Hulk Hogan Files $50 Million Lawsuit, Backstage Morale At Geneiss & More has an article about Hulk Hogan filing a $50 million lawsuit against the Laser Spine Institute in Florida. LSI performed several procedures on his back starting in 2009 to treat multiple lumbar spinal abnormalities including scoliosis and multiple bulging discs, but Hogan claims that the procedures actually made his back worse and says he was never informed that the laser treatment only provided temporary pain relief.

Hogan eventually underwent major back surgery with a different team of doctors and says he missed out on tens of millions of dollars in employment opportunities. If that’s not bad enough, Hogan says LSI used his name and image to promote their business without his permission.

– Samoa Joe will be hosting a seminar for the Ludus Wrestling School this Saturday (1/20) in Brooklyn, NY.

– Backstage at Sundays TNA Genesis pay-per-view from Orlando, morale among the locker room was high. Everybody felt like it was a solid show with a great main event and the roster feels like the company is moving in the right direction.