Former WWE Writer Calls Vince A Genius & Says He Already Has Plans For WrestleMania 30

Former WWE Writer Matt McCarthy was interviewed by Jeff Rubin of the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show and spoke about the creative process behind booking pro wrestling, what makes a match memorable, the hardest part of working in the WWE, and what it’s like to have Vince McMahon as your boss.

McCarthy said he heard from members of the current writing team that last year, Vince McMahon already had an idea of what he wanted to do for WrestleMania 30.

“I’m sure Vince knows what he would want to at WrestleMania 50 whether he’s around to see it or not,” McCarthy said. “From the writers standpoint, we try desperately to write out as far as out we can, and try to stick it as much as we can, and God knows the wrestlers would want us to. But, it’s the nature of what that show is and what that business is that makes it very, very difficult.”

He explained that WWE’s creative staff always has a longterm plan, but things get changed around on a weekly basis and it’s often hard to arrive at the original destination.

“You try to map out an entire grid of they’re going to fight here this week, then next week this is going to happen, and that’s going to lead to a PPV match. But, after the PPV, this is going to happen and that is going to happen (sigh), and it always changes every week,” McCarthy said. “You try really, really hard – it’s almost like predicting the weather. The further out it is, the less likely you’re going to be right that it’s going to happen.”

McCarthy called Vince McMahon a “genius” at several times during the interview, with one of his biggest talents being his ability to manipulate live crowds.

“It’s a small, simple little thing, but as a performer, it completely blew my mind,” McCarthy said. “The bad guy was just beating up the good guy in the ring for this tag match and I hear Vince scream into the headset, ‘Somebody put on a hold! Somebody put a hold on ’em! These people are dead!’ And I’m like, ‘What is he talking about?’ Then, immediately, the bad guy puts the good guy in the headlock and they’re just down on the mat. Like clockwork, the audience starts clapping and cheering; they’re rooting for the good guy to get out of this hold.

“This guy (McMahon) is just sitting back here watching this on TV and he is genius at working the audience and getting them to do exactly what he wants them to do.”

It’s a great interview and definitely worth going out of your way to listen to.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Late Train

    Vince’s Wrestlemania 30 idea was probably Rock vs Cena: 3 Times in a Lifetime.

    • Guest316

      It will. Rock 1-1 Cena…

      It will be a decider as to who goes down as the greatest ever.

      • Best Comment

        Maybe so, but Cena would have to win because he’s the full-time wrestler.

        • Randy James Crawford

          Not really he could be buried then turned heel that’s what I would do anyways.

          • BitRipper

            We’re still set on Cena going heel? Okay.

          • G.I.R.L.

            Heel Cena would at least make him interesting to watch again.

          • Best Comment

            Yeah, that’s true too. Definitely a possibility.

          • Kickass

            yeah little bit tiny bity pity Possibility is there

    • cappa37

      The rubber Match.

    • Randy James Crawford

      I wouldn’t mind actually as long as The Rock buries him in the next 1 or 2 rematches,

  • Best Comment

    So since Vince is a master at getting the crowd to do what he wants then I guess that’s why they put those red and blue lights on the crowd, to affect the audiences mood (Seriously). It’s makes the crowd dull and lifeless, someone has to notice this, plus they never have anything entertaining going on, it’s all boring on purpose. That’s my personal opinion.

    • fatneal

      lol ive heard bullshit from jaded internet wrestling fans but this….lol

      • Best Comment

        You got me and the comment all wrong. The world is full of intelligent people. People use tactics to accomplish different things. I didn’t wanna come off as crazy but I’m into deeper things than just wrestling, I’m looking into things from a different standpoint other than just as a wrestling fan or whatever. That comment wasn’t for the “wrestling fans”, that comment was meant for those with a higher understanding.

        • fatneal

          dude dont insult me or anybody else on this site for being fans of the product or the sport. this isnt the forum to preach that crap this is clearly where fans dwell. as far as your claims of having understanding on a upper echelon YOU SOUND CRAZY LOL…you talk as if being a fan of wrestling make you dumb or as if youre privy to insider knowledge us “normies” arent lol…if that were the case you wouldnt be on this site in the first place and really if your were as fed up with the product as you imply you wouldnt be here. talk about delusions of grandeur geez youre too far gone.

          • Best Comment

            No, you’re just one of those “internet fighters”, one of those types of people that takes comments out of context and then says something negative in reply, then after I did a little explaining, you still came at me in a rude way. So I guess if I tell you just to “chill” you’ll take that out of context too and reply with some more negative remarks for me.
            All I’m saying is that my comment was maybe, just maybe, a little advanced and it may seem a little outlandish to those who aren’t quite thinking at my level.
            So please just stop with all of the assumptions about me so we can move on past this misunderstanding.

