Jeff Hardy Signs Longterm Deal With TNA, New Dates Announced For Impact On The Road

TNA President Dixie Carter appeared on Bellator MMA tonight on Spike TV and revealed that Jeff Hardy has signed a new long-term deal with TNA Wrestling.

She also announced several new dates for Impact Wrestling on the road:

* March 28th from Jonesboro, AR
* April 11th from Corpus Christi, TX
* June 6th from Duluth, GA

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • YES!

    April the 1th.

    • Name Goes Here

      Right before April the 2st.

  • 7 year old boy

    There goes Matt Hardy’s theory…

  • cappa37

    lets be honest… Cm Punk is terrible.

    • KobesFro


      • MalaysianInvasion

        r u guys on crack!! cm punk is the biggest thing since scsa

        • Progress_Now

          not even if his life depended on it…….

        • cappa37


        • Randy James Crawford

          He is one of them but not the biggest thing.

        • KobesFro

          Imma go on thinking ppl thumbs you up because you either are on that PCP, glass dick, o circle jerk together.

          • KobesFro


    • Smith

      That is totally relevant to this article. Mark.

    • Randy James Crawford

      CM Punk is not terrible, he is an awesome wrestler, awesome talker, Stone Cold and The Rock even said he is great.

      • Backstreet Bungalow

        And Nobama said he would make things better

    • Nelson Carvalho

      if you think that cm punk is terrible then john cena ryback and many others shouldnt be in the wwe.

    • Peer Pressure

      Cap I agree, Punk is trash, but what does that have to do with this article? I’m not trying to be a dick, I’m just curious.

  • IKeepsit100

    Jeff just lost all creditably with me. He rather be a free crackhead in TNA and not have all the fans that miss him in WWE and do the right thing.

    • butterpecs

      That’s right, be a slave to the fans.

    • The Guest

      You’re comment might be valid if Jeff wasn’t under probation and can’t do “crack”. Try thinking first before talking out of your ass.

      • IKeepsit100

        it was sarcasm moron. He didn’t do crack (far as i know)

    • Craig DeBoard

      Uh, their shows appear on different nights. If those fans care about him that much they’ll be tuning into Spike TV every Thursday anyways. Idiot.

    • Randy James Crawford

      why it’s his choice where he goes not yours so Shut Up and deal with it ok.

    • morrisonfanone

      Couldn’t agree more. Jeff in TNA is garbage. Not to mention, he freaken ruined a PPV. I thought they’d have let him go years ago.

  • Cool Story Bro

    i hate jeff hardy now

    • Randy James Crawford

      why it’s his choice where he goes not yours so Shut Up and deal with it.

      • Reality

        What’s the reason to hate people then? Race? No. Mostly it’s because of the choices they make. So you shut the fuck up

  • bigfoot tornado

    I’m glad. The IWC is a bunch of crybaby marks and this is just more proof that backing them is career suicide. I hope TNA takes off under him and that the IWC sits on their stupid, wishy washy thumbs while they watch cm punk fall apart.

    • kquickstillsucks


      • Progress_Now

        lol is that what it means??

        • Peer Pressure

          I thought it meant indy wrestling community. LOL!

          • Progress_Now

            I thought it meant Ignorant Worthless Cunts. and oh god is that Justin Beaver in your avatar?? Jesus fucken Satan man!!!

    • 2muchfire

      good shit bigfoot.

  • Progress_Now

    lol why is everyone so eager to see Hardy back in WWE or something? he’s hardly asset material. he sucks in the ring, he sucks on the mic, what’s he really got going for him? a monster like Brock Lesnar defo deserves the cash they throw his way, so does Rock’s star quality.
    Jeff got nothing, except for the misfits that support him. we don’t need to see him in WWE anytime soon. he can stay and rot where he is.

    • Craig DeBoard

      Someone didn’t get Hardy to fullfill their Make-A-Wish request.^^^

    • Randy James Crawford

      Jeff Hardy might not be able to wrestle but he can fly around that ring, he is popular, him and CM Punk, him and Randy Orton could also have rematches and they need more Main Eventers in WWE, where he goes weather it’s Raw or Smackdown in WWE he would be used very good.

  • Brent Genito

    And the news tomorrow will be that WWE has removed Jeff Hardy from the Alumni section.

  • kquickstillsucks

    Don’t care he can fade away with the others (Kurt Angle and Sting) after HARDYMANIA fails to draw flies as the champ on the road what will TNA do next lol. Devon as champ? Bubba? lol.

    • Craig DeBoard

      Yeah, that crappy company that’s only been in business for a little over a decade and has already developed a fanbase world-wide and has the highest rated show on their respective channel….yeah they pay out big money to just let people “fade away”. You’re an idiot. Get off of my internet. I never said you could fuck it up with your stupid.

      • kquickstillsucks

        World wide fan base? LOL Most wrestling fans don’t know Sting and Angle and Jeff Hardy even wrestle still so yea “FADE AWAY” They can’t get 1,000 people for house shows. ROH A INDY company outdraws them. 7,000 ppv buys again that’s about what ROH A INDY company gets. You and the same other million people watch TNA every week were is the growth? Never mind, just resume eating paste and washing it down with the TNA koolaid. Keep glued to twitter for Dixie’s next HUGE announcement ROFL!

    • Randy James Crawford

      There is nothing wrong with Kurt Angle or Sting, and Bully Ray being champion would make sense he deserves it too and has put his time in as much as Big Show, Kane, Mark Henry.

      • kquickstillsucks

        Not taking anything away from Bully he probably does deserve it but is he going to make TNA $$$? That’s my point, is he going to draw people on the road?

        • Randy James Crawford

          Yes he would it’s been like what 15 years for Bully Ray he is the kinda guy like Kurt Angle and Sting who loves wrestling and can take it to a new level each match you look at Kurt he always has great matches, Sting stays at the same level, Bully raises the bar each time that is rare to find Bully Ray can make TNA the money they want.

  • 5er

    Wonder if this means we will see matt hardy in TNA again. I would think Jeff signing long term would involve his brother somehow. He could show up as the leader of aces and eights. You know since tna fired him, he has reason to be po ed with them. He could even feud with Jeff and take the title off of him for a while. Ok yeah that sucks but it could be one way to finally end that storyline.

    • morrisonfanone

      He got a DUI. That’s why they fired him. He has no reason to be mad, that was his own dumb fault.

  • jccox01

    I really want to know who this is : – I have no clue who it reminds me of or anything.

  • Johrdann Miller

    all you cunts need to get a fucking life…

  • Guest

    Looks like Jeff Hardy still smoking crack.

  • Ivor Biggen

    The Charismatic Enigma’s current title run has thrilled wrestling fans. Much to the chagrin of the fanboys Jeffrey Nero will continue to mesmerize wrestling fans for at least the next 2 years.


  • Andy

    he is as big of an idiot as Sting

  • morrisonfanone

    Just because they’re going on the road doesn’t mean it will boost ratings. Jeff is so misused in TNA.