Hulk Hogan Says He Wanted To Be A Heel Against Ultimate Warrior At WrestleMania

In a newly published interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine, TNA Wrestling Superstar Hulk Hogan claims that he had proposed to turn heel six years before he actually did in World Championship Wrestling, during the 1990 build-up to his all-babyface WWF Championship match against Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI.

“Vince and I were best friends, but when we talked about money, we were enemies,” said Hogan. “So I went [to WCW] with the red and yellow, beat Ric Flair, and Hulkamania took off again. Then, creatively, I turned into a bad guy, which I always wanted to do in the WWF, but nobody wanted me to. I always said, ‘I could be the best bad guy ever. Just let me do it’, but no-one wanted me to be a bad guy.

“At Warrior’s time, I really wanted to fuck him as a bad guy; I wanted to beat The Ultimate Warrior in Toronto, but as a heel. I just thought it would be intense, and I would be the best bad guy ever. I could have done it, and then said, ‘Forget the prayers and the vitamins, I did it for the money!’ But it’s just creative differences, and Vince knows what he’s doing, believe me. I just wanted to try something different in the WWF.”

When Hogan turned heel to form the New World Order with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash at Bash at the Beach on July 7, 1996, he was very hesitant on the career-altering maneuver. Former WCW boss Eric Bischoff stated in his 2006 autobiography, Controversy Creates Cash, that Hogan was initially dismissive toward his idea of leaving the red and yellow behind to become a villain. Then shortly after Hall and Nash became a force on WCW programming, Hogan, who had not spoken to Bischoff in months, proposed that he be the third man in the group. Up until the pay-per-view event at Daytona Beach, Bischoff was unsure if Hogan would follow-through on the idea, and had Sting agree to join the New World Order in case “The Hulkster” changed his mind at the last minute.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Lemonz

    “At Warrior’s time, I really wanted to fuck him as a bad guy” No surprise there.

    • incaseoffireusestairs

      Great minds think alike, because I was GOING TO quote that same line on here.

      Well, I guess Cena is much more like the Hogan of today than we even thought, as Vince probably has the same mindset on turning him heel. I wonder if Triple H would do it, if he was encharge. I mean, at some point it HAS to be right for business. Maybe not anytime soon, but it would.

      Plus most people booing Cena are just dying for a heel turn, and if he did, (most) of the same people who boo him, would cheer for him. (Like they cheer other heels)

      • Steve

        if Cena would finally turn heel i think it would blow the roof off. it would be so huge. problem is, that both Vince and Cena does not want it, for their own reasons.

        i remember Hogan nWo heel turn. i was little, but i remember starting to hate him with all my heart. and that is what a grat heel should be – to be hated so much, that people actually pay not to see you lose, but to see you suffer.

        i think that is exactly what CM Punk is trying to accomplish with the urn – he wants people to forget about the streak. he wants WM match become so personal that people just want to see Undertaker kill him in the ring. i would not be surprised if there was a last minute stipulation for that match, like cascet match or burried alive match.

      • Progress_Now

        naww they’d still boo him, and they’d have one more reason to :)

      • morph_3

        Cena gets booed because he is forced to use a limited number of moves that are “safe” so he doesn’t get hurt. He’s the wrestler with like 5 moves and that is it.
        If Cena turned heel, people would still boo him because of his 5 moves but also because he is a heel. No one would be cheering for him anymore.
        At this point, Cena is the number one babyface in the WWE brand. He pulls in lots of endorsements and is the THE #1 request for the Make a Wish foundation. He’s also aligned himself with the military which would be very unpatriotic if he were to turn his back and become heel.
        Turn him heel and all that goes up in smoke.
        Vince didn’t get this way by being an idiot. He knows what is at stake. So people need to stop “hoping” Cena will turn heel and live with the 21st century Hulk Hogan-esque wrestler – John Cena.

        • Thomas Wing

          I agree with everything that you said….except the first 2 sentences. You know why he does those 5 moves? Because the people respond to them. He would be stupid not to. WWE doesn’t force people to do “safe” moves. There is no such thing as a safe move in wrestling. Remember John Cena tore his pec back in 2007 by doing a simple hiptoss. A move that should never hurt the guy giving it.

          • moody1

            Torn quad, anyone? Bwahahahaha!

          • Thomas Wing

            When Cena tear his quad? I remember him having a torn pec muscle and having the same kind of neck surgery that Edge had in 03. Triple H and Kevin Nash has had the quad issues.

          • moody1

            I was referring to Nash.

        • Craig DeBoard

          If you actually knew what you were talking about you’d know that Cena clearly has more than 5 moves. He uses tons. Hell I’ve counted how many moves he uses in a match before. The whole “45 moves” thing is stupid and everyone knows it. They all, ALL OF THEM, even your precious “Rock” or “CM Punk” do. HBK, Undertaker, Steve Austin, they all have a set routine they go through and they all have to learn basic moves like body slams, suplexes, clotheslines, ect. ect. ect. before they ever even get a dark match, much less on TV. People need to grow up and get past this stupid 5 move shit. Here’s a thought, IT’S FUCKING SCRIPTED. If you’re really going off of how many moves someone does in match to determine if they’re entertaining, then I really really really really really really suggest you never watch another DX tag team match again because all that shit is is HBK getting the shit beaten out of him forever until he gets the hot tag to Triple H and then both guys hit their own “5 moves”.