          • mrchopper

            Mr. Sandow..?

          • Best Comment

            LOL, no, it’s DamiaN BanCster not Damien Sandow

    • You Wish

      OMG, somebody finally knows this too. It’s so annoying. It dulls out the crowd, you never see them get involved and every PPV and RAW looks the same, besides WM. When you look back at the good old days, guess what, there was never any of this color theming going on. You got to see a wild crowd AND the main thing that sucks the most, is every arena is portrayed the same way. With each city and arena, there is a distinct feel that’s missing nowadays. Everything is controlled with lighting and it’s literally ruining the WWE.
      Vince and them always wonder how to get the WWE back to where it was. It’s simple, when you watch the days of Hogan or Stone Cold/Rock, guess what, you can see the crowds in the background, everything seems real. Now, everything looks overly controlled and fake.

      • fatneal

        dude you just grew up…whats so hard about coming to grips with that?…you were easily fooled and intrigued by the theatrics of wrestling when you were younger…its not gonna amaze you the same forever unless your a retard with no mental growth potential. i dunno how old you are but at this point nostalgia, love and respect for the sport is why you should be watching it and if you dont like it dont watch it and come to sites like this bitching about the good ol days

        • Peer Pressure

          couldn’t have said it better.

      • Best Comment

        Yeah, everything plays a role in the show. Just like sitting in an all-black room can cause depression, putting color over a crowd can cause a definite change in one’s mood.
        And yeah, Wrestling went wayyy harder back in the day but I honestly feel like they’re purposely only doing so much (or should I say “so little”?) for the purpose of a whole nother agenda that I’m not even gonna talk about on this site because I know how these people act on SESCOOPS; Rude and judgmental due to lack of understanding.

        • Gwillis

          I know somethings about about lighting affecting moods, the lights WWE use are too widespread and are not concentrated enough to effect someone in such a short amount of time.

          There have been plenty of interviews over the last 3 years talking about lowering the action and dulling storylines for a while. This will still keep the baseline “loyal” fans around and after resetting people’s expectations they will start pushing the envelope again.

          I’m not that old but I know wrestling always have had dips and valleys

          . 10yrs on stall and hopefully get 5yrs on the gas.

          • G.I.R.L.

            Yeah, WWE 1998 was drastically different from WWE 96. Their current era kinda reminds me of the early 90s when the gimmicks were very cartoony and the show was a lighthearted family friendly program.

        • G.I.R.L.

          Maybe you should enlighten and elaborate on your points without considering the reactions; I’m sure explanation will filter out most people’s lack of understanding though you shouldn’t expect everyone to blindly agree with whatever you’re implying.

          I’m honestly not sure WWE has any agenda outside of keeping their business alive. They seem to be out of touch with their core audience is all. They want to get the reactions and ratings and sales they achieved during the attitude era without actually recreating the attitude era, which i can understand.

          They want to acquire a larger audience; being too edgy was a 90s thing, it won’t be as successful now. They’re trying to reach an equilibrium, i believe, between their older male audience and their child audience without losing either. That partially explains why they desired Rock and Brock to return: to keep interest among the 18yo+ demographic.

          • Best Comment

            I’d rather not.

          • fatneal

            “core audience” lol this guy said out of touch with their “core audience”…the ‘core’ is kids…i think theyre doing a good job of catering to them. wwe welcomes adult males sure but they dont represent the core audience

          • raVen

            in reality the core audience is still the 18-25 male.
            they target kids but that doesn’t make them the core audience.

      • Randy James Crawford

        back in the day you were a kid and easy to please so whatever, it’s no different to PG to the kids of today.

    • G.I.R.L.

      But why would they influence their audience to be dull? Part of what makes a live show entertaining is the reactions of the large crowd watching it. What purpose would it serve through intentionally sabotaging their own project?

      • raVen

        why do they intentionally sabotag their young stars? THEN turn around and complaine that guys need to step up and make use of minutes. it’s hard to build when you keep burying your future for the sake of one guy that half the crowdd can’t stand

    • JamieEvsxx

      I don’t think it’s the lighting that’s the issue because in all seriousness, what fan would walk into whatever arena the show’s at and say “ugh, this show’s gonna be dull because the lights are blue” or whatever?…I go to one of the WWE tapings they have in London in April every year and personally I’ve never gone to a show thinking about the lighting or whatever, I always think about who’s gonna be there wrestling and when I see who’s wrestling I think whether they’re going to put on an awesome match and really get people hyped up for the night or put on a complete snooze fest that’s easily forgettable…I think probably the only thing I say about the setting of the stage and lighting and everything is that it looks pretty cool, I think as long as you can see what’s going down in the ring it shouldn’t really matter how the lights are set, I think it’s just something there to make the shows look cooler really…=/

  • fatneal

    this isnt news everyone knows vince is a genius…his foes rarely ever go on record doubting that

  • You Wish

    Whatever WM30 may have in store, I WILL be there. Already saving my chips for the pre-sale or stubhub.

