Hulk Hogan Says He Wants To Induct Randy Savage Into The WWE Hall of Fame

In a newly published interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine, TNA Wrestling Superstar Hulk Hogan discussed his strained relationship with the late “Macho Man” Randy Savage and desire to induct the legendary wrestler into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“I’ve heard all these urban legends about Randy doing something to piss Vince off,” said Hogan. “I’ve heard two or three different stories, and I don’t know if any of those are true, but he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and I would love to be the one that inducts him. I’ve got a speech for him ready to go. I just think it’s a must that he’s in the Hall of Fame; he was so influential in this business, especially in the WWF, and in my career.

“You know, he’s the only guy we could pass the belt to, and we wouldn’t lose money. You gave the belt to The Ultimate Warrior – I don’t want to drop a bunch of names – and right away the revenue went down. Give the belt to ‘Macho Man’, and things would stay the same, or get better.”

“For me, it would be cool to induct him. We had a rift for about 10 years, and then right before he passed away, I was getting an EKG, when I hear (mimicking Randy’s voice) ‘Yeah, what’s up, brother?’ And I looked over, and he was there, looking great. I said, ‘Hey Mach, how you doing?’ I shook his hand, and introduced him to my wife, Jennifer. He’s like, ‘Hello lovely lady, how ya doing?’ Jennifer said to him, ‘Oh, Mr. Macho, I’ve heard so much about you. You know, we’ve got three or four lawyers at the house today, so we’re gonna cook up. We’d love to have you over.’ But he just went, ‘I don’t dig lawyers, baby, maybe we could start out with a phone call?’

“I was on a show with Lanny (Poffo, Randy’s brother), Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash in Canada [around the time of Randy’s passing], and Lanny had told me that his mom was depressed because his dad had passed away, and would me and Randy come to see her? We were gonna have a barbecue at Randy’s house for his mom, and surprise her. But midweek, Randy passed away. It was tough because we just started talking after all that bullshit; I was excited to talk to him, he was excited to talk to me, and then he passed away. It was [expletive] up. He was a great human being, too. He had a good heart, man. He was a good person.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • SOBI

    This was new!!
    Hogan making sense for a change

  • partsunknownresident

    Man, this guy is too much! In that video interview he did with The Voice back in 2011, in one sentence he put Macho Man and the Ultimate Warrior on the same level as far as putting the belt on them and ‘running with the ball,’ highlighting the fact that neither could stay on par with Hulk Hogan. Now, he says Macho Man’s the only one who could’ve made as much money, or more, with the belt as the great Hulk Hogan. Fawk, let Ricky Steamboat induct Macho Man. At least you could believe his induction speech.

    • moody1

      Hogan oozes bullshit. Always has, always will.

      • fatneal

        *facepalm* you guys are fuckin idiots man

        • moody1

          I feel so insulted. Your words, they wound me. If you have followed Hogans creepy lovefest with his daughter, and his frequent rewriting of history, you would surely see the forest amongst the trees. I hereby formally reject your facepalm on the grounds that you are blinded by your love of all things Hogan (in other words: Stay off his dick) .

    • fatneal

      dude shut up…you internet lames always talkin shit…the guy was at odds with macho man so why would he put him over? sure hogan has a huge ego but what top guys dont? it doesnt take away from the fact hes a top 5 best to ever do it….when your a celeb of hogans caliber you get every action and word critiqued by idiot media heads and fans like yourself…its not easy and your not going to always be consistent with what your saying thats a fact

      • lol

        So it is easier to change the story rather than tell the truth?

        • fatneal

          its not about telling the truth or changing the story because we the public have no way of telling the difference anyway

          • cm2012

            Sure we do. Common sense and intelligence. Now, true… we don’t know exactly what the truth is… We don’t have any sort of 1st person knowledge… but when you hear one thing, one minute, and the total opposite the other… you can bet your ass one of them is a lie… Which one? Who gives a fuck? The fact is that one of them is total bullshit. That’s why the public and the media scrutinize as they do…

