Hogan Says Going Live Would Solve 75% Of TNA’s Problems

TNA’s “General Manager” Hulk Hogan recently answered several questions from fans about the TNA product.

Impact Going Live: “would solve 75% of the issues, but they need money to do it. He has “been beating that drum for the last 2yrs.”

Wrestling Needing A New Era: “Getting my head really wrapped around the fan business requests and how to transition Impact Wrestling beyond the Mania, Attitude era, nWo era. Not just grow in a black beard or just switch a title or just verbally say were changing, I’m talking about really changing [the] foundation to put wrestling in a whole new era. I know I came up with the idea, I’m gonna really flush it out before I drop the bomb on you Maniacs.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • wwetnadudez

    Hogan is somewhat right, just having the show live won’t solve 75% of the issues, it might solve some because there would be no spoilers and people would have to watch to see what happens. As for a new Era, I don’t really see Impact doing a new Era right now, there just having there rendition of the attitude era.

  • http://twitter.com/TalkToHeaney John Enuch Heaney

    So Hulk Hogan is going to lead us into a new generation despite the fact he was the main face of the generation before the most recent two?

  • http://SEScoops.com/ siberian_skies

    Maybe if you, Bischoff, Flair, and other over-paid ex-WWE wrestlers weren’t bleeding TNA dry, they could afford to tour and have live shows.

    • Chronicgen2355

       Oh no.  We can’t have that, my friend.  If we did, what would SEScoops have to bring us for TNA that isn’t spoilers?
      Lots of reporters for TNA Spoilers online will be forced out of a job.  ;)

    • Tlsxoxo

      Well said and I’m a TNA , Flair and hogan don’t deserve those salaries. I’m also a hogan fan but I’m speaking for what’s best for TNA

  • http://SEScoops.com/ siberian_skies

    And as for Hogan coming up with an idea for a new era of wrestling…I’ll believe it when I see it!

    • Kaylyn Owens

      You & I both.

  • kquickstillsucks

    I suggest a Hogan free ERA.

    • http://SEScoops.com/ siberian_skies

      I’m all for that, brother.

      • Kaylyn Owens

        We’re all for that.

    • Black_chain_gang4cd

      lets see..hmm.. in the arena… people don’t boo Hogan, infact he gets loud pops.. why? cuz YOU so called INTERNET WRASSLIN COMMUNITY are a MINORITY SMARKS WHO THINKS THEYR intelligent…. ya got balls say  it in the arena not hidin behind yar monitor screens NOW CAN U DIG THAT SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAA

      • kquickstillsucks

         You mean the arena that has 1,000 tourists in it or the arena that’s not even at a 1/3 of 9,000 capacity full? NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT TROLLLLLLLL!

        • http://SEScoops.com/ siberian_skies


        • http://www.facebook.com/craig.deboard Craig DeBoard

          He means the arenas that Hogan has sold out since 2002 that have had 70,000 fans. Or did we forget the huge events of The Rock vs. Hogan or HBK vs. Hogan or the arrival of the nWo in WWE or the various Smackdown and Raw shows with 10,000 to 15,000 fans? Did we forget all of those? You’re wrong, you know you are, but hey, it’s the internet so you can talk trash all day long, right?

          Bottom line, Hogan is RIGHT. I don’t like the guy. I can’t stand him in fact. But in the end, he’s still right. Hogan being in TNA is not the problem. TNA not expanding to a larger audience due to money issues is the problem. Look at the early days of WCW. Before Turner bought the organization WCW was lucky to get 10,000 fans at a huge Closed Circuit TV event (which predated PPV). At there weekly shows they were lucky if they had 100 people in attendance. Once Turner got a hold of the organization and opened his checkbook and allowed them to fill arenas the company not only took off it kicked WWE’s ass all over the place.

          I don’t like Hogan. He’s a piece of crap. But he’s right. As long as TNA stays in the Impact Zone and goes nowhere else for TV events, TNA will NEVER get any bigger than where it currently is. And chances are it won’t happen anytime soon since Dixie’s mother  (the one who REALLY controls TNA’s purse strings….you smarks in the IWC didn’t really think it was Dixie or Hogan did you…idiots) is pissed over her dropping so much money on the organization.

          In regards to a new era, hell yes. Wrestling needs to be the “in thing” again in order for it to survive. That’s always been how it is with Wrestling. WWE needs that Monday Night competition again. They have to have it in order for it to happen. Paul Heyman has said many times that he’d be willing to put TNA on the map like they need, but he wants full creative control of the company. If Dixie, her stupid ass mother, and Hogan (because even though he doesn’t run TNA we do know his pull backstage) had any brains at all they would give Heyman what he wants to run the show while at the same time courting someone wealthy with a huge checkbook to hire big name talent rather than WWE castoffs.

