Hulk Hogan Accuses Bret Hart Of Hurting The Pay Of WWE Main Eventers

TNA star Hulk Hogan and WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart have a well-documented rocky relationship, dating back to 1993 when Hogan was supposed to drop the WWF Championship to Hart at SummerSlam ’93 but allegedly refused to do so before leaving the company. During a recent interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine (Issue 90), Hogan fired a brutal shot at “The Hitman”, claiming that Hart drove down the salaries of future WWF/WWE champions by agreeing to work for less than everyone else.

“The main-event guy made the most money when he had the belt,” Hogan explained. “When I was the (WWF) champion, I made the most money. It was an old rule that Vince (McMahon) Sr. had that, thank god, was passed on for quite a while. That changed when Bret Hart became champion; he’d work for a lot less than anybody else, so it changed everybody’s pay.”

Later in the interview, Hogan also implied that he felt that Hart was two-faced, stating:

“The last time I saw [Bret], he was flying around in my Learjet with me, and playing with my kids in the pool. Then, all of a sudden, we’re not cool.”

The six-page interview with Hulk Hogan is in Issue 90 of FSM, available on Thursday, February 21.

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • drgn77

    Does anyone really care what this old part has to say any more?

    • drgn77


      • MalaysianInvasion


    • Bully FU

      You do, obviously, not just for clicking the link and reading the article but also choosing to comment. Why do you ask, looking for a buddy to swap old school Hogan stories?

  • bayarea08

    A part of me wants to agree with Hogan but the other side doesn’t but then I realized that it doesn’t matter because it was in the past and you can’t change it.

  • yes

    I can imagine Hogan and Hart having a in person debate.

    Hogan: You tried to hurt me brother!
    Hart: Well I was the best there was

  • Steve

    it was 20 years ago, for get it already …

  • Mike Hillyard

    Bret Hart the scab of wrestling

  • TheOriginal

    He worked for less money because when Bet was champion, the WWE was in financial dire straits and Bret had real passion for the business.

  • raVen

    Bret Hart…nobody loves him as much as bret does.
    psycho sid breaking his leg was funny but watching bret run into a standing still goldberg and causeing a stroke is fucking hilarious!

    • VoiceOfReason

      your a complete tool lets hope you don’t have a stroke and people poke fun in your direction..

      Both Bret and Hogan are legends to many even tho im not Hogans biggest fan, I think Bret doesn’t do himself any favours at times, few months ago he said he wished he had more matches with HHH, then a month later he was bad mouthing HHH again. I love Bret but he and Hogan and others need to bury they’re differences and move on what happened was in the past no ones asking them to be friends but just put this whole saga to an end.

      • raVen

        everytime bret hart has had “heat” with someone, it all started with bret hart.
        no respect for him or his lies.
        hogan is no angel but at least he can go a day without eating both his legs

    • JamieEvsxx

      Bret running into Goldberg didn’t cause the stroke…he hit his head in a bicycle accident and that caused the stroke…=/

      • raVen

        haha you should ask bret hart about that. he has a different story

        • JamieEvsxx

          really?…well I’m pretty sure I have the same story from what I read in his book…yeah he had concussions after his match with Goldberg but that wasn’t the actual cause of his stroke…he rode into a pot hole and went over the handle bars and landed on the back of his head and then he had the stroke…=/

      • G.I.R.L.

        Yes, but CLEARY Goldberg forced him on that bike.

        • JamieEvsxx

          yup, totally…=/

  • Rodriquez Antonio

    Yea because some people love the the job itself and not the paycheck!!
    Hogan is a legend in the business, but I’ve never once cheered for him….ever!

  • sdelfin

    You have to believe Hogan here. He’s an honest man. I mean, he’s a founding member of Metallica, and Elvis used to watch him wrestle two years after his death, and he was supposed to be Randy The Ram in The Wrestler. This man bodyslammed an 800 pound Andre the Giant, tearing all his muscles in the process. And Andre died a few days later.

  • fan

    I thought working for less money was a good thing. Hart isn’t as greedy as hogan.

  • 5er

    Bret taking less money more than likely kept a few other wrestlers employed. Way to be an ass Hogan.

  • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

    what hogan is really saying is ” once bret became champ, i lost my shot to easily make hundreds of thousand to a million dollars as champ”

  • harvey

    …Hogan sounds like Superstar Billy Graham more & more each day