Video Of R-Truth’s Injury From RAW & Update On His Status

During the Six-Pack Challenge on Monday’s Raw SuperShow, R-Truth attempted an over-the-top-rope somersault plancha onto The Miz but his fall was not broken. R-Truth landed on his back onto the arena floor, causing his head to bounce off the mat. The announce team stated that medical staff determined he was unable to continue to compete; he was assisted to the backstage area during the commercial break.

Following Raw, Joey Styles stated on Twitter that the Raw Superstar is fine following the ordeal and that he did not suffer any injuries. He wrote,

“Breaking News! Somehow, @RonKillings is OK and has no injuries after flipping over the top rope, missing @MikeTheMiz and hitting the floor.”

R-Truth is scheduled to compete in the Raw Elimination Chamber Match at Elimination Chamber on Feb. 19. He will face WWE Champion CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho, The Miz and Kofi Kingston.

Check out this footage of the nasty spot (at the 3:10 mark):

Daniel Pena

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  • Mr.ass

    That was really unsafe by the Miz, to not be in the right positions to catch R-Truth.

    • CleverNameTaken

      Yeah, but crap happens man.  Miz didn’t catch Truth as well as he could/should have, but at least he was able to break his fall a bit.

      • HRMA

        Miz was out of position during his entrance too interestingly – you could see him try to rush to the right position in a hurry as the camera panned to Punk entering. He also had a minor botch after the Truth drop, towards the end of the match in one of the corners.

        • cappa37

           ya I saw that. 3 botches (and one really unacceptable one) in one match. He must have been ripped apart in the locker room.

        • CleverNameTaken

          Proof that this is just a Miz hatefest.  1) he was running to do his signature pose, which is what he always does, and 2) you’re all just calling out botches now.  At least Miz made an attempt to fix his mistake here, and he was only a couple feet from position.  Even guys like Owen Hart and Brock Lesnar broke people’s necks accidentally – botches just happen.

        • morrisonfanone

          He did try to run and get there, and he did run over to see if he was okay.

      • BrahmaBullRKO

        Not that he didn’t catch him well, its that Miz wasn’t in the spot he was supposed to be in, and he couldn’t break Truth’s fall.

        • morrisonfanone

          What if the Miz had been in the way? Then they both may have been hurt. I’d rather have an injured R-Truth than an injured Miz.

          • BrahmaBullRKO

            He was supposed to be in the way. The whole reason Truth got hurt was because he was supposed to jump on Miz, but Miz wasn’t in the right spot. Had Miz been in the way, he would have broken Truth’s fall like he was supposed to.

          • Kaylyn Owens

            That’s very true.

      • IKeepsit100

        Shit happens hmm….wow.Its his fucking job.

        • CleverNameTaken

          u mad bro?  As if you’ve never made a mistake at your job.  I don’t see many of you guys calling out Beth Phoenix for breaking Eve’s nose last night, either.  Yeah, he messed up, but botches are simply a part of wrestling.

          • cappa37

            Go watch it again, Miz actually moved out of the way (when he should have moved into it). Some of the big name guys in WWE are already reluctant to work with the Miz b/c he doesn’t really know how to wrestle, this is only going to make it worse. You can botch moves but u should never put someone in danger.

          • Adam Michael

            Big names won’t work with The Miz?
            I guess that is why he has fueded with John Cena and The Rock? You know THE 2 current biggest names in WWE.

          • IKeepsit100

             The point is,shit isnt suppose to happen like that or else it’s your ass getting FIRED. What are you talking about?

      • Mr_DJ

        he didn’t break his fall at all…


       miz looked like he moved right out of the way like he was scared of getting hurt himself. truth was in the right spot, idk what happen. but oh well. im sure people in the back took note of truths move. maybe it will get him somewhere. the guy is starting to grow on me. that little jimmy shit………not bad.

      • Kaylyn Owens

        Little Jimmy is the best thing to happen in years.

  • Steve Keino

    r-truth got got by the floor :D

    • Andrew Campbell

      Too bad Little Jimmy wasn’t there to break his fall.

  • cappa37

    Ring Ring, hey it’s TNA calling for the Miz. This guy is walking a very thin like with WWE. Completely unprofessional. 

