Goldust Upset Backstage At Monday’s RAW, Promo For Jake Roberts’ Live Show

– Goldust was apparently slightly upset backstage after his match on Monday’s RAW because he was busted open by Fandango. He ended up receiving minor medical attention to close the cut.

– The following is a promotional video for Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ live show scheduled for WrestleMania XXX weekend:

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • GN-0015

      Not surprised to hear that Goldust was not happy. That match was sloppy as hell.

      • Billy Red Lyons

        It looked like Golddust went down a bit hard off the hurricanrana. He seemed to be down for a while and favoring his ribs a bit after. I was presuming he’d knocked the wind out of himself at the very least.

    • Bryan

      Has Fandango ever had a good match? I remember his match with Jericho at Wrestlemania 29 and I didn’t know what Fandango was trying to do and it was ticking me off as he was very awkward in the ring and Jericho was trying his absolute best to put on a good match but Fandango was just awkward in the ring and since then I haven’t really watched a match with Fandango.

    • astronautbutter

      I knew it was more than kayfabe when he started hitting things in frustration after that the 3-count. Shame Jericho took a Wrestlemania loss to put him over.



    • Well….

      At first I thought him being frustrated (even though he won) was a setup to a future storyline leading to a Goldust Vs. Cody feud at Wrestlemania because he was pissed! even when Cody went to go check on him he shrugged him off than remembered this is live TV and kept it professional.

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      Goldust eat a Snickers. You turn into Randy Orton when you get a little boo boo.

      • MachoViper

        I came here to make a witty comment and then saw this. You sir, win the day.

      • john

        eat a snickers? clearly im the dumb one who doesnt get it. can you explain haha

        • Jus Sayin

          The Snickers commercials

        • JamieEvsxx

            i knew from a few years ago that you are from across the pond, but i am jealous that your commercials can be blunter than ours. the u.s. treats its public like children. in fairness, most act like it though.

            • JamieEvsxx

              I went to Florida a few years ago and I can’t really remember what the US adverts were like tbh…I’m guessing by the Snickers ad you sent me the phrase isn’t “Get some nuts!” for you guys…xD…but yeah I never really notice the bluntness in the UK since I’m pretty much used to seeing/hearing them everyday so I tend to zone them out, although there was 1 advert for Flora butter which to my surprise hasn’t stopped airing yet…xD…

    • Mr_DJ

      Don’t blame him, Fandango was botching it up.

    • Scott Kinnard

      I figured he was mad about that botched suplex by Fandango.

      • _Bruce Wayne_

        And the botched hurricanrana from the corner turnbuckle, Goldie barely pulled it off

    • Sigma ?

      Fandango sucks. Clumsy fool is what he is.

    • scott

      Chill out dude your a joke anyways

    • Yankee Hater

      ummmmm… have you ever looked at your father’s forehead? Weren’t you in the ring watching your brother moonsault off the steel cage only to be botched by a long time veteran and injure him? Relax, Sally. It happens.

    • Jason

      It was the knee drop to the head that cut Goldust. Fandango went full force. That would of made me upset too.