Backstage Update On Concern In WWE Over Lesnar vs. Taker At WMXXX

As previously reported, WWE was originally planning on a Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show match at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. The idea came about when Show was feuding with The Authority.

Apparently the plan was for Big Show to go through Randy Orton and The Authority, although he would never win the title, yet he would come out of the program as a solid main eventer. This would set up Show looking strong, making Lesnar look strong for a match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX when he beat Show at the Rumble.

Speaking of Taker vs. Lesnar, there appears to be some concern over a few different issues. One is the physical style that Lesnar has in recent years. Lesnar’s rough style, mixed with the bad physical shape Taker is in, is causing some concern.

Another issue is that many, if not all of Taker’s opponents the last several years have secretly worked out their match with extensive practice before it actually took place. There is some concern within WWE as to whether or not Lesnar would be willing to put in that amount of time preparing for the match.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Matt Boone

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  • pwnez

    I’m just thrilled that Lesnar vs Big Show is no longer happening. I think Lesnar vs Undertaker will be fine. When it comes to WrestleMania, no matter what shape ‘Taker is in he always gives us his best.

    • sir Pablo

      It has nothing to do with the product of the match, it’s about making sure Mark (Undertaker) isn’t seriously injured.

  • Stephen

    I don’t think vince would waste the Undertaker’s time with Brock.
    At this point, Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho is only match I’d want to see at ‘Mania. Jericho has done everything else a man can do in wrestling, so why not come out and challenge the Deadman. Taunt him every week until ‘Taker shows up at ‘Mania.

    • Karan

      I have HUGE respect for Chris Jericho, but dude WTF?!

    • $42863687

      I wouldn’t buy it. Lots of respect for Jericho for putting over a lot of deserving talent, but sometimes he just takes it too far. Heath Slater and Fandango come to mind. Can you even name a wrestler who HASN’T beaten Jericho? How am I supposed to believe a man that anyone can beat could ever topple the Undertaker when he’s at his most unbeatable at WrestleMania? Cena on the other hand I’d pay to see. No I’m serious, I’d actually buy the show, not stream it, lol.

      • Stephen

        But we were supposed to believe that Triple H would do it?
        I am looking at the build to WrestleMania. If Jericho returned this month, two months is more than enough time to build his credibility again. And then the match itself, I don’t think anyone else currently wrestling could top the Undertaker v. Punk match other than Jericho.
        I can see Undertaker facing John Cena, more likely Roman Reigns, and I’m sure people would buy it, but the match itself would not live up to the hype of WrestleMania.

        • $42863687

          Two months of effervescent promos is nothing compared to losing clean eight times in six years. There’s nothing Jericho could do or say to gain as much credibility as Cena, sorry. I never believed Jericho could or would beat Punk when they fought over the past two years, because Jericho is essentially a glorified jobber. Now you say Undertaker vs Cena wouldn’t live up to the hype? Oh thanks for providing your reasoning for that by the way, so insightful. Despite that I’ll have to disagree. Cena has had match of the year candidates with the likes of CM Punk, Randy Orton, HHH, Shawn Micheals, Edge and yes, even Chris Jericho. Hell, even Ziggler. If he can hang with them, I think he can hang with the Undertaker. And while the Undertaker is far from a spring chicken, he’ll bring 110% as he always does and put on a match for the ages. Going back to credibility, it’s the supreme reputations of Cena and Undertaker that would add to the drama of the match, making it far more compelling and suspenseful than Taker vs Jericho would ever hope to be. Would Jericho and Taker have a good match? Sure. An epic match? No. The fans have no reason to care about a guy who loses two thirds of his matches trying to defeat a game Undertaker at WrestleMania. It’s that lack of psychology, that lack of suspense that has you on the edge of your seat, that simple element of not knowing who the Hell is gonna win this damn thing that Jericho vs Taker wouldn’t have that gives Cena vs Taker the edge as far as match quality goes.

          • Jayden53092

            I get what you’re saying, but Jericho is a much, much better wrestler than Cena. Jericho vs. Taker might not be as popular with the fans like Cena vs Taker would be, but Jericho vs Taker would be one heck of a match and can steal the show and be match of the night. Check out their matches from 2009. very good. Now, as for the whole Jericho losing 2/3 of his matches, that is not his fault. While he does enjoy putting talent over, Vince makes him do it. Jericho said so himself that if he had it his way, he would win every match and that he is against losing, but he has to do what the boss says.

          • $42863687

            Woah, when did he say that? Sounds more like something HBK would say, lol.

