Hulk Hogan Paid Late By TNA, Talent Unhappy & Sending Out Feelers To WWE

As we’ve been reporting, there have been a lot of issues behind the scenes in TNA in recent weeks. The company has been falling behind making payments to wrestlers, office workers and vendors and several top wrestlers and creative team members leaving.

According to the Wrestling Observer – even Hulk Hogan has been subject to late payments.

As you can imagine, morale in TNA has taken a big hit, with several TNA wrestlers reportedly sending out feelers to WWE officials, through their friends in WWE.

Regarding DOC’s release, there had been plans for him to turn babyface and feud with Mr. Anderson.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

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  • Callum

    come on TNA talent make this an opportunity to run to WWE and get paid #Millionsofdollars

  • Johrdann Miller

    ORRRRR don’t pay him at all and take back everyone you just released! #titanic

  • Reality

    Samoa Joe vs Cm Punk in WWE…….. YES!!!

    • pwnez

      Austin Aries vs Daniel Bryan!!!

      • Pozessed

        AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler?

        • Stayphokus

          Robbie E vs Zack Ryder??????
          okay I’ll leave =[

          • Pozessed

            Lol, I prefer Robbie E and that Jesse guy to Zack Ryder, I find them a funny tag team.

          • RodCeb79

            You runinedddddd it lol

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Whatever happens, I hope I don’t see Hogan in the 2014 Royal Rumble or Eric Bischoff as RAW GM.

    • pwnez

      I wouldn’t want to see him return to the WWE but in all honestly I think it’s inetivable. Hogan is one of WWE’s biggest legends, it’s bound to happen someday.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        I’m trying to reply, but this stupid moderation won’t pass my comment. Not saying anything wrong either.

        Just that I expect WWE to sign hogan to a legends contract because he’s still money in merchandise.

  • Scott Mcfarland

    I see Hogan as a agent one day.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Interested to see what TNA wrestlers make way to WWE when the buy happens. I see AJ Styles being stubborn.

    • Billy Guthrie

      I don’t think so he has said before that he would join WWE for a big pay day if it means he can earn for his family.

      • Hershey Maxwell Barber

        Well then I guess his mindset changed.

        • Billy Guthrie

          Saying that it was a few year’s ago that he said it in some interview. He could have changed his mind loads of times since then. But while I see him as loyal to TNA till they fold he is smart enough to go where the cash is and that’s WWE. As I honestly do not think ROH or dragons gate has the potential at the moment. Saying that if they became the number two promotion they might tempt him.

  • mrchopper

    Could you imagine the pop Jeff Hardy would get if he was a surprise entrant in the Rumble?

    • Forceton Banfodder

      I’m curious, if TNA folds are they contractually obligated to pay his contract out in full? If so, his and Taz’s re-signing was genius.

      • askbillmitchell

        MOST companies have an out built in contracts that absolves (or eliminates) them from fiscal responsibility if the company goes bully up. Does TNA have such clauses in their contracts? I have no idea.

  • iCode


  • 8 year old boy

    All H*LL is unleashed! I wonder how Hogan took it when Dixie told him he will get paid late.

  • G.I.R.L.

    I can’t see any of the chicks being absorbed into WWE. Gail is self-explanatory. Taryn and Mickie were fired. Why hire Velvet when you have chicks that can perform like Naomi or look like Eva Marie? Tess… again, no.

    I’d love to see AJ Lee vs ODB though!

  • G.I.R.L.

    TNA’s ship has been sinking since Jan 2010; you don’t fix new problems with old ones and they’re realizing this the hard way.

    • WCWPunk

      Couldn’t agree with you anymore. Definitely on point.

  • bri

    If TNA folds WWE should by the video Library but not hire anyone one from that company. They need to stick with bringing up new talent not used talent from a broken promotion.

  • fireworks Ts

    Anyone who has ever seen me comment, know I WAS a huge TNA supporter but I can honestly say I can’t sit through it anymore… Cutting Tara, granting Morgan a release, and getting rid of gut check people???? I can’t stand for it. Also Hogan has to go. Never thought I’d say that.

  • Nullspace

    Coming soon to WWE Classics on Demand: TNA Genesis ’05

  • F8LxDEATHz


  • wes

    honestly if tna folds the the wwe could make some ultimate matches like

    sting vs ryback

    bully ray and devon vs jack swagger an cesero

    matt morgan vs kane vs mark henry

    aj lee vs mickie james

    curtis axel vs chris daniels

    daniel bryan vs austin aries

    bobby roode vs randy orton

    velvet sky vs either one of the bella twins

    samoa joe vs big show

    and triple h vs aj styles vs james storm

    plus many more