Hulk Hogan No Longer Under Contract With TNA, AJ Styles Update

Published On October 2, 2013 by (TNA News)

- ’ current TNA deal runs through December after recently signing a short-term contract extension. The two sides will discuss extending the agreement after Bound for Glory.

- is now officially a free agent after his TNA contract expired yesterday. The two sides are currently in negotiations about Hogan’s future and of course, it will come down to the almighty dollar. With TNA releasing a slew of talent this year, losing truckloads of money by taking Impact on the road and owing many of their employees backpay – one of the biggest stories of the year will be whether TNA can cough up enough dough to keep Hogan on board.

Thursday’s Impact will feature Hulk Hogan’s response to Dixie Carter and whether he’s on “Team Dixie” or not.

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