Hulk Hogan Makes Some Newsworthy Remarks About Dixie Carter & The TNA Roster

During a recent interview with the UK’s Daily Star newspaper, Hulk Hogan made some interesting comments about Dixie Carter’s role as the leader of TNA Wrestling and her vision for the company’s direction.

“It’s either hold ’em or fold ’em. You’re either in the wrestling business or not. Is Dixie Carter really in the wrestling business, or this is just a hobby? You either make the move or you don’t. You’re at that point now. It’s the same place we were with WCW – you either run with the big dogs or be a little dog and stay on the porch. The destiny of this company is in her hands. It can stay TNA, a powerful little company, or she can make the decision to move on to greatness.”

Hogan says that TNA made some good decisions recently by cutting back on their number of pay-per-view  events and finally taking Impact on the road.

“To limit to four major PPVs will give us a chance to make the wrestlers more important to give the fans a chance to choose who they love. I think it gives you a chance to sink your teeth into the characters and the company.”

Hulk Hogan says that many of the wrestlers currently on the roster would be “bagging groceries” back when he was headlining shows (awesome), but the business has changed and he admits it’s for the better:

“Twenty years ago most of the wrestlers who are in this business now wouldn’t even be here. They’d be bagging groceries somewhere. When I was wrestling I was a medium sized guy. King Kong Bundy was 450 and John Studd was 400 and Earthquake was 400 and Andre was 550 and I was 330, Don Muracco was 300lbs.”

The business has changed and it’s for the better. It’s more exciting because the guys can do more moves and are more athletic than we were.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • L@NCE

    now if only he could speak like this more often people would take him more seriously.

  • siberian_skies

    I love the way Hogan talks out of both sides of his mouth.

    • Spike_Spiegle

      Of course. Cuz it only makes him look like a prick instead of a fuckin prick. And he dosent have to defend himself when people ask why he’s trashing the company he works for.

      • Donte Shoshona Gopual

        He isnt trashing it you fucking idiot, he’s just stating that dixie is playing with TNA like its a side business while it should be her main priority.

        • Spike_Spiegle

          Change your tampon then we can have a discussion.

          • Donte Shoshona Gopual

            No problem you fucking dumbass :)

  • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

    He really cant let go of the lime light

  • Andrew Campbell

    “Bagging groceries”?? Nice way to put over your roster there, Hulkster

    • Paul Kersey

      He wasn’t just talking about TNA’s roster. And he’s right.

  • So What?

    This is typical evidence of media spin. He complemented the roster and said they are different than the roster of yesterday. “It’s for the better” was left out and stress was placed on “bagging groceries”. Nice reporting, fuckwad. He also never questioned Dixie Carter. He just said TNA is at the point where it needs to make the decision to stay small or go big. It’s the same decision every single company on Earth faces. What a shocking statement.

  • arcade_arson

    i want to know what hogan thinks he is bringing to the company, for god knows what he is getting paid

  • raVen

    if you really want to move onto greatness push guys like aries roode and storm.
    these are TNA guys who you bury under over the hill wwe names.
    look at what that has done for wwe. they have no big superstars because they have all been buried to cena/orton/sheamus/hhh
    if you don’t make stars you won’t eat tomorrow.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      CM Punk isn’t getting pushed? Ziggler? AJ? Ryback? 3MB or the Shield? Am I watching a different show than you or do you really believe the storyline CM Punk is selling you?

      • kquickstillsucks

        3MB really? LOL other than that I agree

        • Forceton Banfodder

          I don’t like it either, but they’re pushing them. It sickens me to death, but they’re on every fucking episode it seems like.

          • kquickstillsucks

            They are doing something with Slater and Drew which is good. I dont like Mahal he doesnt fit and isnt good at all. They job basically so they don’t bother me a ton.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            Heath Slater is a retard, which I know is an insult to all retards out there, but he is so fucking dumb I can’t stand listening to him. And listening to Drew try to sound… whatever the fuck he’s doing is just as painful as Mahal playing air guitar.

          • TheKillingMoon

            Damn straight. Couldn’t have said it any better.

    • kquickstillsucks

      I think they did Push Aries and Roode and to a degree Storm and they got the same 1.0 rating they always get and 3-7k ppv buys they always get….As for your statement about the state of WWE…LOL. TNA has never even eaten in the same stratosphere as WWE.

  • AVPredator4985

    Did any of you guys that are bashing what he said even read the article? He said they would be ‘bagging groceries’ because nobody would have even taken them into consideration as wrestlers, not because they don’t have the talent. He’s 100% right, back then these guys today wouldn’t have been able to make it because of how big the dudes were back then. He made it obvious that he’s complimenting them because he then says that this way is better because the guys today can do more moves, and he’s right.

    • Adam Michael

      Yea I came to the article expecting to read comments he made being a complete arse… but I actually agree with him and find this very respectable… he is speaking truth on every subject… Bravo Hogan, Bravo…

  • kquickstillsucks

    What Hogan said is pretty much spot on…I KNOW..odd. But I thought TNA achieved “greatness” when she hired you Hulkster and Uncle Eric…so no on that then? TNA’s issue remains the same as it has always been TNA is creatively bankrupt. I brought this up on another article Who is TNA’s next big star? sorry star? Jeff Hardy as champion can’t even draw them a 1,000 people at the gate on the road. Bully Ray is a talent but is he going to take TNA to next level? Ace’s and 8’s? lol…. Eric Bischoff couldn’t tie Paul Heymans shoes in the creative department.

    I really wonder what the “move onto greatness” Brother Hogan is referring to or if he even knows for that matter.

    • AVPredator4985

      TNA really needs to bring up a star of their own to be a top name in wrestling, and not rely so much on ex-WWE guys

  • cappa37

    Hulk Hogan, biting the hand the feeds him since 1979.

  • Mike Hillyard

    The headline is misleading because he actually made sense for once.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Its hilarious to me. He says these things but doesn’t actually take action. He’s one of the biggest reasons TNA went to shit the past few years and he’s in a position to help change it just like he has been. Replace “Dixie Carter” with “Hulk Hogan” and it makes complete sense.

  • Rick Yuhnke

    What you going to do when his ego is so damn big it won’t even fit in the room? BROTHER! What a fool. Interesting part is that Studd, Andre are no longer here and the rest of them he could have cared less about. His best matches were against Perfect, Flair, Piper…smaller guys…hum. BROTHER!

    • felixrt

      He’s not trashing the smaller guys.

  • Bertaut

    As far as the majority of the IWC is concerned, Hogan can’t open a door without it necessitating them slagging him off. So when he actually makes an intelligent statement, these idiots immediately jump on in, take it out of context and somehow manage to turn it into the exact opposite of what he was saying. He is NOT saying TNA guys should be bagging groceries you jackasses. Read the damn article before making fools of yourselves.

  • moody1

    Hogan still tweeted pics of his daughter’s legs. Nothing has changed.