Impact Wrestling Results & Highlights

Impact Wrestling Recap: March 16th 2017

Bruce Pritchard and Dutch Mantell convince El Patron to vacate the Impact Wrestling world championship he won last week due to all the chicanery involved in his match with Bobby Lashley. They also inform him he can’t have a title rematch unless Lashley agrees to it.

El Patron Calls Out Lashley, Gets EC3

El Patron calls out Bobby Lashley for a title match, but EC3 comes out to challenge him instead. El Patron refers to EC3 as “the b**ch*. It is later announced that EC3 and El Patron will wrestle tonight.

After viewing a highlight package of Decay stealing the tag titles from the Hardys via teleporting through time and deleting them, we go back to the Impact Wrestling boardroom where management discusses the need to make some decisions over who the tag belts belong to.

  1. Eli Drake and Tyrus vs. Laredo Kid and Garza Jr.

Before the match we are shown a video package detailing Drake and Tyrus’ history together. Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. are both from the Crash promotion, and had recently defected there from AAA. Garza Jr. rolled up Eli Drake for the pin.

Winners: Laredo Kid and Garza Jr.

Video highlights of Moose, Eddie Edwards and James Storm in Japan wrestling with NOAH.

  1. Kacey Quinn vs. Brandi Rhodes

Just before the match starts Cody comes to the ring with his Global Force Wrestling title belt. Cody says the match isn’t going to happen, and then offers Quinn $45 to leave the ring. He runs down Moose a bunch, and then says he wants to take on Moose for the Impact Grand Championship.

Then everyone left the ring and there was no match for some reason.
Winner: No Contest

We come back from commercial and Rosemary is beating up Kacey Quinn. She gives her “Red Wedding”, her music played and the segment ended.

3. Alberto El Patron vs. EC3

For the second week in a row El Patron faces a top talent on Impact. After a back and forth match with Patron concentrating on EC3’s arm, it looked as though EC3 was going to use a chair and get himself DQ’ed. He had second thoughts however, and his hesitation was just the opening Patron needed to hit a kick to the face and lock him in the arm bar. EC3 tapped and commentary played up that he has never done that before.
After the match El Patron clapped for Ec3 and the fans chanted for him. El Patron says that EC3 gave him one of the best matches of his career.
Winner: El Patron via submission

Reno Scum cut a promo backstage, say they are in Impact to win the tag team championships. They then said “Oi!” into the camera several times. 

EC3 is upset backstage after his loss, Bruce Pritchard attempts to calm him down but we don’t get any audio. 

4. X-Division Championship Match
Suicide vs. Andrew Everett vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Trevor Lee (c) w/ Shane Helms

Several back and forth X-division spots were followed by Laurel Van Ness coming to ringside, still in her wedding dress. She waved and blew kisses at Allie until Sienna came to the ring. Sienna told the Allie and Braxton Sutter they would meet their “tragic demise”.

Tag Team Division Turmoil

Bruce Pritchard came out to address the tag team title situation, which brought out several teams from the division. Pritchard announced that in 2 weeks there would be 4 teams competing for the championships. Reno Scum, Laredo Kid & Garza Jr, and Decay were already out there so there was only one spot left.

The returning LAX crashed the party and took out everyone in the ring. This new version of LAX includes old members Konnan and Homicide along with new members Mike Draztik, Angel Ortiz and Angel Rose.