          • Jayden53092


            here you go man, skip to the 6:15 mark and watch till like 7:15. let me know what you think of that.

          • $42863687

            Woah, cool. If Jericho were booked like that Raw would never, ever be the same again! lol

          • Stephen

            You are right, Cena has had some great matches, matches that was carried through. Undertaker, at this point in his carrier, cannot carry John Cena.

          • $42863687

            I’ll never understand why people think Cena was carried in these matches. He seems to do his fair share of the work imo, it’s not like he slacks off. Maybe I can’t notice it unless it’s obvious, like in cases of Ryback and Khali. Help me understand how you reached this conclusion, I’d like to know. I do agree however that Taker couldn’t carry ANYONE in a match at this point, if anything he’d be the one that needs protecting.

          • Stephen

            ‘Carry’ can be taken in two ways.
            First, there’s relying on another wrestler to take all the bumps because you are too hurt or too out of shape or too untalented to do so.
            Second, there’s relying on someone else to call the match because you don’t understand the in-ring psychology well enough to put together a match.
            The first applies to Undertaker.
            The second applies to Cena. (albeit my opinion)
            Both apply to Ryback.

          • $42863687

            This begs the question as to who would carry who in an Undertaker vs Cena match. Would they both carry each other? o.O I guess when you look at it from that standpoint a Taker vs Y2J match would be a little more practical. xD In all seriousness I don’t know if I fully agree with the idea of a 10+ year veteran still needing to be lead around by his nose in a match, but it’s an opinion I can respect. Let’s just hope that whoever the Deadman picks this year as his opponent will be worthy of the spot and pull a good match out of him. This could be his last hoorah.

  • bambam

    What’s the obsession with the Big Show?? All they do is jam him down our throats, but nobody wants to see him!! He doesn’t put on a good match and his finishing moves are terrible. He gets zero crowd reaction. Let’s push Cesaro WWE you bunch of a$$ clowns!!

    • yrabadi

      I think you might be a bit too hard on him… he’s good in small doses. Him knocking out HHH earlier this year got a huge pop. People wanted to see that. Less is more. That’s all there is to making Show a star.

      • bambam

        Nobody wanted to see the feud with orton and that “im broke and my strip mall is bankrupt” was awful. We already saw Brock vs Big Slow years ago. Lets do something new. They have a hard on for this guy.

        • yrabadi

          Hey I’m with you man! I agree. But they put him in that feud with Orton because fans were cheering for him when Bryan was getting beaten down time and time again… They read it wrong. Fans chanted for him, and when the actual feud came, they didn’t want it…

          I don’t want Brock/Show either man. I’m with you. Just saying that Show does have a purpose. They can utilize him properly, they just don’t.

          • bambam

            I hear you. I just think he’s done. It was cool when he got superplexed by Brock and the ring exploded. I cant remember the last time he was relevant. I think he would get a bigger pop if he came to the ring dressed up as captain insaneo!!! Him and Rey as a tag team was just as bad as him in a diaper. Put him in 3mb while slater is gone or sell wwe merchandise during commercial breaks.

          • yrabadi

            Yeah, I think his better days are behind him. But I think he’s still viewed as somewhat of an attraction. I didn’t particularly mind his feud with Sheamus a year or two ago.

    • scott

      I agree with you dude. He killed Daniel Bryans push in my opinion all cause ratings went down for one ppv. They scrapped the diaper gimmick thank god. I really don’t see what they see with him. His move set is wack, he can’t move in the ring. Its like I said he hasn’t been a main eventer since lesnars first era run with Kurt angle this dude can’t do it anymore. Truth be told I’m not thrilled he’s fighting mark Henry honestly cause I think he sucks now too

    • crimson

      You are 100% right cesaro and other great roh talent should up their already el generico pac and chris hero should of been came up a long time ago cesaro should get a title his moveset is endless

    • Adam-Michael

      The opening match to Mania should be Cesaro vs Zayn 2 out of 3 falls… those 2 have amazing chemistry and put on the match of the year in 2013. Everyone who saw their match would say it was match of the year.

    • Karan

      Apparently, every big guy turns on Vince.

    • z28man

      I agree and disagree. I agree because Show always ed up back down the card somehow and no one is ever given a reason to really care much about him. I disagree because, if they actually gave Show the go and let him be a main eventer, he could come out looking good. Big Show has always been that big guy that everyone thinks is so badass because he’s big but wwe has never actually let him BE that guy.

