Scott Hall Back In The Ring (Pic), Heat On New Jersey Governor

– Here’s the latest episode of WWE Backstage Fallout from Tuesday’s live SmackDown:

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– New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is getting some negative media attention this week for his involvement in the WrestleMania 29 press conference back in February. Christie, whose spending as governor has been under scrutany, is the subject of an article on titled, “Christie Airborne for WrestleMania as Helicopter Flights Triple.”

Christie took a 36-minute helicopter ride from Ewing, NJ to East Rutherford for the press conference, which taxpayers around $1,500. While nobody likes to see wasteful spending from government officials, the disgruntled taxpayers probably didn’t get the memo that WrestleMania typically brings the host city approximately $50 million in additional revenue.

– Just days after his arrest for domestic violence, Scott Hall was back in the ring this week – working with Larry Zbyszko and Chasyn Rance at the Team Vision Dojo in Florida. Hall’s son Cody, Zbyszko’s son Tim and indy worker Santana Garrett were among the students training at the dojo. (Thanks to Al Haft of Florida Pro Wrestling)

Zbyszko posted the following image of the trainers and students on his Facebook page:

Brad Davis

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  • heterosexual

    curious that his son is there, after all that’s happened it seemed like cody wanted nothing to do with him

  • Systematic

    larry’s kid looks like an alien.

  • cappa37

    man WWE needs to sign that chick!!! If Bella Twins are leaving all we’re going to have the Kelly Kelly who fuckin screams like banshee every time she does a move.

  • Leviathan

    What a fucking job squad lol. Scott halls kid looks like the only guy who has a shot. Is it possible that the Zybyscos’ son is uglier than him he looks like the alien from the flintstones. That creep in the green shorts looks like a sex offender. This must be the dateline how to catch a predator wrestling school.

  • brethart316

    wow, jobbers at best, all of them, the chick looks like a cum dumpster tho, I’m sure she’d guzzle her way to at least FCW.

    • Tlsxoxo

      Lol , lmao… that’s a sorry looking bunch of students… lol

  • X-man

    wow all these haters on here…………….at least they are trying out.  one of these could be the next breakout star in the future.  its said how people talk shit about other people when you don’t know shit about them and what they are capable of.