Jack Swagger Arrest Update: Police Pushing For Jail Time

Citizen-times.com has an update on Jack Swagger’s Tuesday night DUI & drug arrest. Swagger is due back in court March 12. Had he been arrested only for speeding and marijuana possession, he could have paid his fines by mail or online, but the DUI makes this a different kind of case.

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If convicted, records show Swagger faces fines of $188 for driving 10 mph over the speed limit, $437 for a small amount of marijuana and $1,300 if it’s his first DUI offense. The DUI charge carries a mandatory court appearance and he could lose his driver’s license for 90 days. However, Police Lt. Craig Petersen says he’ll push for the maximum sentence for Swagger’s DUI, which is jail time:

“We have never recommended mere fines and fees only on a DUI,” Clark said. “We always recommend the maximum sentence of two days in jail for first offenders. That time can be suspended but only on completion of certain court-ordered conditions like probation, classes, AA meetings, etc.”

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