes to WWE he gets booked as the bigot, never wins the title then is watered down to one word that sums up how he was treated in WWE “DAMN” . I agree Ron , damn about sums it up

        • superturbo

          True, funny as some of those ‘Damn’ segments are admittedly Ron Simmons was wrongly screwed in WWE. How Simmons sleeps at night knowing prejudice *STILL* existing in wrestling and how his career was greatly effected by it, is anybody guess at the end of the day.

          Ron Simmons in 1992 was on par with a lot of the wrestling icons of today who became later WWE HOF’s (Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Ricky Steamboat, Arn Anderson, Steve Austin etc) but Vince and the whole WWE took him in and made him far less than that.

      • Godzilla2J

        Xavier Wood wins the belt Ambrose has no bro Xavier Woods will be tag teaming with R Truth the next 3 months in tag team macthes that are 4 minutes long .

    • Nicolai

      A friend of mine installs cable and ended up at Ahmed Johnson’s house last summer! I guess he was super cool and down to earth and talked my buddy’s ear off about wrestling even.

    • number1bigdaddy

      vince don’t have 1 idea how is bring up a black man in wrestling

      • A Realist

        Fingers crossed for Big E to have a lasting legacy.

    • Jack
      • IKeepsit100

        I would edit the shirt to say ” When you see it, you will sh.. bricks” OR “Just like Sin Cara, I like to rock out…”

        • Godzilla2J

          So thats supposed to be a penis ?

    • Bro88

      This doesnt surprise me in the least. The WWE is known to not have a clue when it comes to black wrestlers. Always made into a parody of some sort or another.

    • Steve Williams

      This guy was amazing back in the days, i still remember when he slammed Yokozuna,…stupid WWE

    • Dixie Carter

      I like black people to have chains and gold teeth, and to be all gangster. I will employee someone like that for TNA to be my assistant around the arena! The impact toilet deserves a good gold chain clown to keep it clean!

    • Sir Joe

      i thought he was a good wrestler at the time. always wondered why he left.

    • Mr 561

      Seth Bob has been banned for his “Typical black person” comment. Thank you to the other members of our discussion community for calling him out.

      • RCW E-FED

        Thank you

    • superturbo

      “On facing racial issues during his WWE run: “I go out to the parking lot and one of them boys scratched on my car ‘Congratulations N*****!’ Come on Dog what kind of s*** is that? I went straight to Vince and they acted all concerned but they didn’t even bring it up in the big meeting.”

      ^If only; The Rock or Booker T were around in those days (as Ahmed was in WWE prior to Ron Simmons who came along in the late summer/fall of ’96). Or somebody as vocal as; CM Punk and others today, they wouldn’t have let somebody do or say anything racist like that about one of their own surely?