Indy Fed Blasts Scott Hall For Friday Night Incident

Top Rope Promotions owner Steve Ricard sent us the following statement regarding the Scott Hall incident on Friday night:

Top Rope Promotions has been holding family oriented wrestling shows for 30 years now, and on our 30th Anniversary event, we brought in one of the biggest names in pro wrestling, Scott Hall (aka Razor Ramon).

We drew a packed house and a good majority of them were there to see Hall. Hall and his people down in FL had all claimed he was clean and good to go. His flight and hotel were pre paid, and his appearance fee was demanded upon arrival at the airport (which he asked for within 3 min of being picked up).

Hall had arrived in a wheel chair with 3 bottles of prescription pills in his posession. Hall had performed an interview with our local newspaper The Herald News around 6 PM on Thursday night, saying how much he was looking forward to coming to the show, and how he was clean. Less then 24 hrs later, he showed up in the state he was in, demanding his appearance fee. Right off the bat, we were in a bad situation.

Having Hall at the building, already pre paid with his appearance fee, hotel, flight, etc. He even harassed my driver in the process. Hall was persistent to appear on the show. His heart was in the right place, unfortunately I can’t say the same about his mind or his body.

Throughout the night he made threats to numerous members of my staff, as well as myself demanding more money, demanding to go to the ring when he wanted to etc. He was also threatening to kill me if I “screwed” him over. I’m 31 years old and I should be in no circumstances, babysitting someone in there 50’s.
Hall made at best, an embarrassing performance in the ring and for the fans who came to see him, trashing matches that were on the show before him and addressing the crowd as if we were in England.

Neither Hall, nor anyone who helped line up the date, or any of his close friends or agents have called to apologize or offer a refund for his “less then stellar” appearance. He showed his true colors and who he was this past Friday night. If he’s upset that we’re airing a stream of this atrocious appearance, maybe he should issue an apology to the fans, the promotion, and the workers of the company. One would only assume that no one that night got what they paid for, myself included.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • bilnicki

    Screw Hall. This guy is right. Dont commit to something if your not all there. He looked pathetic walking in and out of the ring and i’m sure many in the pro wrestling world are shaking they’re heads. I’m lost with this guy. X-Pac is a total screw up and he looked as happy as can be at the Hall of Fame.

  • notanothervictim

    Hold the Phone…….Didn’t Solomonster say in his latest Sound Off ..that “Top Rope Promotions” were not involved with the IPPV and they infact stated to “Not Watch the PPV” ….who’s leading on who here??

    How could they not make a profit ..from the I-PPV for a show THEY PUT ON!!!!!!
    money had to change hands somewhere….

    and if ya had Scott Hall in a bar before the show…..You just bascially handed a loaded gun….Asses

  • notanothervictim

    Ahem..sorry for the typo…

    …..You just bascially handed HIM a loaded gun….Asses

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    What a mess…..I see it from both sides, no one should really have to see the footage it was embarresing, but it’s probably for that reason why it should be shown. TNA and Jeff Hardy can learn from the Master. I really don’t understand how Hall has even been available to be booked for the last year. I wish Hall the best I really do but this begins with himself, no one wrestler is sooo good that they can show up like that….anywhere….

  • frijole2011

    I’ll bet no independent promotion will touch him ever again – talk about burning your bridges TO A CRISP!!

  • VICE

    …he’s Scott Hall… “The Bad Guy”… what did they expect him to do, hand out f*ckin’ lollypops and blow sunshine up everybody’s ass? Not to mention he should be paid up front and immediately, that’s how you keep from getting screwed. It’s called business. As for his “performance”, don’t you think if he had his sh*t together he would have a WWE or TNA contract? Try not booking people who haven’t unpacked from rehab or the hospital yet.

    Scott Hall 4 Life

  • Finkle1874

    yeah its the freaking “promoters” fault for making Hall go out there….gimme a break. It’s thinking like that which gives Hall ammo to Rationalize his self-destruction. Play the blame game….guess what it’s all Hall’s fault….100% Halls fault and he needs to accept that he has no control over his life. Dont blame a tiny promotion ….I hope we’ve seen the last of Hall and Jake the Snake and all these f’d up wrestlers.

    Of course we all want them to change and get control over there lives…but untill them, dont book em.

  • rated r sarah star

    that really sucks. i’d be pissed off too!

  • Frank The Tank

    It’s both of their faults, lets leave it at that