          Donald Trump (who’s also a piece of crap) would be ideal. He’s friends with Vince and would probably see it as something fun to compete against Vince.

          If I personally ran TNA, that’s what I would do. But hey, booing Hogan is cooler, so yeah, whatever.

          • kquickstillsucks

            TNA DOESNT SELL OUT 9,000 seat arenas. Im not wrong 2,000 and change was the attendance for Lockdown it wasn’t held in the Impact Zone it was held ON THE ROAD! TNA BEING SHIT creatively is the problem nobody watches it because it’s not entertaining. It’s not because it’s a taped show or even that it’s held in the Impact Zone creatively it just sucks. Who runs creative? Not Dixie’s mom, BISCHOFF HOGAN and Pritchard run creative. Good thing Dixie’s mom took over the purse strings or they probably went bankrupt. How do you think they make money? Please tell me that? MAYBE if they got rid of dead weight con men which is what they are Hogan Bischoff few others that are just collecting a check they could go on the road more. Where is WCW now? lol yes Bischoff kicked WWE’s ass 15 years ago spectacular. One trick pony. LOL you sighting Hogan as a draw since 2002 where any of those 70,000 shows for TNA? Didn’t think so. WCW before Bischoff was ran by Jim Herd perhaps the worst president/ booker ever not named Vince Russo. Maybe after Bischoff and Hogan take Dixie for every penny she will bring in Jim Herd. TNA hasn’t opened the purse strings? Sting, Angle, Christian, Hardy’s, Dudleys, RVD, Booker T, Mick Foley, Nash, Mickie James, Mr.Anderson, Flair, Hogan, Bischoff!!!!! They work for free? Ratings….didn’t move…..house show numbers didnt move……maybe just maybe nobody wants to watch TNA? In the impact zone, out of the impact zone, on a plane, on a train anywhere. Why do people generally not watch things? Because they aren’t entertaining. Not saying the talent is bad at all BUT the people running it are shouldn’t be associated with wrestling in 2012! Hulk Hogan can’t even draw a 1.0 today…..what a draw!

      • http://SEScoops.com/ siberian_skies

        Oh, I’ll boo Hogan.  Problem with that is, he didn’t bother appearring at the show I went to.  It was a really good show, too.  ‘Course every show without Hogan is a good show, brother.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Denise-Werner/100002104652782 Denise Werner

         your an idiot.

  • LittleJimmyGotGot

    The new era we need is the end of the hogan and bitchoff era

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Impact going live would bury TNA in the ground.

    Wrestling doesn’t need a new “era” in order for TNA to work. What needs to happen is you get behind one guy and push him to the moon as “your guy” for TNA. 

    Stop turning everyone every other week. Nobody can keep up with who is heel and who is babyface. 

    What would solve 75% of the issues is if Hogan and Bischoff disappeared. Hogan, especially, takes too much time away from younger talent.

    One more thing: Stop paying your women minimum wage. I don’t care for the Divas but, 90% of the time, they’re giving more effort that some of the top guys. Hell, getting rid of Hogan alone could provide a 50% increase (at least) in all the Divas pay. 

    All I know is they better get their shit together. Spike isn’t going to just stick around being happy with ratings under a 1.

    • http://SEScoops.com/ siberian_skies

      I agree with everything you said.  But I’m curious, why do you think going live would bury TNA?  
      I remember when Hogan declared Abyss the next big thing.  How long did that last…a couple weeks?

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        I say that because of how terrible they are when they have a week or more to do all of their edits and they still present a terrible product. Yeah, Smackdown has it’s bad weeks but they’re not consistently terrible like Impact is and they have less time to do all of their edits. Going live would only magnify those issues and turn people off more than they already are. That would also embarrass the network and they would grow tired of it. 

        • Cujo999

          Very true.  Even with TV edits,a lot of their matches have extremely rough spots in them.  Their match quality on Impact is sadly better than what I’ve seen from them on PPV.  I just don’t think they have enough talent on their current roster to do live TV on a consistant bases.  They’ve got other problems too,though.  They have too many belts for only having one show.  The KO Tag Titles have become a joke,and have been for some time.  Hopefully making the TV title an actual TV title will restore some legitimacy to it.  Austin Aries has pretty much killed the X-Division.  They are booking him as a dominant champion,but it doesn’t work when their top three X-Division talents[AJ,Daniels,and Kaz] are involved is some silly going nowhere curtain jerker feud. 

