Hulk Hogan Talks About Wrestling Again, How Hulkamania Changed Wrestling & More

TNA star Hulk Hogan recently spoke to Sky News Radio to promote TNA’s UK tour. Here are some highlights of what Hogan said about:

Wrestling Again: “Well, I’ve learned in this business to never say never. As time goes by, I live vicariously through the younger talent. I was telling my wife Jennifer the other day that I’m in the U.K. and I can’t believe that I’m not ego-talking and I’m not the main event. I can’t believe I’m not wrestling Kurt Angle or I can’t believe I’m not wrestling Jeff Hardy.

“But, that was just the young heart talking. Then, I took a good look in the mirror and I realized that the old man couldn’t do it. I mean, I never say never. If there was a situation where my daughter Brooke might get in a bad spot or something goes awry, you never know. I could roll in there, pick up a steel chair or throw a punch or something. So, you can never say never.”

How Wrestling Changed When He Won The WWF Title From The Iron Sheik 29 Years Ago: “It was more than just my career, it was the turning point of the wrestling business to switch gears and fast-forward into the entertainment direction.

“It started with the world title on the line at Madison Square Garden: Hulk Hogan vs. The Iron Sheik. It was the pefect storm. Iron Sheik had just beaten the mainstay, Bob Backlund, who had been champion for five years. America was at conflict with Iran/Iraq as far as the political situation between the countries. Hulk Hogan was viewed as the American hero and all the elements lead to the very, very perfect confrontation between good vs. evil.

“But, what came out of that was a different performance level. It wasn’t just a wrestling match with good vs. bad with good prevailing. it was the birth of entertainment in this business. As I looked to the crowd, the look and the reaction from the crowd got just as much as acknowledgment as the move in the ring.

“As soon as I realized how important it was to interact with the crowd, I changed my whole mindset as far as my work in the ring. I realized that the crowd was living vicariously through me. I better acknowledge them and not just stay focused on my opponent. So, it was kind of like the beginning of the entertainment being born that day.”

Working with Paul Orndorff in front of 70,000+ Fans in Toronto: “Yeah, that night especially caught everyone off guard. I had never worked at the CNE Center and I figured we’d have 6,000-7,000 people. When we got there and it was 70,000+, I went, ‘Oh, my God.’ That was a nice surprise.

“But, I knew the chemistry was there with Paul Orndorff. It just depended on him and how good of a businessman he wanted to be and how big it could have gotten. Paul Orndorff was a businessman. He got a little stubborn at times, but basically he was a businessman and we did consistent business.

“His work was just so incredibly good. It was good and bad for me (because) I felt like I had been in a car wreck when I got out of the ring working with him. But, his stuff was so good, solid and intense that he just knew how to really turn that dial up and make people believe and make people hate him. Which made it easier for me as far as selling, making huge comebacks and making the buildings rattle.

“So, he was an on-going opponent that I made a ton of money with. He was really good at what he did.”

Wrestlers That He Never Worked Big Programs With: “Yeah, there was a situation because there was so many people to choose from. There was the ‘Macho Man’ and Kamala, who did great business everywhere. There was Bob Orton, Jr., Don Morocco. There were tons of guys — Earthquake, One Man Gang — I could go on and on.

“There were several guys where there would be a feel in the ring or you could tell right away. That’s how everything worked with me, I had to hear it and feel it with the instinct thing.

“I got into a situation with Jake ‘The Snake’ where he had his Piper’s Pit, I don’t know if the name of the show was The Snake Pit. It was an interview show. We did something there which was the beginning of a major story line for Jake and myself. We went to Providence and we worked one night and that was pretty much it. It was like we were at a funeral.

“I just kind of realized that something wasn’t clicking and we kind of move on and moved passed it. … I don’t know what it was. There was a Hulk Hogan style at the time that was real easy and there were several trains of thought with probably about six or seven ways to go to make things perfect.

“For some reason, Jake and I did not fit in any of those categories. I tried my best and he tried his best but we just couldn’t dance with each other. It wasn’t right. I just didn’t want to run this thing out for six months to a year when there were so many other people like the ‘Macho Man’ and everybody else and it was so red-hot. So, it just didn’t work for whatever reason.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • MalaysianInvasion

    yea you changed wrestling alright!!! you showed that people need to learn how to get out of the business earlier before turning into a old hag like you

    • 2muchfire

      No that would be Ric Flair , Hogan is paid.

  • riseandfalloftna

    i heard he didnt want to work with jake because the crowd started chanting ddt , that might of hurt hulks feelings, goes back to the old sayin” the fans tell you what they want “vince wanted no part of it

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Hogan………you need to learn to say never.

