Hulk Hogan Says He Wants To Be TNA World Champion In 2013

TNA star Hulk Hogan was recently interviewed by the UK’s Guardian website as part of a “Celebrity Christmas Wish Lists” feature. Here’s what’s on Hogan’s wish list, including some interesting comments about wanting to not only wrestle again – but to also be TNA World champion:

1. Thirty years of life: I want my youth back. I wouldn’t change anything, though. I’d wrestle all over again. The same matches.

2. 747 jet I would like my own private jet plane again. I’d take all the wrestlers with me on the plane. I don’t just want a little Learjet, I want a 747. That would be a wild plane.

3. Knee surgery I’ve had eight back surgeries, I’ve had knee replacements, I’ve had both hip replacements. I only need one more surgery – to fix my right knee – then I’m going to go for the TNA world title. I want to be 59 years old and be the champion.

4. Hair I want a full head of hair.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Jordan Zelisko

    All I have to say about this is, You selfish fuck Hogan! You’re FIFTY NINE! You’ve had your time let the younger guys shine!

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Nice rhyme

    • king of the octagon

      but most of the young guys on TNA suck anyway

  • MariosG1987

    TELL ME I DIDNT JUST READ THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MalaysianInvasion

      I agree!! HH is a stupid fuck and he need to get the fuck out of the wrestling business and continue his career doing infomercials…

      • LilTunchi

        He found out Rock might be WWE champion and thought maybe he could be TNA World champion. lol Nothing can help their ratings.

      • Andrew Campbell

        …and sex tapes.

      • Hobo With A Shot Gun

        Next we going see HH doing the gangnam style every week

    • Nicolai

      TNA IS FOREVER DOOMED!!!! Between the ditzy chick hiring a bunch of douchebag reality tv tools who CANT WRESTLE, and creative writing worse and cheesier storylines than daytime soaps, they also have EGO MANIAC scum like hulk hogan around burying all the young talents chance of ever growing! SAD thing is!?? This idiot will be champ in no time. Dixie will just nod her head and creative will sheep along with it. If aj and the boys were smart, they would leave while they are still young.

      • Randy James Crawford

        You know AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christoper Daniels, Kaz, Sting and other stars like that will never leave TNA.


      maybe Hulk will barely touch Jeff Hardy, Hardy will fall and drop the title like when it happened with Kevin Nash…cause that worked out for the best, right? (crickets chirping)

    • Noach

      TNA title, I’m comin for you, NIGGA!

  • siberian_skies

    NO! Just NO!

  • Derringer Duo

    Seriously? If TNA puts the title on this man, it will validate every single reason they are considered a second-rate organization that could never top The E, even at it’s weakest state.

  • barry steevens

    and thus began the self destruction of wc- er i mean tna

    • siberian_skies

      It started to destruct the minute he walked in their door.

      • DAX

        See why i dont watch TNA?

        • siberian_skies

          I know, I know.

    • Nicolai

      This comment board users should all chip in and make an offer on tna! We should be able to buy it for 3 easy installments of $19.95 very soon!

  • siberian_skies

    Watch, in a day or two he’ll say “I was only joking”. Yeah, right.

    • Trevor

      I hope he is.

  • Marty Bunch

    I wonder if any of the people leaving comments actually even watch TNA. Either way, no way this clown will ever be champion again. He’s doing it for attention, just like everything else he says or does. Sometimes you people take what wrestlers say way too seriously.

    It would seem to me with all those surgeries, he will be unable to compete in the ring in fear of getting permanently disabled. It would not make sense to have all those plastic parts, would he even be able to take one bump?

    Get real people, stop acting like everything said in an interview will actually happen.

    • siberian_skies

      I watch TNA, and sadly I can see this happening. It seems like Dixie believes everything he tells her. So if he tells her it’ll be good for TNA, she’ll probably go along with it.

      And about the surgeries…If Hogan wasn’t an egomaniac, he probably would stay out of the ring. I think he’s addicted to the adulation of his fans.

      • Say What?!?