  • Grammar

    Mr Mcmahon…bring back BATISTA! for me WWE is boring without him.

    • TheTruthWillHurtV2

      then don’t watch it???

      • Grammar

        I watch WWE, just because of The Rock and Brock….WWE is boring because it all boils down to John Cena.

        • Cooker T

          So you only watch WWE once every 5 or 6 weeks, when Rock or Brock show up??? I know what you mean. I watch it for the Undertaker, and I got to say, it’s boring 11 months out of the year.

  • fatneal

    live at wrestlemania on some kind of psychedelic lol i wish i had the balls to do it

  • HunnyBunnyAngel

    That’s sucks for creative because they may have some very good angles, but Vince always gets the final decision and what we see on T.v/PPVs is from his “Genious” mind. (Not). He needs to realize what the WWE wants…like more effort on the tag division, divas division, and all the titles.

    • kquickstillsucks

      “Genious” indeed….hell can’t see why you can’t run things….

      • G.I.R.L.

        Spelling errors are not uncommon online. Not everyone’s grammar is perfect. At any case, McMahon was once a genius but that torch is getting dimmer and dimmer.

        • kquickstillsucks

          The word is….SPELLED….CORRECTLY in the article….defending laziness are we?

  • EdwartF

    Then the sad moment will come when the genius ( god forbid ) passes away and the reigns will fall into the hands of the” doofus son in law ” HHH, who has a good head on business but not as great at Vince

    • Dustin

      Don’t forget, hhh got Bruno to accept the HOF. Something KVM tried to do for years. I actually like hhh’s old school wrestling methods.

    • Randy James Crawford

      It should go to Shane McMahon he is truly next in line.

      • kdog

        HHH is passionate about the business, Shane is not.

  • Lefty McRighty

    Christ. Vince is a genius because he knew one of the simplest heat tricks in wrestling? You have got to be kidding. Bill Watts must be God then. Jim Cornette is God’s God.

  • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

    its nice to see a former employ say something good about the man, and not be bitter.

  • Brian Bird

    anything but Rock/Cena 3. Rock/Cena 2 this year should be called end of en era. How about for Wrestlemania 30 Austin vs CM Punk never before never again


    Was wwe/wwf what ever you want to call it was it the best back in the attitude era.hear me out, I’m not just talking about not being a pg talking the innovation with matches, actually giving a young up and coming wrestler a decent push then filling through as A main eventer or if not a champion.tag team division was still actually present not these teams that are made and broken. With in a week to a I think one of the least things but one of the most I have noticed past from the obvious and one of my favorite, the innovative signs that the fans use to come up with????


    Plus this thought of rematches, a specially at WM.i don’t mind the idea considering there isn’t a huge roster.BUT! If u are goin to try an set an iconic match eg cena v the rock.(once in a lifetime). Why would you try an have this match again…? 1 it’s the final of wrestling and should be innovative if anything.2 if you say once in a lifetime wht the f..k would you have it the following year? Or that fact at all?? 3 if you want to give someone a major push, talk about a stage or a moment to make a point that people will reamember… Oh there is a 4. I know you all wanted to hear it?BRING BACK MITB!!!!

  • Cooker T

    Boy, somebody is kssing ass and trying to get his job back.

  • raVen

    i sure hope he has plans for WM 30 cause WM 29-the repeat looks terrible.

  • morph_3

    Wrestlemania 30 – John Cena vs Juan Cena
    Rock vs Dwayne Johnston

  • Naitik Semwaal

    Last night I dreamed something, just thought to write what I dreamed last night. I dreamed about the 29th session of WrestleMania that is going to happen on this April. The Mexican guy named as Alberto Del Rio will retain his World Heavyweight Championship title by beating this so called “All-American’s American” Jack Swagger. My all time favorite The Miz will take the United States Championship title from this guy named as Antonio Cesaro. One of the best match of WM, the shield v/s Sheamus, Randy Orton and Ryback. This time our WWE superstars will cope on the guys called Shield. Now it’s the time for the match what I have been waiting for: beast v/s boost. I mean Brock Lesner v/s Triple H. Again Brock Lesner will dominate the game and maybe now it’ll be the time of Batista to come out and challenge this beast. For the WWE championship match between Rock v/s Johncena, This time Johncena will beat this so called Hollywood guy and send him back to the Hollywood to earn some coins there. I have to say that I missed some of the matches of this main event since my mom woke me up.
    Great time guys.