Impact Wrestling Moving To A New Time Starting 5/31

Impact Zone

TNA and Spike TV issued a press release today announcing that Impact Wrestling will begin airing 1 hour earlier each week, starting May 31st. They cited “more available viewers” and “less sports competition” in the earlier timeslot.


Spike TV’s highly-rated two-hour weekly series, TNA’s “IMPACT Wrestling” is moving to a new timeslot. On Thursday, May 31 “IMPACT Wrestling will air at 8:00pm ET/PT, moving from its previous timeslot of 9:00pm ET/PT.

The shift to 8:00pm is predicated on the fact that there are more available viewers in the 8:00-10:00pm timeslot with less sports competition in the 8pm hour.

TNA’s flagship series, “IMPACT Wrestling,” airs weekly on Spike TV and is one of the network’s top-rated series. The show is must-see-tv with young men and currently ranks among the top series on cable on Thursdays with Men 18-34.

The TNA roster features many of the top names in wrestling including Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, Sting, James Storm, Rob Van Dam, and the lovely and lethal Knockouts.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Systematic

    Umm its their only show. Flagship of a 1 boat fleet?

    • DAX

      So enyone who owns a canoo is a Captain then. Cool.

      • siberian_skies

        I guess you can’t say anything without it being labeled abusive, huh?

        • Systematic

          Wow this is retarded. I come to this site above others because I enjoy reading the comments. Looks like that is going to be discouraged with all the main commenters being voted down or flagged on everything they say

          • DAX

            Top commenter? Im touched( Whipes a tear)

        • DAX

          Its this new voting system. It sucks. Plus i have a lot of troll haters out there. And that makes me a SAD Sargent.

          • siberian_skies

            @DAX: You’re right, this new comment section sucks. My comment to you about you not being able to say anything anymore without it being flagged as abusive, was flagged as abusive. I wish they’d go back to the old comment section. It was so much easier. Just goes to show that new isn’t always better.

          • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

            Hmm, if that’s the case, then it sounds like it’s time this vendor packed his suitcase and sought out greener, less douchebag infested pastures. ;) *comment flagged for being abussive in t-minus 5…4…3…2…*

          • DAX

            Chill Dude. Its all good.

  • pwnez

    They actually think this is going to up their ratings? TNA, the timeslot is the least of your problems.

  • dpsrkpguy

    tna fans are so dumb, they’ll still tune in at 9pm and won’t knw the difference.,

  • dae

    I think this will be great and if they want to go three hours one night they can add to it at the end rather than beginning.

    Now, what to watch at 10PM…

  • AngelFlow

    Moving the show to a new time will do anything to help them get better ratings. Get better writters, stop copying the WWE storylines, push your own talent (AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, MCMG, etc.) and bring back the 6-sided ring. This can help but moving from timeslot, like I said, will make no difference.

  • wwetnadudez

    This won’t do much, but at least there trying to do something.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      They should try getting rid of Hogan and Garrett Bischoff.


    oh man “highly rate series”??? look again spike

    • Aiii

      They looked again, the press release is still stating factual information. It is one of the top rated programs on the network and it does score highly in that demographic.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    If they want to change time slots so that other sports’ broadcasts won’t hurt them, move to Wed. night. NFL on Thursday nights will crush them, no matter if they move up an hour or not.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    They’re just polishing the brass on the Titanic.

  • vorhees666

    Bah, where was this 3 months ago? I would have gladly watched an 8pm start time just so I could watch Archer at 10pm.

  • siberian_skies

    Here’s another change for your consideration, Dixie. After watching Impact last night, you know, you’re new Open Fight Night, just rename Impact The Hogan Show. ‘Cause most of the show featured Hogan flapping his gums. Wasn’t a surprise, though. Should’ve seen it coming.

    I was happy to see that Al Snow is the head judge, not Hogan.

  • Donkey

    The Big Bang Theory or TNA?

  • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

    “Spike TV’s highly-rated two-hour weekly series, TNA’s “IMPACT Wrestling” ”


  • tlsxoxo

    Impact has been the best wrestling show on TV for the last month or so and open fight night was really good , Bully Ray is doing great heel work and the knockout’s are all great. Roode is starting to really look comfortable as champ , gut check was cool but that kid needed to slow down. Keep up the good work TNA

  • Joize

    I find commercials more interesting than TNA…