        So so so so so so so true. From the first word you said til the period. So anybody believe that he was sent to TNA to destroy it now???? Anybody? This is WCW all over again (sigh)

  • stayphokus

    only if he wins it in a scooter, walkers, and cane match
    that or a life alert on a pole match


      genius :)

  • Dan Kincaid

    One word Hogan: No

  • Really?91

    What’s worse than Diesel being champion in 95? Hogan being champ in 2013.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    NO!!!!!!!!!!! o/ NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO!!!!!!!!!!! o/ NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO!!!!!!!!!!! o/ NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO!!!!!!!!!!! o/ NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • arcade_arson

    hogan wanting to feed his fucking ego again!!! is not breaking news

  • Josh Foley

    now who is the person that is willing to carry hogan through a match and put him over? thats the real question

    • JonzoNYC

      Sting. Betcha he’s gonna do it if they tried. Sting

      • Josh Foley

        i hope not but it seems like somthing he would do,

  • Marko

    Call me crazy but did any of you guys wanted to punch his face in the big picture through the computer screen when you read this?


      No, Crazy. Its just a TV Show.

  • Peer Pressure

    I wouldn’t be surprise if he became the champ. TNA has done worst shit over the years.

    • siberian_skies

      I’ve seen some bad stuff on TNA, but what could be worse than Hogan becoming the champion?

      • Peer Pressure

        Jeff Hardy coming out high as a kite, midget masturbating in trash can, Orlando screwjob, Sangriento aka Sin Cara wanna be. I can go on forever bro.

        • siberian_skies

          Jeff being high as a kite was pretty bad, but worse than a 59 year old champion?

          • Peer Pressure

            I didn’t know hogan was 59. You’re right; he is a little too old to be champion. Knowing TNA, they’ll probably put the strap on him anyway. LOL!

          • siberian_skies

            Sad, but true.

      • Nicolai

        hiring that tool from big brother.

        • siberian_skies

          Yeah, that didn’t help anything. But I’d still rather watch him in the ring than Hogan.

  • 7 year old boy

    He is just trolling you IWC maniacs.

    • The Guest

      Wow, even the kid gets it.

  • theinsomniacreviewer

    dont get so worked up people, its not like being a champion of a 2nd rate promotion means anything its like buying a plastic title and calling your self a world champion, if your not a champion in wwe then you just dont matter

  • insomniacreviewer

    dont get so worked up every one, its not like it will make a difference, its a 2nd rate promotion its like buying a plastic title and calling your self a world champion, if your not a champion in wwe then you dont matter


    OK TERRY…by doing what, sucking d1ck? Please get lost Terry once and for all, you are hogging the camera enough as it is with your ”GM” bullsh1t.

    • G.I.R.L.

      Thank you and LOL

  • Dick Chipperson

    Not gonna happen, Hogie Boy!

  • Mike Hillyard

    Considering he can’t do the leg drop (or any other move for that matter) it looks like we’re going to see the finger poke of doom part 2.

  • Scott AlcoHall (Hey Yo!)

    He trying to rival being World Champ when Rock becomes it in WWE?

    • G.I.R.L.

      LOL now that’s a thought!

  • MayhemRUs

    (Goes to get a spray…)

    No Hulk, No!
    Bad! Bad Hulk!
    SIT! SIT! SIT!


      “You’re like a fuck’n cockroach; and what do you do when you see one?
      You step on it!”

  • CultpersonnaCM

    Oh TNA…how you have changed for the worse over the years.

    6 years ago I was all like, “This young company has great potential to be the best someday. It def has a bright future ahead.”

    6 years from then, “Future screwed!”
    Once the “H Virus” spreads in your company, it’s very hard to get rid of it.

  • April Kaulitz

    i wish TNA stop copying WWE story lines from 12 years ago. hulk just wants a tittle because The rock coming back too WWE an getting a title shot as well

  • justrockit

    you guys are fn silly…if anyone is stressing over something that also involves a request to have a full head of hair and a 747 jet your foolish and yet all it takes is one little comment from not just hogan but ANYONE and people start talking which is what is all about…silly gooses.

  • Late Train

    Santa surely won’t grant Hogan’s Christmas wishes. That sex tape alone would have been enough to put him on the naughty list.

  • TheKillingMoon

    Hulk Hogan should go fuck himself. Glory hunting bastard.