    • Rodrigo Ceballos

       Yeah uhmm ok WWE is not going to release the Miz anytime soon Yeah missed a spot but no one is perfect and the ratings isn’t his fault either It’s poor booking and writing for the Survivor Series PPV by a bunch of soap opera writers in the back


    Miz is very lucky that Truth isn’t hurt…damn talk about a demotion!

  • Prophetless

    Glad that Truth is alright

    • Jager1017

      as much as i don’t like r truth, i have to agree. although it was quite hilarious when sin cara got injured at ss.. considering he had been suspended for shooting steroids into his knee, then goes and injures his leg.. maybe they should let him shoot up lol but aside from the irony of it, it is never good to see someone get seriously injured.

    • Sam Fines

       I’m AMAZED he’s alright. I just rewatched that spot and the fact that Joey Styles said R-Truth “missed The Miz” implying that it was Truth’s botch is ridiculous. Truth had that spot. Miz CLEARLY pussed out. So much for that push back into the Main Event. I’d say he’s in line for The JoMo Dog House…

      • CleverNameTaken

        Well of course Styles is going to say Truth messed up.  Why would someone, in storyline, try to get hit by a high spot?

      • cappa37

         he was in character when reporting that… remember “wrestling isn’t fake” haha

      • Prophetless

        I just watched that video and Miz definitely pussed out. I thought he was in the wrong spot after getting up but he moved out of the way in fear. 

  • HRMA

    Anyone else notice that it looked like Ziggler was supposed to do a run-out spot but couldn’t because Miz missed the catch of Truth? And then he recovered by turning it into a Ric Flair Stylin’ and Profilin’, crowd loved that, Woo’d and all. That and his sell of the GTS (is there anything this guy CAN’T sell like a boss?) near the end made him the highlight of the match for me.

    • Tiran66

      Ziggler doesn’t do flips over the top to the outside.  The fake into the strut was scripted.  On that note this is the first really disappointing thing I’ve seen from Ziggler in awhile.  Before you guys start hating I know alot of guys have stolen the Flair strut.  Hell he stole it himself.  But when you steal something you change it up a little to make it your own.  Ziggler blatantly stole Flair’s strut.  Right down to the position of his fingers.

      Back to topic, Miz really shit the bed on this one.  It’s obvious he moved away from Truth.  I’ve watched it a number of times now.  Miz puts his arms up, and then falls away and to the right, leaving Truth to crash and burn.  His hands barely brush up on Truth’s back.  It almost looks like he was trying to intentionaly miss catching Truth without making it look obvious he was trying to miss.

      Regardless that landing looked nasty.  Glad Truth is alright.

      • Count_Da_Money

        Ziggler didn’t “steal” the Flair strut.  You said a lot of guys “have stolen” it.  Think of it this way.  They do it because it’s cool.  Fans can relate to the Nature Boy.  It’s exactly like the knife edge chops when an opponent is in the corner.  Crowd yells “Woooo” after each one.  Lots of guys mimic Flair from time to time.  I’m not trying to argue, but I think it’s more of a tribute to the best of all time rather than stealing something. 

        • Tiran66

          Wrestler’s themselves admit that they steal things from other wrestlers.  That’s fine, they do it out of respect.  But Ziggler didn’t even try to modify the strut in any way.  When he did it I had a flashback to watching Flair in WCW.  When HBK stole the Flair strut he changed it up a little to make it his own.  That’s a tribute.  Doing it exactly the same way is blatantly stealing another guys creative idea.  I’m a Ziggler fan but to me that just seems lazy on his part.

  • pwnez

    I wonder if Miz will get heat for this. He’s already on bad terms with WWE since being blamed for the low rating. I wouldn’t be surprised if Miz was in this years dark match at ‘Mania. 

    • M.E.B

       Was wonderin the same..just popped in my head.

    • WestCoastPoop

      Fingers crossed.

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    Hope its nothing too serious. Would look awful on Miz’s part if Truth’s career was in jeopardy because of that. If he can’t compete in the EC, I hope he’s replaced with someone good. I know either Punk or Jericho will win, but still.

  • Redrogue

    It’s alright little jimmy caught him instead

  • DestructionofBrothers

    I blame little Jimmy for not breaking his fall. Hope he is ok, it looked like he was in a lot of pain.

