Hulk Hogan Guest Hosting WWE RAW On August 11th

The official Twitter account of The Moda Center in Portland, Oregon posted the following tweet on their official Twitter account today:

This will be the final RAW before WWE SummerSlam and Hogan’s 61st birthday.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      Oh no brother!!!! stay at home please!!!!.

      • Undertaker316

        i want him to appear just for the botches lol

        • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

          You not a fan of Hogan either?. I am not a fan at all.

          • WrestlingDiedIn2002

            Your both dopes. Hogan is wrestling. Fact. Get over it.

            • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

              You’re the one is the dope. I am not a fan of Hogan get over it.

            • brad

              He’s one of the biggest names to have ever stepped foot in the industry man there just kids man they probably don’t even know who he is.

            • pwnez

              Hogan is wrestling? Yeah, right.

            • Land of the SMARKS

              That comment is just silly. Maybe you can figure out why?

    • jsisnsjsjsjsjbsvwv

      These “spoilers” are getting annoying i mean its not even August yet, part of enjoying wrestling is the element of surprise but maybe its just me

      • TNA Live Crowd

        Yes it is just you. If you don’t like the spoilers than don’t come back here reading spoiler only the piss your pants about it. Plain and simple

    • CSSA

      Yay. That’s on my birthday

      • Jen

        It’s his birthday, too! He will be 61

    • Dixie Carter

      He’ll love that 50k fee while the actual ‘talent’ don’t get paid!

      • K Dot

        You shouldn’t be talking

        • Dixie Carter

          you should go back to flip burgers in burker king before y’all get fired

    • Name

      It will be interesting to see if they do anything with Hogan and Lesnar.

    • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

      I’m excited, BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!