Former WWE Star Virgil Selling His Memorabilia In NYC Subway Stations

In a strange “Where Are They Now” sighting, former WWE superstar Virgil is currently selling his wrestling memorabilia in New York City subway stations. A fan at the message board posted the following on Friday:

“Yesterday I was on my way home from work. I was navigating the subway station just as I usually do, however something was different. Instead of the usual guys selling toys or making balloon dogs, there was The Man, The Myth, The Legend…. He had his usual stack of photos and 2 name placards. I was in such shock I doubled back, just so I could get this video for you guys.”

“[W]hen I made the pass the first time I saw him talking to somebody holding their wallet and then the person began laughing and walked away.”

Here’s the video he posted:

Another fan saw Virgil earlier in Grand Central Station and said he was able to buy a photo of Virgil for $5 (he haggled him down from $5). Twitter user @Stadiuminsider tweeted this photo of Virgil in the subway station:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • timesrough

    Lol damn

  • Melloyelloman

    wwe superstar? more like WWE has been

  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    So, is he homeless?

  • Christopher Krug

    That’s kinda sad..he may not have been a superstar persay but he did entertain us fans for a time in both WWE & WCW.Why Vince can’t help him ou is beyond me.

    • Scott

      Why is it Vince’s responsibility to help him out? The dude was a shitty wrestler. Him having anything to do with the WWF is a gift in itself. Too bad the dude is a crackhead.

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        Stop being so judgmental. “the dude is a crackhead” Where is your proof? Even if he is at least he is trying to make money the honest way. He could be out robbing stores and people for money.

      • The Guest

        “The dude was a shitty wrestler. Him having anything to do with the WWF is a gift in itself.”

        HAHAHAHA! If you ever wanted to know what a mark is, this is a wonderful example right here. If the word ever makes the dictionary, I’m sure they will have the above quotation following the definition.

      • IKeepsit100

        Fake Wrestling fan is Fake. You have no idea Scott. Virgil is relevant to US fans for a reason.

      • G.I.R.L.

        It isn’t Vince’s responsibility UNLESS he’s a crackhead, as you put; if that were true, then WWE would provide rehabilitation but I’m pretty sure it isn’t true. He earned his time in WWF; earning something is not the same as being given it; it wasn’t a gift.

    • Junaid Bokhari

      You have got to be kidding me dude. WWE doesn’t owe anyone anything

    • Junaid Bokhari

      Why dont you go and help him out if you think he is owed something?

      • G.I.R.L.

        Now this i can agree with.

    • G.I.R.L.

      What can Vince do? People have to be responsible for their own lives. WWE is in his past; the most they would do is provide rehab for any addiction he may have; however, I’ve not read or witnessed any indication of him needing rehab so that crosses WWE out.

  • fabian6sic6s

    well this was depressing.

  • AngelFlow

    Really? People find this funny? -.-
    This is sad, I hope he can overcome this.


      i feel like i should fly to nyc just so that i can find him and buy a few of his autographed pics.

    • proper

      He’s been doing this shit for years, being a vulture about it and suckering people into buying his overpriced memorabilia. He’s likely not even homeless, and even if he is, he can afford staying in decent inns, going around making big money out of people being obnoxious in different places he’s been in. Must just be a slow month if he’s in a subway, because otherwise, he’d show up in some convention uninvited.

  • IKeepsit100

    Is he poor or homeless now?Wtf

    …i live in nyc,i’ll invite him over and help him sell his shit on ebay for better price

    • Marvin B.

      Keepin it a hunnid, respect to you….sad to see this, jokes aside

  • the best there is

    Ohh the irony on the wall “Job loss support” . This is prettysad BTW

  • omega riddler

    I guess that appearance recently with Ted DiBiase didn’t help much. Just sad to look at that. I guess this what the tail end of the 15 minutes of fame looks like

  • Fez437

    Is there any actual proof that this is really him?

    • Cooker T

      The video is proof. Some guy spends 36 seconds recording a video that only shows “Virgil” for 3 seconds, before quickly turning the camera back around, as if he was afraid of getting spotted with the camera.

  • RickyW

    Shame to see a lot of the old stars falling on hard times. Live the dream on minute and then …

  • Jason Steele
  • JESUS Is My Hero

    God I pray that you see this man is his hard times & that he receives your favor over his life. Let your will be done for him and may he be a living testimony for those who are going through the same situation. Amen.

    • numberonebigdaddy

      a man

    • Peer Pressure

      There’s a lot of bad bitches in the building, Amen. LOL!
      You’re gonna attract some cruel atheist with your post amigo.

