Triple H’s Plans For The WWE Roster, Ryder’s WWE Future, Lesnar’s New Business

– It’s known within WWE that several wrestlers on the NXT roster belong on WWE’s main roster. However, Triple H has been particular about having long-term plans ready for new call-ups when they make it to TV.

– Justin Roberts tweeted a photo of Zack Ryder from WWE’s recent tour overseas. In the tweet, Roberts called Ryder “much more serious bro” as the Superstar has not been doing his hair and continues to wear less gear to each event.

– Brock Lesnar, an avid hunter and outdoorsman, is planning on opening an outfitting business in Alberta, Canada near Milk River. Outfitters guide clients into the wilderness to hunt, fish, hike and camp.

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  • donthavesescoopsaccountwilsoon

    Figures……any new talent wwe gets they just flop because the right push isnt behind them. and the company doesnt want them anyways. why even try anymore lol. when they realy on part timers to fill a show when they should be building for the future. i enjoy the rock, taker, and lesnar as much as the next guy. but having them around is really killing the current roster. miz, orton, adr, ziggler. they were all doing fine and getting pushed into main event status before they started signing back rock and brock. wwe….. there not goona be aorund for ever. rock even said he might of wrestled his last match. that should be a sign that they need to get there shit together

    • Steve Demain

      Umm… what?

      • Maltov

        dudes got a point. wwe needs to build for future. agree 100/ taker and rocks not gonna be around for ever. need to build for a replacement

        • ccubsfan10

          I would argue that building for the future is exactly what they are doing. Bringing someone up with out a plan or a character could seriously damage long term credibility for the wrestler. Look at The Shield. They had a solid plan for them, and now people believe that they can take on anyone. You build for the future by solid training in NXT, having a plan for each wrestler, and then letting the wrestler execute that plan. If they succeed (the shield) they stay, if they don’t (Bo Dallas), they go back and try to rework something for them. Works a lot better than bringing them up and letting them flounder in pointless mid to low card feuds until people don’t care about them anymore.

  • Steven Harris

    Even if they dont get called up yet, atleast trips has the right idea. Give them something for the future, have a plan. Even if its a small plan, it’s a plan. He’s got the right idea.

    • pwnez

      Too bad the plan they had with Bo Dallas didn’t work out. I guess that was because he had no charisma and he sucked in the ring.

      • mrchopper

        I’d completely forgotten he got a tiny run.

      • GMpunk

        His hair was just too much for my tastes..

        • james bby

          he didn’t even lift

      • RealKRone88

        He was gone as soon as he was there. His RR appearance was worthless, so HHH is doing the right thing here.

    • SOBI

      HHH is doing a Great Job with the new Talent
      “Shield ,Cesaro,Sandow even 3mb” and now this

      IMO HHH has now started to Redeem himself from the reputation of Burying younger talent.

  • Jesse

    I think Ryder is wearing the minimal amount of gear now. Perhaps short of losing the knee pads, I have no interest in seeing him in “less ring gear”.

  • Jayden53092

    WM: 30 Card

    WWE Championship Match:

    The Rock vs Brock Lesnar

    World Heavyweight Championship Match:

    Dolph Ziggler vs Christian

    The Streak Match:

    Chris Jericho vs The Undertaker

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs CM Punk

    Kurt Angle vs Daniel Bryan

    Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton

    Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara

    Money In The Bank:

    Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Sheamus vs Tyson Kidd vs Ted Dibiase vs Justin Gabriel

    Intercontinental Championship Match:

    Wade Barrett vs Antonio Cesaro

    • Progress_Now

      lol Dwayne got injured while DELIVERING a Rock Bottom to Cena. do you think he’ll even be able to walk after taking on Brock?

    • SOBI

      Good but Kurt ain’t coming back sadly
      I’d rather have Ambrose vs Orton

    • SavageBomber

      You forgot one very important person that WWE will never leave off the WM card while he’s still a (healthy) WWE superstar: John Cena

    • Bork Laser

      you forgot dem bois Kane, Rollins, Ambrose, a possible rvd,

      • Jayden53092

        hard to make room for everyone, but i made damn sure cena was out of it. he headlines every wrestlemania its ridiculous

  • leler

    Why not remove 2 squash matches from 3-hour Raw and have 1 match each week with NXT stars instead. It will show WWE believes in their talent and the extremely boringsquash matches will be removed

    • SOBI

      but what would Ryder and 3mb do if this happens :D
      very good idea.

  • the beast who likes to feast

    can imagine Brock killing a bear with his fists

  • Lester Foxx

    Brock Lesnar as new host of Man vs. Wild show?