    • Hobo With A Shotgun

      Good job

  • Harvey

    The LAST thing Hogan WANTS is a “new era”…the ‘sport does need it though”…one WITHOUT HOGAN once and for all

  • ChickaChickaJJH

    You mean like a “people power era”?

    • Kaylyn Owens

      I hope not. This whole people power thing is dumb.

  • Tim Brown92

    New era? Like the ‘Reality Era’ Punk started last year?

    • http://www.facebook.com/craig.deboard Craig DeBoard

      Well said. Everyone needs to get that to trend on Twitter. WWE and TNA both (TNA isn’t as bad about it as WWE but they still are somewhat) need to stop coming up with crap angles and just use the internet to base their stories off of.

  • Vengchi

    tna was doing fine till u and biscoff came in , now tna is a pile of crap

    • http://SEScoops.com/ siberian_skies

      I don’t agree with the pile of crap, but you’re right about TNA being alot better before Hogan and Bischoff got there.

  • Ed

    they need to bring back the octagon and all the high fliers like they used to that would help alot and stop being a drama show like the wwe i loved tna back in the day when it was more wrestling and less drama 

  • john hernandez

    yeah,the “post-hogan era”

    • Black_chain_gang4cd

      how about the post-IWC era? oh wait a second.. IWC is insignificant and irrelevant lol

      • http://SEScoops.com/ siberian_skies

        You know you’re a part of the IWC, right?

        • Black_chain_gang4cd

          nope. i dont have to label myself to be a part of IWC to make myself feel important. i dont consider myself part of it.

          • Fckyoujohncena

            I don’t think you’ve realised how little sense that makes.

          • the masked middle finger

            you might not consider yourself part of it, but you are.

            You are commenting on an interent wrestling website, about wrestling. You are part of the IWC.

          • http://www.facebook.com/craig.deboard Craig DeBoard

            Bull. Just because wrestling fans enjoy discussing wrestling does not make them a part of an elitist group of assholes who think they know the business better than those actually in it. You’re a moron.

  • TNAoverWWE

    This is guy is a clown. There is no other thing to describe him. Im tired of him and dixie always promising something and never delivering. Im tired of Hogan being on my TV screen. Fine if it was in the early 90’s, but now were in 2012, enough is enough

    • Black_chain_gang4cd

      ya think calling the biggest legend in the history of professional wrestling a clown makes you an intellegent wrestling fan? No. It doesn’t make you cool.. get it?..

      • Kaylyn Owens

        Hogan’s the biggest legend? Maybe after the Undertaker and Sting.

        • http://www.youtube.com/user/Caveman1006?feature=mhee Marvin B.

           The biggest legend yeah…walk up to anyone they’d prolly know hogan and not taker and sting…it’s true

          • TNAoverWWE

             Taker yes, Sting not so much

        • http://www.facebook.com/craig.deboard Craig DeBoard

          Hogan is a household name to people who have never even watched Wrestling. Undertaker is maybe a little. Non-wrestling fans wouldn’t have a clue who Sting even is.

          The Rock

          Those are legends.

      • TNAoverWWE

        Whats the point of your comment? I respect everything Hogan did in the past but the past is the past the present is the present. Hes a clown plain and simple. You think when I turn on my TV i Wanna see Hulk Hogan? He did his time. You wanna help out creatively stay off the tv.

        • http://www.facebook.com/craig.deboard Craig DeBoard

          Hogan got screwed by Linda. i don’t care for him, but if the guy wants to make a living who are you, or anyone else, to deny him that.

  • http://twitter.com/TeamAwesome418 Team Awesome

    Interesting to see what could be plan. We have our Reality & Power People Era. Need something else

  • Kaylyn Owens

    The fans will never believe it’s actually changing until it does. They’ve been saying it’s going to change, and nothing’s ever happened.

  • butterpecs

    Please Hogan, if it was your idea by all means “flush it out”.

  • http://twitter.com/Count_Da_Money Count_Da_Money

    Getting rid of Hogan, Bischoff, and the rest of the front office clowns would solve the other 25%.

  • http://www.facebook.com/THE.BIG.JOBE Michael Jobe

    Being rid of Hogan and Bischoff would solve 99.99% of TNA’s problems. Rid yourself of Dixie Carted and thast your other 0.01% LOL