          Get over it. Cena is there every work day of the year, even when injured. Guys like The Rock, Hogan, and so forth are their to promote their latest celebrity bullshit. Cena may not be the man of 1004 holds like Chris Jericho, but he sure as shit cares a lot more about the wrestling business than any of those movie star fuckwads (oh and last I checked Cena was able to make movies and wrestle at the same time. He didn’t need 9 months off to make a fucking movie that ended up sucking anyways.)

          Fact is, it’s become “cool” or whatever to ride the Cena bandwagon at this point. Don’t believe me? Look at how many bitchy nerd fanboys cry about how much they hate him online, yet still tune into a show that he’s the main star of every week. They still buy PPV’s he’s the star of. It doesn’t matter who he’s facing, or who’s on the under card. People still buy them. And when those same guys that boo Cena actually run into him at an event (and this happens, I’ve seen it myself), they really fast aren’t booing him anymore and are getting pictures taken.

          I’m so sick of the bull shit posturing from people who say they hate Cena. No one is impressed with your junior high school antics.

          (Sorry man, most of that wasn’t really intended for you. I’m high right now and went off on a Cena tangent LOL!)

          • aj2345

            Must everything you write become a fucking essay?

          • vadertime33

            cena doesn’t take time off to make movies hahahahahahahha those wack movies they make in 2 weeks?? don’t ever compare his movies to the rocks . bigger and better .. stfu

    • Rick Yuhnke

      We all know the word that he really wanted to do to the Warrior. Interesting, he would work with him again in WCW

  • MalaysianInvasion

    STFU Hogan!!! GTFO the damn internet!! no one cares wtf you are saying

  • Mike

    Bullshit, or he would have said this years ago..

    • Leon

      ikr, Hogan be lying

  • Hudson

    “At Warrior’s time, I really wanted to fuck him as a bad guy” That doesn’t sound right! But then again, didn’t Hogan tell Vince on Smack Down years back in some promo that he wasn’t “the right gay guy” or something like that … hahaaha

  • synkara

    He’s making this shit up. He has NEVER said anything about wanting to be heel or getting the win at WM6. He was going to take time off in 1990 anyway so he had to lose the belt to the guy who sold as much merchandise as he did. Hogan is rambling nonsense in his old age and Warrior maintained strong sales and attendance during his title run. Ironically, Kevin Nash was the worst money maker during his WWF title run. Hogan and Nash are both of shit these days, but the original NWO was good. Dumb heel turns like Mr Perfect, Dusty Rhodes and Barry Windham were proof that WCW didn’t know how good of an idea they had, and just randomly swerving people was really the ratings killer. Ultimate Warrior will live forever.

  • morph_3

    Hogan said he was ready to be a “bad guy” but yet Bischoff said he was hesitant. If Hogan was so sure he wanted to be a “bad guy” I would have thought he would have jumped at the chance of changing from face to heel in WCW.
    Hogan not being allowed to change just shows you how strong of a branding Vince put on him. Hogan made Vince millions and there was no way Hogan was going to mess that up.
    As for Warrior, it sounds like Hogan was jealous that Vince had a new stallion in the ring ready to take up where Hogan left off.
    Warrior was a HUGE fan fave and having Hogan as face just “passed the torch” to the next superstars.

  • Nicolai

    I vote that the entire world puts a HH ban in effect. No more talk, listen, or see this moron until he’s dead. This guys a piece of GARBAGE.

  • ishagol

    All these hate comments…no matter what Hogan is doing these days I think we should at least respect what he did for wrestling in the past. Old people make mistakes too why say all these hateful things even on the internet? Just appreciate the present because once it’s gone, you will never get it back. Isn’t that why we’re always trying to retrace our memories from the old days?

    Not huge fan of Hogan but still it’s kinda hypocritical to say this after all those years of cheering for the guy.

    • TheKillingMoon

      Hogan getting his ass whooped in the ring was what made the good old days even sweeter.

    • moody1

      I agree old people make mistakes. I have a friend whose dad has Alzheimers. But my friend certainly wouldn’t let his father make a fool of himself on TV and the web. Perhaps someone in Hogan’s family should stage an intervention?

  • Rick Yuhnke

    I would have loved Sting as the 3rd NWO guy. Sting was so good in the UWF and I think that would have made his character different once again. I guess the crow like character did that also!

  • cm2012

    So according to Bischoff’s book, I guess Hogan can be judged as full of shit… which we already know most of the time.

    But according to anyone’s book, you can bet your ass Bischoff is full of shit…

    Who knows what to believe with these guys, and really… who cares?

  • Steve Williams

    Warrior was better than you Hogan, just get over it.

  • Reality

    I think he got the idea way after it happened, cauz we all know Hogan would have never turned heel on his own at that time. If someone believes what he’s saying right now, he’s just plain dumb.

  • moody1

    So now that he can’t wrestle anymore we get Hogan’s opinion on everything, every other headline?
    I love the fact that he tries to say he went to WCW and BOOM! Hulkamani was reborn. The red and yellow was so stale by then he was met with boos everywhere he went.
    He also shits on his best buddy by saying he always wanted to be a heel, totally dismissing his reluctance to Bischoff regarding that subject in 1996. He constantly twists what actually happened to present himself favorably as the reason behind everything he has ever done. Revision, thy name is Hogan.

  • harvey

    kids and women like cena. the men and wanna be men that really don’t like him are out there. it has nothing to do with the five wrestling moves. that’s really messed up