Jeff Hardy Talks About Becoming #1 Contender (Video), Impact Rating For Thursday

Impact Rating For Thursday

Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling drew a 1.07 cable rating, the same figure as week’s show. The first hour drew a 1.01 before growing to 1.14 in the second.

Viewership declined slightly from last week, to 1.39 million viewers from 1.41 million. Two weeks ago, the program drew 1.43 million viewers. Three weeks ago, the show drew 1.49 million viewers.

Viewership peaked in the second hour during a match between Matt Morgan and Joseph Park, drawing a 1.16 cable rating.

Velvet Sky Meets “Back To The Future” Actress

Velvet Sky appeared on Charlotte Today, where she appeared alongside actress Leah Thompson from Back to the Future and tweeted this picture:

Exclusive Video Of Jeff Hardy After Becoming #1 Contender:

TNA has released the following video featuring exclusive comments from Jeff Hardy following Thursday’s Impact Wrestling, where he became the No. 1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship held by Bully Ray:

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  • joe

    I wish that number was higher because impact was great

  • askbillmitchell

    Queue the “But we were up against the NCAA tournament…” spin in 3…2…1

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    The highest viewership was Matt Morgan and Joseph Park match. Next week when Impact is live, they should do something with Matt Morgan and Joseph Park; like put them in the main event. It would make sense to put Joseph Park vs. Bully Ray on the main event next Thursday since Bully Ray and Joseph Park have some “unfinished business.”

  • General Disarray

    JAJAJA! TNA is a joke.

    • ac1d

      WWE is a worse joke with better production.

  • Lemonz

    I must admit, I thought this Aces & 8’s storyline was a poor & pointless storyline that was going to get no where, but the way they built up to it and revealed the whole reason behind it, it’s genius! I’m not a TNA fan but they definately got me here, Bully Ray makes an amazing heel. I’d love to see a CM Punk vs Bully Ray dream match.

    • Craig DeBoard

      I agree. All the people that cut jokes about members being Mike Knox and what not didn’t quite grasp the concept that the main leaders of Aces and Eights were supposed to be the big surprises (Bully, Taz, ect.) Not the lackeys. The build for this stable was pulled off amazingly. I’d consider Aces and Eights to be the best stable TNA has seen other than Fortune.