What Happened After WWE RAW Went Off The Air

Monday’s episode of WWE RAW from Denver, Colorado went off the air with participants of Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match, The Shield and The Wyatt Family brawling.

After RAW went off the air, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Sheamus and Dean Ambrose were the last men left in the ring. Cesaro gave Ambrose the Cesaro Swing and got him around nearly 30 times before releasing him. A dazed Ambrose finally got up and got hit with a Brogue kick from Sheamus. Cesaro and Sheamus left the ring.

Ambrose got back up and Cena hit him with an Attitude Adjustment. As Cena left the ring, the crowd erupted with a Yes! chant for the final babyface left – Daniel Bryan.

Bryan hit Ambrose with his running knee and got a huge pop. The Yes! chant continued as Daniel Bryan celebrated with fans at ringside.

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