  • Reality

    Ahahahaha!!! My God! This guy’s inbelievable x’D

  • Trevor

    He constantly needs the spotlight. The most popular wrestler of all time has serious emotional issues! NO ONE wants to see your old fake ass as champion. If TNA gives him the title, I’ll NEVER watch them again.

  • ishagol

    Nobody commented on his wish for a full head of hair? I’m SHOCKED!

  • Hobo With A Shot Gun

    No just no

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    On December 21, 2012, Hulk Hogan made a prayer: “Let me tell you something, Big Brother. If the world does not end, Brother, then I will do something that the World has never seen before, Brother. I will be the oldest World Heavyweight Champion in Impact Wrestling history, Brother, and Hulk-A-Mania will run wild one more time, even if it tears me apart, Brother.”

    I guess that’s what Hogan said in case the World actually ended. So what are going to do ,brother?

  • Stoops Nic

    It’s his Christmas wish list you idiots. He’s not serious. It cracks me up how some of you marks disrespect the hell out of the BIGGEST STAR ever in pro wrestling. He made it possible for all of you geniuses to watch (and non-stop bitch about) wrestling today. If he never comes along wrestling would not have EVER reached the heights it did. Go back to fantasizing about another broken down star coming back for your dream match with Punk. Then bitch about it when it doesn’t happen of course.

    • G.I.R.L.

      His name is neither Rock nor Austin. Sure, he was the 1st, but far from the biggest. That’s being objective.

      • Stoops Nic

        Really? Ask Rock and SCSA who made it all possible for them. HH was the first REAL crossover star in professional wrestling. Has SCSA ever been on the cover of Sports Illustrated? HH did not have the advantage of insane TV and internet exposure when he was in his prime and everyone all over the world still knew who he was. HH is the biggest STAR. He may not have sold as many shirts as Rock or SCSA and his ratings may not have been as big but he is every bit the reason wrestling made it to the heights it did. I know he leaves a sour taste in peoples mouths now but he is the man.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Just wow; I did not expect to read anything stupid today.

    • ItsProgressNow

      lol really? you’ve been kind to listen to the god-loving moron for the past 48

      • G.I.R.L.

        Lol and shockingly this manages to be worst.

  • wwetnadudez

    Where the hell is Daniel Bryan when you need him? NO! NO! NO!

  • fireworks Ts

    If Hogan does that I can no longer defend him.


  • Andy

    guess Hogan does not have very high goals anymore.

  • JamieEvsxx

    GO HOME HOGAN, YOU’RE DRUNK!…no seriously, go home because there’s no fucking way you should be anywhere near a title, let alone anything in the wrestling business!…=/

  • BrickHouse

    I laughed hard when I read the title alone… Hogan is so full of shit man.. LOL


    Anyone that is taking this seriously needs psychiatric care.

    • ItsProgressNow

      more like geriatric care, 24/7


    Personally I think this all bullshit. But if Hogan is dead serious about wrestling again and/or becoming the TNA World Champion then I suggest he get involved in DDPYOGA. That would at least give him a chance to heal from his surgeries and put himself in enough shape to at least put on a decent match.

  • Bro88

    FUCK. Just fuck. Nothing else needs to be said. Fuck and fuck alone covers my feelings on this news. FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK.

  • Tennindo Tennison

    Why not let him be TNA Champ? lol only if his reign is like Yokozuna’s. 30 sec after winning it he loses it. Payback a bitch isnt it Hogan lol

  • David Stephenson

    Hulk Hogan should not be wrestling anymore.His back and hip is all messed up and he can barely walk.If TNA put the World Title on Hogan,TNA might end up being out of business.

  • Randy James Crawford

    Hulk Hogan winning the TNA World Heavyweight Champion might not be so bad everyone as long as he feuds with Bully Ray, Bobby Roode or Austin Aries and one of them wins it from him then it will be good if it helps a younger star in the end.

  • Hulk Hogan


  • SonofSheik81

    Agree with 7 year old boy. This is clearly an exercise in trolling. No way HH could be a legit champion at this age. If he’s not trolling, then his ego clearly outweighs his need for money. Since Linda took him to Pound Town in divorce court, you would think that keeping TNA solvent and making some money would be his top priority, but you never know with these guys.

  • KenKenBeats

    See Hogan the thing with Rock being champ again…He can actually WRESTLE!


    I laughed hard when I read the title alone…