Hulk Hogan, Brooke & Linda Respond To “Brooke’s Legs” Controversy

Hulk Hogan has addressed the backlash surrounding his controversial tweet on Sunday where he tweeted a revealing picture of his daughter Brooke’s legs.

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Hogan received a ton of criticism on Twitter and on many websites, including and the Huffington Post. Hogan tweeted on Tuesday:

“Brooke works out for 2hrs a day,a fan takes a picture,Brooke love it,tweets back thank u,proud dad tweets it,creeps and perverts everywhere”

Fed up with the “haters” calling him out for his latest display of fatherly pride, he continued:

“Need a break from all the haters got more good positive stuff to do,bye see u much later. HH”

Brooke Hogan responded:

“A dad can’t even be proud of his daughter without sickos makin it something it’s not. Really?? Go back to your farm animals. #ignorant”

Brooke’s mother & Hulk’s ex-wife Linda said:

“@huffingtonpost @tmz Stop ! U u ppl need to relax!!! We both think Brooke and her legs are gorgeous ! We r parents !! # spare me”

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Ahmed Naseer

    Bad luck brain, is that you?

  • Orestis

    Hulk Hogan not adding HH in his first tweet surpised me !

    • pwnez

      That’s when you know Hogan is being serious, brother!

  • siberian_skies

    If you would just shut up and stay off of social media, none of this would happen Hogan.

  • pwnez

    Hogan creates his own drama.

  • Seth Bob

    It is true. I blame the internet. It’s the same as a guy helping a kid on the street, he’s a pedophile. A father is proud of how his daughter looks, they make it out as incest.

  • jccox01

    He could have added a better caption than “brooke’s legs”.

  • 7 year old boy

    I know the thing was pretty creepy but some people take it to the extreme with hate. Even I feel a little bad for Hogan.

  • TrueFan

    I’m highly convinced now that the “wedding wardrobe malfunction” was scripted.. I mean, “good parents” need to see where their money is being invested into right? Clearly Brooke’s exercise classes paid their dues and Hulk is proud..

    RETIRE OLD MAN! You’re better off OUT of the spotlight. Hogan family is far from a wrestling soap opera.. They’re a reality media circus side show, sickos!

    • morrisonfanone

      The Hogans are the next Kardashians.

      • siberian_skies

        That was an insult to the Kardashians, lol.

        • Bro88

          I think the Hogans might need some ointment for that burn

          • siberian_skies

            So long as Hogan doesn’t rub it on Brooke.

          • Bro88

            We have already seen that he has no problem rubbing on her.

      • drnapls

        And NOT all the Kardashians are TRUE Kardashians. THATS an LOL!!!

  • Superlative

    How are we “haters” because YOU decided to take a strange photo and tweet about it.

  • fan

    you can call it whatever you want or try to make it osund like a proud father. Either way around it is a weird thing for a parent to comment on about t heir kid.

    • arcade_arson

      and it is not the first time

  • Roger Penland

    it’d been better if we all hadn’t seen that pic of Hogan putting lotion or whatevs on Brooke’s ass. but hey, what i wouldn’t give to put lotion or whatever on a chick’s ass. haha

  • Fido Riko

    Well he could have explained the photo and no one would have said anything. But “Brooke’s legs” is so pervert on multiple multiple levels.

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    Hogan Knows Best! XD

    • Sisisi!

      Lol I had forgotten about that show, even on there he was crazy.

  • Sisisi!

    Linda’s spelling was more disgusting than what Hogan did, shes like 100 years old what is she doing spelling like a 12 year old.

  • wwetnadudez

    No no no, thats not it. No matter how proud you are you don’t just say look at them legs.

  • Brian Johnson

    Ok Hulk I’ll give you this one, but how can you possibly explain rubbing lotion on your daughter’s ass…are you “proud” of that too?

  • BrickHouse

    Hogan can deny it all he wants he’s still a creepy ol’ man. And Brooke.. this bitch is already in her mid 20s and she’s hanging around her daddy 24/7 and as good looking as she is, she’s still single.. that shit doesn’t look good.. There is something off about both of them.

  • 2muchfire

    It really sickens me how people hate Hogan because it’s the “cool” thing to do. He’s a legend and he’s a big deal to me , seeing Hogan live was one of the highlights of my life. As one of the real trolls who use to comment here would say #Irespectlegends

    • fireworkts Ts

      Glad to see you resepct a guy whos done nothing but make an ass out of himself. Thats great that hes a big deal to you…TO YOU. Not everyone feels the same as you. Learn to deal with it.

      • 2muchfire

        your’re my biggest fan. I’ll send you a shirt dipshit.

    • siberian_skies

      There’s hate on here for just about every wrestler. I like a couple of wrestlers that others can’t stand. If you know the comments are going to tick you off, don’t read them.

  • wpm131

    I could see it being a proud dad thing if the caption was: my daughter brook, but labeling pictures according to the body parts that you focus on is not a dad thing.

  • Kyle

    Maybe if Hulk wasn’t always at her bikini photoshoots, or if didn’t hang around her so much, and if he didn’t rub oil all over her legs and ass, and take pics of her titling it “brooke’s legs” people wouldn’t call him out on it. Most fathers don’t actually do these things when their daughters are 25 years old Hulk. She needs to get away from him and find herself a dude.

  • moody1

    Typical molesters excuse. “Its all innocent. You people are the ones who are sick”. I call B.S. on you, brother. I don’t know any fathers that have tweeted pics of their daughters and labeled them _________’s legs. Supah-creepy. You and Linda are both liars, for money or whatever purpose, as clearly demonstrated by your old, crappy, “reality” series in which the two of you were already seperated but faked being a couple so that crapfest could continue. Phonies.

  • JamieEvsxx

    the thing is, if my dad were to take a picture of my legs or something and put it on Facebook then I’d be creeped out tbh…I mean, a compliment’s fair enough (depending on what the compliment is of course) but to actually take a picture and post it on Twitter is too much really…=/