      • partsunknownresident

        Yeah dude, I’ll shut up….as soon as you do by putting Hogan’s dick back in your mouth! WTF, man? Since when does a person’s celebrity status entitle them to not be held accountable for anything they say, especially publicly? I suppose you let Lindsay Lohan and Chris Brown get away with crap just because of their celebrity caliber?!? Fawk off! First of all, they get no sympathy from me for the scrutiny that is upon them by the media and fans alike in exchange for their fame. That’s part of the job. They know that going in. In many cases, these fame-seekers deserve it. Yeah, it’s not easy, and sometimes the media and fans get it wrong. But nobody said that celebrity life was perfect. And since Hogan has been in the spotlight for who knows how many years, you would’ve thought he’d have been more aware of that fact than anyone. There are other ‘top guys’ who have egos but don’t pull the same crap that Hogan does. Guys like Austin, Rock, Michaels, Foley, ‘Taker, etc. So no, Hogan does not get to hide behind that excuse.

        Secondly, you’re right. It doesn’t take away from his contribution to wrestling history. It does take away from his credibility. If Hogan tells you that the sky is blue, you better damn well go outside and check because you can’t trust a word this idiot says anymore. He’s a politician, through and through. He politics with promoters, with fellow wrestlers, and with the fans. It helped him get to the top. It’s who he is. I’d say it’s got little to do with his celebrity caliber. He’s just so used to lying, just as he’s so used to seeking the spotlight, that he doesn’t know how to do anything else. It’s no wonder he can’t keep track of the myriad of lies and inconsistencies he has said over the years. If he bothered telling the truth more often, he wouldn’t have to worry about all that, because the truth is consistent. But that’s hardly an excuse to give him a pass without any kind of criticism when he is caught in a lie or contradiction. If he wants to go ahead and lie to the media and the fans, that’s fine. I, and everyone else, have a right to call him out on his bullshit. That’s a fact.

        Unfortunately, it’s celebrity worshipers like you that are the enablers to these celebrities with warped senses of entitlement. You put them on a pedestal and tell them that everything they do is golden, and that they can do no wrong; that it’s the media’s fault, and the fan’s fault, and their parent’s fault, and their friend’s fault, and their lawyer’s fault, and their dog’s fault…’s everyone else’s fault except the celebrity in question. Then you get cases like Sunny, or Hogan, or Lohan who refuse to take responsibility for their own words and actions and blame everyone else when their mistakes catch up to them. It’s fawkin’ pathetic!

        Is it any wonder why Nick Hogan didn’t take responsibility for paralyzing his friend John Graziano? I bet you felt sympathy for Nick too, because it’s oh-so-difficult being the son of a famous wrestling legend. Go cry me a fawkin’ river!

      • Stoops Nic

        Dude your’e fighting a losing battle. Do not try to argue with all these genius’s. Most don’t get that we are allowed to have our own opinion. Not to mention most are petulant children.

  • WWEFan4Life

    When Savage is inducted into the HOF, it would certainly make sense for Hogan to induct him, but I dont know how he would get around that with TNA… I mean he cannot just go to the WWE HOF and then at the next TNA show pretend that nothing ever happened… but, I suppose they did that with Christian so who knows?

    As for Savage, IMO, he should either be inducted solo or with Miss Elizabeth as a couple, either would make sense…

    • Steve James

      A Hogan appearance wouldn’t even be an issue. TNA/WWE set a precedent when Flair and the Horsemen were inducted. Despite all their legal beefs, these two companies have proven they can cooperate when they need to.

      • WWEFan4Life

        Yes I know.

      • Stijnosb

        he mentioned that already when he was talking about Christian

  • ddp

    I think today, only hogan is hated more than rock by the iwc.

    • fatneal

      bret hart and kevin nash says hi

      • felixrt

        And Triple H. And Cena.

        • Steve James

          Nah, Triple H meant to say hi, but his massive ego was too busy squashing every wrestler who ever lived and stealing candy from babies and causing the Vietnam War and sinking the Titanic and making my girlfriend have tiny boobs and taping over my copy of the 1985 World Series with some goddamn Oprah special about knocked-up teenage sluts.
          No wonder the IWC hates him.

    • Vince

      Like either of them really give a shit about the IWC.

  • cdme

    STFU Hogan! Using Macho’s name just for your own publicity is disgraceful!

    • IKeepsit100

      Hogan has enough publicity including incest,doing another mans wife and his son…still dragging on to this day. No much he can do worst.