      • bambam

        He was in the attitude era. He had feuds with Rock, Brock, Sheamus, Mark Henry and all the top stars. He was the world champ and was knocking everybody out. His run is over and does not need to be the top “Big Man” anymore. He is awful in the ring and is so limited in movement. He is boring and does the same sh*t every night. Let Big E, Batista, Brock, and whoever big the “Big Man”.

  • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok


  • scott

    Big Show will never be a main eventer ever again. He’s straight garbage now

  • WCWPunk

    You’re talking about the Showcase of The Immortals. The Grandstage of Them All. And they wanna pit Big Show vs Brock Lesnar?! C’mon WWE, you can do much better than that.

    • BOOCH

      That match was scheduled for the Royal Rumble!

    • Name

      Try reading the article.

  • Henry

    I want to see Brock vs Taker or at least a scripted mma style match in the squared circle with someone who’s willing to face Brock. Wade Barrett could be a contender and wwe could market his history of bare knuckle fighting … At the same time it would boost a mid carder.

  • lunchbox87

    Why would you be willing to give the guy the money you do if you dont even think he will put in time and effort into the job you pay him for

    • smartin2293

      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

    • Jayden53092

      Exactly! Darn, you beat me to it. You really hit the nail on the head with that one.

  • AmberlyWynn

    This is good concern in the update for the WWE .

  • Adam-Michael

    They really thought people would care that much about Big Show? he has been there years and never been more than a midcard attraction who fills in when they need a 3rd,4th,5th or 6th guy in a main event spot. he should NOT be the focus of the company as a top face, that is just stupid and luckily the numbers showed that he shouldn’t be being pushed as the top guy stealing Bryans chants

  • Progressed_Now

    concern whether Lesnar would agree to practice the match? ASK HIM you diickheads!!

  • Elliott

    I wouldn’t mind Lesnar vs Show. Lesnar is such an animal, id like to see how the match turns out. But Big Show would need to step up his game. Pulling off a match closer to what he had against Mark Henry in 2011

  • Dixie Carter

    What is good for business? PAY Brock Lesnar 100k and he will work out the match with Taker before it happens. Also BIG SLOW is showing his flat big butty to patty patterson and the boys in the back and taking the coke up the back passage, so to speak…to continue to stay relevant after he almost put raw out of business when he was put through the table and like 1million people changed over to a tna repeat to see some solid action.

  • Tom Shelton


  • Bryan

    Well since Brock is going after the title I think it make sense to have Lesnar vs Batista for the WWE Championship even if I would prefer Daniel Bryan and CM Punk in the title match but after Monday I can Lesnar vs Batista as the main event so that leaves Undertaker against 3 options 1) The Shield 2) Chris Jericho 3) John Cena and I personally wouldn’t mind either one as I think all 3 choices for Taker could get a great match but if I had to pick it would be Jericho yes Jericho not Cena Jericho.

  • Tom Shelton

    and the idea of practicing the match before hand is cheating also I agree I think taker currently wouldn’t mix well with brock

    • aj2345

      You do realize just about all matches are practiced before you see them?

      • Tom Shelton

        not physically no they are not

  • Tom Shelton

    fans would not buy taker vs Jericho didn’t Jericho loose to fandango last year its just not believable that he could beat taker at wrestlemania they need to put him against someone like cena who people are like man I don’t know whats going to happen and the marks are like is cena going to job to taker at mania or what?

  • Ares

    Why is the WWE so high on the Big Show? I mean, I like the guy, and he will go down as one of the most memorable characters in the last couple of decades in my opinion, but damn. He can’t move around like he used too (although he did improve for a certain period of time recently) the stories being told are almost exactly the same with the Big Show (How many times have we seen big show cry for sympathy?). Why not give the fans something new!?!??!

  • TheFaceOfSeScoops

    Several points need to be made. First, Show didnt kill anyones push. Its WWE’s decision. Blame them. Moving on, Cesaro is a good wrestler no doubt, but he doesnt deserve the sudden push to take on Undertaker. Built up stars need that to seem more believable they can win. Also, WWE doesnt need to be overflowing with a bunch of ROH rasslers. Thats what makes WWE, WWE and ROH, ROH. Good wrestling technique doesnt equal ratings. They need larger than life personas and better looks. Finally, I never saw Ambrose like Piper. He is his own character. He’s out there. He’s weird. He’s enigmatic. His promos are VERY good and he is a good performer. Those that cannot see that and like to be wrong, go ahead and give this a thumbs down.

  • Montoya

    Children love Show. He is a bit slow now. Even his Bear on his shirt is boring. Like a bad game from the 80’s. Kane new it was his time to give it up soon Show will too.