High School Senior Breaks Mark Henry’s Power Lifting Record (Video)

Waco, Texas high school senior Andrew Billings has broken Mark Henry’s state power lifting record. Billings lifted 2,010 pounds – including a squat at 805 pounds, a 500-pound bench press and 705 pound dead lift.

Henry’s record stood for 22 years until this weekend.

Billings is only 18 years old and will be play football at Baylor starting next year.

Here is video of his 705 pound dead lift:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Michael

    Somebody gon’ get they ass kicked

    • http://JimmyCruz.com/ JimmyCruz.com

      somebody gon’ get they wig split..beat em up..break his neck…that’s what i do

  • Puppet H

    I thought Henry lifted 2,033 lb

    • The Guest

      Better career choice, pro wrestling or football? Hmm, lets think about that one. Hopefully he’ll stay healthy and we’ll see how he does at Baylor. this has definitely caight my attention and I’ll be following him next season.

    • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

      Puppet, it’s possible Henry lifted 2,033 – but not in the state of Texas, where his record was?

      • Puppet H

        oh! thx

  • cenasucks

    2010lbs?!?! Man thats tough to lift that

    • docmartarmie93

      What, you mean to tell me that you think Big Show couldn’t lift that much?? The Big Show is like, what….441 lbs. and can lift a vehicle. I saw it happen in WWE a few years back. So don’t tell me that The Big Show isn’t physically strong.

      Lots of guys in WWE are. Not only the larger athletes such as Mark Henry, Kane, Big E. Langston, Big Show…. but the guys who are bodybuilcder types like Randy Orton, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, are also physically strong.

      What’s so impressive about a guy if he’s ONLY physically strong but isn’t a good person inside??

      Answer: NOT MUCH!!!!

      • John Styles

        No bigshow couldn’t lift that much. To me he not in good physcial shape to that. Plus he is aging, gets tired easily…

        • Luka

          Yes, The Big Show can and did lift that much.
          You couldn’t.
          You can only complain about the guys in WWE.
          I can and will be able to climb a rope without using my legs to help me in several years from now. Deal with it.
          Randy Orton could climb a rope without using his legs to help him do it. So can John Cena and a lot of other people in WWE. So since they can do that….there’s no reason at all that I can’t.
          It’s just a matter of me doing things such as… training properly working out and doing cardio. Which continues for me today. Since it also takes consistency.
          Randy Orton is also self disciplined and has an incredible physique and he’s a cool person and is admirable on the inside!

          • John Styles

            im not complaining about the guys in WWE. It is just my opinion of what i think.

          • http://www.facebook.com/shawnmdelgado Shawn Delgado

            Real talk: The Big Show is notoriously lazy, and isn’t nearly as strong as Mark Henry, a man who competed as an elite powerlifter. Fact: Randy Orton’s gotten busted for the substance abuse policy twice, and numerous backstage stories seem to paint him as a jerk; some of these stories are quite graphic. Fact: nobody cares who’s good at the rope climb. That stopped mattering after 8th grade.

      • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

        Randy Orton a “bodybuilder” HA!

        • Atalanta

          Yes, Randy Orton is a bodybuilder he’s got a physique like one and he’s also done amateur wrestling and likes basketball. He’s able to determine how much to eat and drink to help him look how he wants to look and is extremely consistent about working out, doing calisthenics and doing cardio. Which is why he wants me to adapt and adopt those habits even moreso into my own life. He can also lift The Big Show and hold him up with one arm off the top rope. He did that recently. He can also do half rep pull-ups. He had video of him doing that on his, “Randy Orton: Evolution of a Predator” DVD. He learned good habits of health and exercise so that he could and would be able to do things he can do now. Like an incredibly cool dropkick and he can hold a guy who’s a lot bigger than he is up in the ring. He can lift Sheamus and Wade Barrett to shoulder height and hold them up there. Or Kane like that. And make it look easy to do. When if I were to do it or try it….beieve you me, it wouldn’t be that easy. After all women aren’t as physically large like most guys in WWE are. But I can get into shape to be able to climb a rope without using my legs to assist me. In the future. Not presently but as a goal I’m going to work toward.

  • The Guest

    500 pound bench press? That’s insane.

  • http://www.youtube.com/ac1dchr15t ac1d

    Mark Henry vs This guy in a lifting contest @ Wrestlemania 30…Book it!

  • 3Tears

    Andrew Billings to Mark Henry “That’s what I do!”

    • Wesley

      So, prove to me that Andrew Billings doesn’t and didn’t do steroids…. and I’ll then I’ll believe it if he’s a natural athlete who just so happens to be able to do that…but if not….then it means he isn’t the strongest because physical strength can be taken away. From anyone. Mark Henry would be able to kick his ass in a powerlifting contest anyway! Nuff said. Mark Henry is the World’s Strongest Man!
      Though if this guy thinks he’s the strongest then he’ll think that. Until someone beats him. Then he’ll be like….UH OH!