      • IKeepsit99


        • IKeepsit100

          relax OCD

      • Coltcabunny

        Proper punctuation is your friend here. Unless Hogan really did do his son….

        • IKeepsit100

          zero fucks were given. fuck off.

    • Nicolai

      I hate this guy more and more daily. EGO F’N MANIAC!!!

    • Craig DeBoard

      He’s Hulk fucking Hogan you juvenile delinquent. His name is synonymous with wrestling. Even more so than Savage ever was. Grow up. The two guys worked with each other and trusted each other in the ring for YEARS. I’m no big Hogan fan. I don’t even like the guy really. But if you honestly think they didn’t have a relationship outside of work, you’re a fucking moron. Hogan wanting to induct Savage is no different than Austin inducting Hart. Grow up you piss stain.

      • The_Rode

        so….. you totally missed the 6-8 years of the two not speaking a word to one another?

  • cappa37

    This would be the ultimate slap in the face for a guy who doesn’t even want to be in the HOF. I think Hogan is the greatest ever but this is just stupid.

    • General Disarray

      ” I think Hogan is the greatest ever” Agreed. I think it would be cool if Hogan inducted savage into the HOF. I mean, weren’t they the Megapower or some crap like that?

  • Randy James Crawford

    No, Macho Man and Miss Lovely Elizabeth need to be inducted at the same time by Lanny Poffo.

    • wpm131

      That would be so disrespectful to Savage’s widow, and I don’t think Poffo would do that to her. And if Savage was still alive I guarantee that would never happen she was a cheating whore that’s why hogan had a black eye at wm 9savage hit him .

  • morph_3

    A 10 year rift and then they are best of buds? Really? Really?
    Randy had class and wanted his brother and dad to go in with him because he knew that he couldn’t have done it without the support of his dad and brother.
    Unfortunately, Lanny is probably going to die and they still won’t have the Poffo family in. They put the Von Erich family in so they should with the Poffos.

  • Trevor

    Hogan is the Hitler of wrestling!

    • The_Rode

      Nah, That right is reserved for Nash

  • TheKillingMoon

    He is not worthy of inducting Randy Savage. Fuck him.

  • Justice

    Hogan Shut up and go away bo one cares about and you’re sorry past and present lol

  • Stoops Nic

    I swear some of you guys need to relax. This hatred for HH that many of you have is not healthy. Many act as if he has done something to them personally. If you don’t want to hear or see anything about him you should not read any articles pertaining to him or stay of wrestling sites all together.

    • moody1

      So you’re in favor of incestuous behavior then? Alrighty.

      • Stoops Nic

        Not at all sir.


    Randy Savage would turn in his grave if Hogan inducted him. FUCK OFF HOGAN!! Always trying to steal the spotlight!

  • ssStyles313

    Does anybody care what Hogan says.The guy is the biggest piece of shit ever. Just shut up and crawl back in your toilet in tna.



  • Steve James

    Hadn’t heard anything about Savage pissing off Vince; heard Lanny Poffo was being a douche and not allowing Savage in without the rest of the Poffos (read: Lanny himself). I mean, Poffo even said as much. How is it that everyone else knows this, but Hulk thinks its some mysterious grudge held by Vinnie Mac, the guy who eventually makes peace with everyone who hates him or angers him in some way…
    I look at Hulk Hogan this way: you see his bad back, and his shitty knees, and his wandering eye…and you realize his brain is probably not much better off. Why do you think he does shit like making perverted comments about Brooke, or constantly telling that goddamn WM3/Andre story over and over? His brain, along with the rest of him, is shot to shit. He’s a slightly more coherent version of Ric Flair.

    • moody1

      Poffo was paid by World Championship Wrestling for years. He appeared on camera a handful of times but still got paid. Perks of being Savage’s brother. Randy got that contract for Lanny. Shows what kind of stroke Savage had behind the curtain and also that he loved his brother. I won’t judge Ol’ Mach for that.
      Of course this also makes a case for Bischoff’s excessive spending in WCW. Many ex-employees say they gladly took the money and ran. I can’t blame them. Easy E’s wallet was fat, thanks to Turner, and he really loved giving it away.
      As for Hogan, he thinks the world revolves around him. And his daughter’s legs. Love those cheap shots.