      • G.I.R.L.

        No he isn’t. Though prayers won’t help him out of his immediate situation, it’s an understandable start. I’m curious as to what his situation is exactly; is he poor or homeless? Trying to make extra bucks? I dunno. I remember he was on WWE tv about a year or two ago, briefly; and, before that, he was a teacher.

    • Grey Avatar

      Is God on sescoops often?

  • Joe Hundley

    Its very sad. I remember I went to Pittsburgh a few years ago to a comic convention, He was really wanting peoples attention big time. He was out in front of his table trying to get people to his booth when the rest of the stars had lines,

  • Scott Dorian Dancer

    i thought he was a school teacher?

    • Andrew Outlaw

      I thought the same thing, he probably not getting paid enough or got fired

  • Liz DiGregorio

    I remember first seeing him as a kid with Million Dollar Man! What a shame.

  • TakerWillReturn

    A lot of you think you know your shit and think because he’s selling his stuff in the tunnels he’s a bad guy or a user.
    We’ll see who’s laughing when your shit hits the fan and you are the desperate one and what you’ll do to survive.

  • backblack25

    That’s sad. Some one give the dude a job!! I’m sure someone needs their bags carried, and someone to hold their money while they slap basket balls out of kids hands..

  • Facts

    Fuck Virgil, he’s a goddamn con artist.

  • fabian6sic6s

    Solomonster lives in NYC, should hook a brother up.

    • Jacob Hauter

      i’m sure solomonster’s got his own problems, feeding adn sheltering a person with no job can cost alot.

    • G.I.R.L.

      Then he should hook every other wrestler going through the same thing up? It isn’t his responsibility.

  • cm2012

    This sucks… sure, he wasn’t THAT legendary, or anything of the sort…. but hope he recovers…

    On the flipside, anyone bitching that Vince should do something, needs to just stop. WWE is a business, not a charity.

  • Las

    Apparently he used to open table at cons and stuff to sell his memorabilia, Virgil+Ted DiBiase pictures and stuff like that. He did the same thing but on parking lots as well.

    Guess he can’t pay for those anymore if he’s doing this on a subway station instead? I’m actually really sad :( Poor Virgil :/ Hopefully he can pull through the hard times. I’ve read quite a few things on deadspin about people who met him on cons, etc, and he sounded desperate for money. I’m not sure how true those stories were since deadspin apparently have been ridiculing Virgil for quite a while and called him saddest wrestler ever or something lol. It was kinda mean DX

  • 5er

    Lookalike maybe? He was living in Pittsburgh. Why would he be hawking stuff in NYC?

    • Jason Kaetzel

      He sells stuff at the frackville Mall in P.A. too.. Last I knew he was a school teacher..

      • G.I.R.L.

        That’s what i thought too; i wonder what happened to his career as a teacher.

  • fan

    This is very sad for Virgil but if he is in that bad of shape, how can he afford Under Armour shoes which aren’t cheap? Could explain one of the reasons he is in this position. He is more concerned with wearing expensive things that look good instead of providing for himself. Unless he obtained the shoes before he fell on hard times.

    • G.I.R.L.

      People never consider this.

    • JamieEvsxx

      think you answered your own question with that last sentence…if he’s wearing shoes like that yet he’s selling pictures in a NYC subway station for $5 then he probably got those shoes before he became broke…=/

  • chartertech

    Toco Bell is hiring

  • Stoops Nic

    Maybe he can bark like a dog for Ted to get $100.

  • WWEFan4Life

    Sad… explains itself, really.

  • G.I.R.L.

    I thought he became a teacher?

  • Big Johnny Ace

    I bet any money in the next few weeks Virgil will be revealed as a member of the Aces and Eights!!! I called it first!!!!

  • kevin dewolfe

    virgil is the next member of the aces and eights

  • Sisisi!

    “he was able to buy a photo of Virgil for $5 (he haggled him down from $5)” Wut?

  • Nicolai

    Where is the SKIEKIE BABY with a hilarious Virgil bashing remark!? HahaahahHa

  • WWEFan4Life

    Sad is an understatement

  • CactusZackAttack

    Damn, I met him a few years ago at a signing with Ted DiBiase. He was a really cool guy. This is so sad

  • A_lawyer_who_knows

    Hey, at least he’s trying.

    He’s got bills to pay just like everyone else in this horrible economy.

    Hats off to you Virgil and good luck!

  • Joe McPartlin

    The guy has a degree in math and could teach phys-ed anywhere. Why the subway gig?

  • Sonia Patel

    he has a 10 inch penis so he should be happy