Goldberg Confirms He’s Returning, Hardy Says He Is “Reborn”

— Bill Goldberg confirmed to that he has agreed to wrestle a match in Africa next month with 100% of the proceeds benefiting various charitable organizations. Goldberg said:

“At this time, the only thing that would get me back in the ring is something that would positively impact those in need. If selling out another major event would allow me to bring a ship full of supplies to hand out to those in need, I’d say that would be very significant.”

— Matt Hardy announced on Twitter that today marks the beginning of his rebirth. He wrote:

“I thanks for all the love & support u people, my family, my friends. I am doing what I needed to do-Today is my “rebirth” Sat 27th, 2011

Hardy was arrested last Saturday in Moore County, North Carolina for driving while intoxicated, after crashing into a tree. He was also later charged with reckless driving, with a hearing scheduled to take place Oct. 11. Four days later, Hardy was rushed to an emergency room, after “falling down” at home.

Daniel Pena

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  • Bill Mitchell

    Matt Hardy is starting to give organized religion a bad name (that is not to say it doesn’t already have a bad name but Matt isn’t doing them any favors). This is what? 5 or 6th rebirth?

  • Rsuel

    This means.. Taker is not bald ?

  • dean hydra

    Matt hardy has been reborn 6 times. I swear this guys a cat. So he has 3 lives left

  •!/Indeed.JEff JEff

    I thought goldberg had actually signed something with the WWE a few months back. Did that fall through or was it proved to be fake news or something?

    As for Hardy, he better clean up his act this time round because I don’t think he will be getting many more close calls.

  • justmyopinion

    is goldberg hinting that if he comes back to the ring it would be to resurect or help/ IMPACT a cause or organisation in need??? that screams tna to me, then again it also could be that he will wrestle in a homeless soup kitchen?? just b.s talk from goldberg, he will only come back if the terms & big bucks match what he demands,wherever he ends up he would help in ticket sale ,ratings & merchandise so it comes down to who’s going to get on all fours & kiss his ass the best?? i’ll be surprised if he returns full time at all?

  • kingofkings555

    Oh Loooooooord Please save us from the version crap.0 that matt hardy is

  • wwetnadudez

    lol goldberg for impact? idk bout that he was a huge star in his time..then was flair hogan sting and mabye he might..u know for like a lame as story with hogan probably ..

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    @ justmyopinion

    You’re reading way too much into things. TNA doesn’t own the word, impact. Just because Goldberg said impact in his statement means nothing. First off I can guarantee that he is being paid beaucoup dollars for this African gig. Not to mention he’s got his own tv show which probably makes him more in a year than anything TNA could offer him…. and it doesn’t sound like he wants to come back to wrestling full time anyway.
    I don’t think anyone has to worry about him coming back to any show long term, thankfully.

  • wrestleboy

    any1 realize that he 4got the month,
    ok I’m nit-picking

  • Bill Mitchell

    Let’s dis-spell rumors:

    a) Goldberg will not be joining the WWE. Why? Because he won’t be used sparingly like they have been using the Rock or The Undertaker. If he is signed to a contract he’ll be expected to go out back on the road and he doesn’t want to do that.

    b) Goldberg will not be joining TNA Why? Because they don’t have the money. Let’s face it if your check is going to bounce paying Jimmy Yang a couple of hundred bucks, its a pretty good indication that they don’t have the financial backing to bring in someone like Goldberg who will command huge dollars. The $100,000 they are paying the two knockouts would be considered chump change to Goldberg multiple that figure by 12 and you would come closer to what Bill will expect to make in a single year.

  • rated_maxx

    I hope those words aren’t just words Matt. C’mon do your “rebirth” now and get well.

  • YokoTheUltimate

    @dean hydra lol yeah. Meeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww
    @rated_maxx I agree, MH Needs To Just Put Up Or Shut Up. Get Well Or Die Matt Hardy!

  • rabidwolverine

    TNA doesn’t know how to do business anyways. They need to reevaluate f*kn salaries…It makes no sense to pay Hemme 6 figures when she just holds a mic and other things 1 time a wk and is not bringing viewers to the table; and the same could be said of a lot of ppl that came to TNA making no impact in the ratings whatsoever. It’s sad that the only way they stay in the blk is by not paying lil Jimmy(who got got), or Daffney, or cutting real talents like Amazing Red, J Lethal, Petey Will, etc.
    Instead of spending the bulk of their money on noncelebrity tv personalites, ugly @$$ belts, and used up veterans and nonwrestlers, they should’ve spent it on advertising/marketing and mobilizing their company to travel out of the impact zone.

  • rabidwolverine

    and good for Goldberg doing a charity event where 100% of the profits are donated. Usually when a celebrity does 1 of those things a portion goes to charity and the bulk goes in their pockets.

  • knight02

    Goldberg going to TNA is laughable. They couldn’t pay Jimmy Yang and owed Ric Flair like 6 months worth of royalties earlier this year.

  • Black 14th

    So, what is this, like, ‘Matt Hardy, Version 17’? Won’t have the same sound when he stumbles into a ring and yells, “V. SEVENTEEEEEEN!!”

  • Black 14th

    TNA could afford to pay Gildberg… if they fired all the Knockouts, all the wrestlers, everyone in management, the hot dog vendors, the beer lady, sold the building, remortgaged their homes, and took out a title loan against the value of silicone and steroids.

  • 10132002


    ” Instead of spending the bulk of their money on noncelebrity tv personalites, ugly @$$ belts, and used up veterans and nonwrestlers, they should’ve spent it on advertising/marketing and mobilizing their company to travel out of the impact zone.”

    You make some very good and valid points here. I don’t see why Dixie doesn’t understand it. Do you suppose her dad lectures her with the points you just made when she asks him for more money?

  • justmyopinion

    forceton_banfodder: it was mearly a questionable enquiry as many wrestlers send crypic tweets & interviews hinting things here & there, & by the way its not goldbergs tv show he’s employed by the network so he’d be only getting a contracted salary which may not be as much as you think.. i don’t think goldberg will come back but if he did, just like you mentioned it would be only part time as he has other committments like the t.v show he hosts etc, which means impact would be the likely place, unless he does what the rock did & sign a part time deal around wrestlemania with wwe… either way just a bit of fun but it would be interesting to see what happens..?