      • http://twitter.com/PennyUndead Roger Penland

        someone’s a Mark Henry…………Mark? O.o

        • Irish O’Reilly

          Someone’s a Marky Mark?

          • http://twitter.com/PennyUndead Roger Penland

            All my LOLz.
            seriously though, you never see a white kid doing this. and no, that didn’t mean to sound racist.
            however, if he didn’t have any “help” in his blood, that’s pretty fucking cool.

      • 3Tears

        Lol I wasn’t making a point it was just a joke.

      • The_Rode

        LOL, you think Mark Henry is actually the worlds strongest man…. That’s cute :)

  • http://twitter.com/ryguy0813 Ryan Landrum

    I am a coach in the area, and have seen him live. This kid is the legit thing. He is in the super heavyweight class and does not use steroids as every athlete is tested before and after every meet when qualifying at the state level.

  • http://www.facebook.com/seachai.chan Seachai Chan

    Can Brock Lesnar lift that much?

    • Progress_Now

      Can the Big Slow lift that much?

      • Atalanta

        Big Show is intelligent, wise, and has also been through a lot. In my way of looking at things. Because he’s been through a lot. He’s had to put up with being made fun of and so has Randy Orton as well as other guys in WWE.
        Randy Orton’s smart, intelligent, and has a solid work ethic but also knows how to make things fun! I guess it disappoints me a lot that I can’t always defend their honor because they all deserve that from me but I suppose I can begin by improving my own life and taking things from there. And getting into WWE and on SmackDown and I don’t know what to do about John Cena being allowed to fight against The Shield or about Randy Orton siding with John Cena doing that. It f**king sucks ass that Cena is allowed to fight against The Shield! He should have to join The Shield but that ain’t gonna happen. He is always going to get his way in WWE. Just iike it always has been and always appears to and always will be. John Cena was at his best during 2007, 2008-2010 and even 2011…but now??!! WTF??!! No way in hell is it like that anymore!!!
        What is feeling so unfair and wrong is that John Cena gets away with all the bad things he has said and done to myself and others…and he doesn’t get punished or in trouble for it. He gets to be champion in WWE and if he doesn’t he gets to earn it. What the hell dumbassed kind of so-called value system is that??!! I get it. WWE used to be entertaining, cool, fair, just, honest, honorable, considerate, caring and extremely enjoyable, likable, fun to watch, comical, funny, engaging and everything great. Until John Cena came along and helped wrong things in WWE. I can’t change that. I can’t make Randy Orton be a good guy like he used to be back around 2007, 2008-2009 and some of 2010.
        I feel uncomfortable and sad about how Randy Orton’s behaving at times but at other times I feel confused, mixed up and don’t understand at all. It’s despicable that John Cena gets to have Randy Orton side with him and it’s f**king wrong! I don’t trust it. Even if John Cena proves that he has Randy Orton’s respect it’s going to take me a long time to trust either of them but I can begin by letting them do things they do and just do my own thing and get my life in order so that when I get into WWE I can still find things that are enjoyable about it and fun. Even though right now….WWE isn’t fun at all. I don’t find it so easy to be entertained by it as much since all that ever happens are consequences I don’t want, dislike, don’t understand and feel hopeless about destroying. People can’t destroy Cena. He won’t die. Even if I were to physically murder his ass…..it may not have the desired effect so all I can do is get my head out of the damned clouds and just get into WWE and challenge John Cena to a rope climbing contest and to face against him for the WWE Championship and face against Alberto Del Rio or Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship!

        As well as….beat him at this thing which is entitled…..”The Game”!!!

        AND—marry Randy Keith Orton!

        • Burke

          But you know that John Cena is going to try to stop you from marrying Randy Orton! He wants certain women to marry him….not marry Randy Orton!

    • Progress_Now

      Can the Big Slow lift that much?

    • Atalanta

      Brock Lesnar can lift a entire sofa and throw that as though it weren’t anything but a toy sofa. Big Show, Randy Orton and other guys in WWE are physically strong and they know a thing or two about treating people respectfully. I should be more like that. Instead of not doing that.

  • tnafan87

    haha the worlds second strongest man Mark Henry

  • http://twitter.com/NovaWWE Not a cop

    I can do this, somebody hold my beer.

  • statto

    If he is the worlds strongest man let him compete in the worlds strongest man event and compete in the farmers walk, the maclaccan stones etc. Then we will see

  • Hitmaniac

    Nevertheless, massive respect for Henry’s incredible record. 22 years, definitely something to be extremely proud of.