  • Chaos

    Glad he’s not Injured. That was a Stupid move by Miz

  • LueHaakon

    In all honesty, it was almost as much Truth’s fault as it was Miz’s. Miz was still selling the previous bump, so if Truth had waited ONE more second before jumping the ropes, Miz would have had time to catch him.

  • WestCoastPoop

    Miz just didn’t have a very good match. I’m sure he bumped for no reason when jericho ducked a clothesline or something…?

  • Neivey469

    Boy Miz just messed up in that match so much, he also botched the double clothesline with Jericho when he slapped his chest and went down and Jericho just kept bouncing off the ropes

  • @EmbraceTheHate

    That scared me really its moments like those that remind you that these guys may be well trained but even they can come close to being seriously injured.

  • AngelFlow

    Glad that Truth is ok. That scared me and I thought he was seriusly injured. People here calling botch like they can wrestle better than this guys -.- Remember that Miz, Truth, Punk, etc. are human beings and all make mistakes.

  • Eubanks!!

    My favorite part was the Phantom Clothesline.

  • Kaylyn Owens

    He touches down at about 3:15. Had to hurt.

  • Drizzydrake

    Jeff hardy is the best thing to ever hit wwe! but why do you guys expect guys like chris jericho and batista to return and start working full time and they are in their 40’s but guys like Lesnar you say they might return for just 1 match and heez only in his 30’s?Doesn’t make sense to me….im just sayin

  • ronny

    thats very bad from miz its all about trust in the wwe and that shows a lack of it i remember back in 2000 when bubba ray dudley jumped off the table as jeff hardy came crashing down this wasnt on the same scale but still miz should really do better !

  • Frank


    • Timmy Saunders

      I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Can you make a bit more sense please?

      • Frank


        • morrisonfanone

          The wrost ever. Wow, more bad grammar.

  • DigitalWWE

    That was all miz’s fault. No that wasn’t a “shit happens” moment. Miz could’ve easily moved half a foot to the left and caught truth or at least cushioned the bump.

    • nanu1115

      Maybe R-Truth didnt call the spot before he clotheslined Miz out of the ring. Then, how was Miz supposed to know somebody would dive onto him. Sure the cameras were in place, but maybe they were supposed to change when somebody in the truck realized what Truth was going for.

      • DigitalWWE

        Impossible. Did you even see what happen? Miz was clearly on 1 knee looking directly at truth. When truth jumped miz opened his arms like he was getting ready to catch truth and just didn’t.

  • xBaronex

    I’d like to know what Truth thinks about it all.

  • Wing

    Wow Miz.

  • Wing


  • Dr.Awesome

    Miz totally fucked up but it wasn’t intentional, Miz and Truth are both mediocre wrestlers and this is what happens when mediocre wrestlers try and do JoMo shit.

    • IKeepsit100

       JoMo shit? When Taker suicide dives over the TOP ROPE…that is JoMo shit? just wondering on your take.

  • jackson

    lol, love how shawn michaels was trending during this match ;P, one less reason to buy the elim chamber, we already watched these guys go at it for free ;P. hopefully truth is ok, he is doing pretty good for himself right now despite the wellness policy issue he had. oh and wtf miz? thought you were good? course, the only must see thing about him was seeing him as champ and wondering how the fuck did this happen?

  • Jeremy Stanton

    Hi Miz welcome to the doghouse enjoy your stay *thumbs up with trollface*

    • Kaylyn Owens

      And here’s your roomate: your former tag team partner: John Morrison.

  • Deadpan

    It really just looks like a bad judgement of placement for both, it’s started sounding as though Miz stepped aside and didn’t even sell the move. Every wrestler botches from time to time, it’s just lucky no-one got hurt. 

    It’d suck to see Miz off tv because he is entertaining to watch and as far as the ‘Youth Movement’ goes he is one of the big players. As far as bad buy-rates go for Summer Slam it might be to do with having a mediocre card. 

  • Aliceford45

    seems like miz screw up for the hell of it. candy ass miz

  • Steve

    Miz made an error that could have crippled R Truth. he should be suspended

  • Kaylyn Owens

    I just watched it twice in a row, and it looked like the Miz went to catch him, and then lost his balance. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know.