  • Superlative

    Naw Hogan don’t try and go do interviews like this whole “Brooke’s legs” thing is over. You’re not off the hook that easy..

  • arcade_arson

    man hogan’s fucking ego wow

    • siberian_skies

      It know’s no boundaries.

  • OldWCWGuy

    I get the feeling I might be older than a lot of you in here, but Hogan isn’t lying when he says Hulkamania changed wrestling. Everyone that came after him either chased Hogan, or got into it BECAUSE of Hogan. He ignited a crowd in a way that nobody had ever seen before or since. He got pops for a reason. In this business it’s healthy and NECESSARY to have an ego. He’s got one of the biggest, but he also earned his stripes. Even my grandmother knows who Hulk Hogan is. He was put on this planet to be a wrestler. And yeah his time has passed, but you guys ridicule him like he doesn’t know when to hang it up. Last I checked he hasn’t wrestled in quite some time, and isn’t anywhere near the joke Ric Flair (sadly) has become.

    • MayhemRUs

      Spoken perfectly.

    • rypod

      Thats a load of crap.Your forgetting somethin…
      Hogan didn’t create it!He was an employee wasn’t he?If anything then its the company who created all this.
      You get it? They did it with brett hart,Hbk,Stone cold,Trple hhh.
      When hogan left for WCW he never reached the same heights as what he did in the WWF.
      Hogan even admitted ages ago when he came back to WWF for the match with the rock that it was Vince’s idea to bring him back as a heel as Vince knew the crowd would all for him again and it worked didn’t it.
      Im 33 now and I rememeber watching wrestling back in the 80’s when hogan was a star but nothing else stands out like the attitude era where in that era alot of them had creative control of what they did.
      Hogan was a puppet back then only following instructions on what to do.
      If you also look at TNA with how much Hogan talks himself up you’d think TNA would at least be near on competeing against WWE but they’re not even close and thats saying alot seemings as WWE is going through a bad,very bd era these days.

      • OldWCWGuy

        I would argue that Hogan and the WWF created that character together. He was already a giant star in the AWA and New Japan, it’s not like they made him a star over night. They just gave him the platform to shine brighter.

        I would also argue that when Hogan left, not only did it legitimize WCW and give THEM a bigger platform, but it lured star after star. When he turned heel in 96, I would say he reached a NEW height, in that here was the most popular good guy now becoming THE most hated bad guy. No one’s ever been that successful at both.

        And while the Attitude Era WAS great, you say they had complete creative control over what they did. So did the guys in the 80s, and in fact had more of it because they didn’t have a lot of script writers and story guys framing everything. It was up to the wrestler to hone the character, be good on the mic, and be good in the ring.

        Lastly, you say Hogan was a puppet following instructions on what to do, I would disagree with that entirely. Hogan called his shots, the same way a lot of those guys did. What allowed him creative control was his status in the company. You arn’t the top dog for a decade and a “puppet” at the same time.

  • ryan


  • moody1

    Remember when Vince tweeted that pic of Stephanie’s legs and captioned it, “Steph’s legs”? Oh wait, that was Hogan and Brooke…

  • If Ya Smeeeellll

    Much respect to Hogan, he made the wrestling business what it is today and when he returned to the WWE, he electrified with the The Rock at WrestleMania X8.
    Now that, that’s out of the way…. Hogan when you returned back to the WWE at X8, The Rock is the reason why your worthless candy ass became popular again, never forget! And what have you done since The Rock graced you with his presence? What have you been doing Hogan… you’ve been hanging out with your daughter 24/7, rubbing lotion on her ass, and taking creepy pics of her… Sick Freak!

    Now I hear you’re in a pool playing with fish, instead of hanging with the sharks in the big leagues. You know what, scratch that… nobody wants to see your monkey ass in WWE again anyway… lookin like a tanned up crypt keeper.
    Hey, Hogan… look you know I’m just fooling around, if you ever get to read this… much love, much respect.. electrify like you always do and sell out those arenas… even if they look like auditoriums… Look.. I’m sorry, not trying to hate, but The Rock’s bedroom is bigger than them. The Rock would know, The Rock has had alot of pie in that room… hey by the way… Hogan? Was that sex tape for real? Your ass was whiter than Sheamus… Damn! Don’t ever do that again Hogan please, The Rock watched that and he had to spend the rest of his morning washing his eyes out. Nice performance there, keep huffin and keep blowin that smoke brother haha.
    Hey.. look I gotta go, Hogan… I gotta go eat.. you do whatever it is you do.. gawkin at your daughter, playing with fish, playing with yourself whatever… Take care Hogan, oh and by the way… Hogan , The Rock was always better than you in the ring and on film.. if YA SMEELLL What The Rock is Cookin!!