Jeff & Karen Jarrett Announce Global Force Wrestling

Jeff and Karen Jarrett sent out the following press release today announcing the formation of their new Global Force Wrestling promotion:


NASHVILLE — After weeks of speculation and unprecedented internet buzz surrounding the hashtag #ItsComing … IT IS HERE!

Legendary performer and third-generation promoter Jeff Jarrett and his wife, Karen, are set to unveil Global Force Wrestling (, which promises to be the most fan-interactive and immersive wrestling experience in history.

“Because of new media, new technology and more ‘in-tune’ fans than we’ve ever had, wrestling is poised for another boom like it experienced in the mid-1980s and late 1990s,” Jeff Jarrett said. “What we’re going to deliver is a multi-platform, innovative brand that will engage fans in ways they’ve never experienced. It will provide a fresh perspective inside the business that fans have been clamoring for.”

Jarrett, the founder of TNA wrestling and a 12-time world champion who wrestled in WWE, WCW and numerous international promotions, and his wife, Karen, have been laying the foundation for GFW since January 2014.

“Jeff was born into this business,” Karen Jarrett said. “It’s his life’s passion. He saw a unique opportunity to fill a need in professional wrestling, and he has tirelessly devoted himself physically, mentally and emotionally to doing just that.”

Videos of the Jarretts previewing the new promotion attached to the hashtag #ItsComing have garnered more than a million views. Meanwhile, Jeff and Karen have been searching the United States and the international ranks in search of undiscovered talent. The response has been overwhelming, with more than 400 performers from across the globe already in the evolving GFW talent database.

“The reality is we want to build a brand in which fans are watching our wrestlers evolve from day one and are truly invested in the lives of our talent in and out of the ring,” Jarrett said.

Global Force Wrestling expects to make several more key announcements in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Nicolai

    Another wrestling boom like the 80s and 90s? And then he woke up.

  • Scramo

    Looking forward to Jeff Jarrett announcing his next wrestling promotion in 2024, with his new and 5th wife.

  • raVen

    Karen Jarrett instantly turns me away from this.

    • That Guy


      • 7962

        Unless she’s nude.

    • SomeInternetGuy

      Everything BUT Karen Jarret turns me away from this. It’s weird how a perv thinks.

      Yeah this GFW thing sounds like he just wants to start a new TNA but THIS TIME HE’LL DO THINGS HIS WAY………….lol

      Yeah but seriously, I want more Karen pictures.

      • raVen

        hey no lies, I’m a male I can claim perv myself.
        that thing is not attractive in the least tho

  • pwnez

    I’m excited for this. It will takes years to establish this business but once it gets going WWE could have some competition if everything goes well.

    • Danko11

      why are people excited for this? Didn’t JJ start up TNA then basically jump ship, and look how they’re doing now?

      • comic_book_fan

        he started it and from 2002 til 2009 it was growing than the people with the money and the tv slot said no lets bring in hogan and bischoff and stop listening to Jarrett lets take mick foley off the creative team as well and make hogan and eric the creative team then eric and hulk bleed them of every dime the company had and left so he gave up his part and left.

        • bsodcsi

          The point is that TNA has never been profitable and that is a major part of the problem with TNA and any promotion Jarrett will start. Starting a promotion is next to impossible to be profitable. Case in point is ECW. They were hugely popular and had WWE?Vince funneling in money to keep it running for years. There problem was they never could get a firm TV deal. Without that a promotion in this day and age is doomed from the start.

          • comic_book_fan

            but from what i heard jeff already has a tv slott for this.

          • NewWrestlingDay

            TNA never been profitable? They were decent at one point and then they got the wrong people backstage.

            ECW only had wwe money after they got bought out. They could never get a firm tv deal cause networks were afraid of the extreme nature of the show

        • PandaBread

          Agreed. Others ruined what Jeff started there.

        • Tookie

          False. People were complaining about TNA waaaaaaaaaaay before Hogan and Bishoff even got there. Jeff caused a lot of his own problems. Remember the Russo guy he was good buddies with that did all the crappy booking? And don’t even get me started on how many times he booked himself as world champion. Why ppl think jarrett is just the perfect promoter is beyond me.

          • bsodcsi

            Agree 110%

          • Darius B.

            Hogan and Bischoff made TNA much worse, Jarrett didn’t put the belt on himself any more than HHH, Russo? LMAO, are ya’ll still holding on to that weak talking point? Last time i checked, WWE isn’t so hot since Russo left, dance-offs, muppets, re-hashing 15&16 year old storylines: which leads to 3.0 ratings, ironically the similar ratings Russo got in WCW.

    • SOBI

      Yes it will be competitive for HHH and Stephanie’s daughters when they take over in 20 years

  • Pozessed

    It sounds like a power rangers show. Power Rangers: Global Force
    To be honest, I actually think it’ll end up not really living up to the hype, although I hope it does.

    • PandaBread

      Power Rangers are just a cheap rip off of Japan’s Super Sentai

  • MadWolf

    wwe finally has competition

  • bsodcsi

    Lets be realistic for a second. We are currently over saturated with wrestling. If this remains just a small independent then all is great (I love the indies) but if he thinks the world can or will handle another national broadcast show then he is confused. Lets look at the facts, ROH is owned by a chain of stations and has terrible ratings and realistically can’t be making money, TNA is owned by an Oil Company and they have funneled millions in to it and it hasn’t made even a small dent in the market and they will have some serious challenges when they redue the contract with SpikeTV. And then you have WWE which has dominated the market for years, they have money to burn and now with the WWE Network offers 24/7 access to wrestling and all the PPV’s, not to mention Raw and Smackdown. Maybe I’m missing something but how does he plan on making this profitable? Oh wait he could always sell weekly PPV’s, no wait he tried that and it failed miserably. And sooner then later if will teeter on the brink and someone with endless pockets will come bail him out and buy a chunck of the company and will eventually force him out. No wait that happened already. Maybe I’m just dreaming this all and will wake up soon.

    • Kjhaltz

      No to mention all the web based streaming promotions. You got lucha libre USA and AAA trying to get into the American market. Also depending where you live it is saturated more than others.

  • comic_book_fan

    i am always ready for more wrestling i will give this a try sounds good lets hope it delivers.

  • GN-0015

    We have nothing to lose to see what they’ve got, but I don’t think this will cause an earthquake in the wrestling world.

  • johnson

    Vince McMahon said he should have never bought WCW because it killed part oft he business WCW and WWE was getting 4-6 points ratings because of competition Jeff has great backing and a tv dealing place as well as sponsors because of the partnership with Tobey Keith I liked tna when jeff was in charge but that been years ago that when most fans like it untill about 2009 ish when it started sucking so hopefully this bring competition to wwe to enhance the wrestling industry as a whole

    • Forceton Banfodder

      If Vince hadn’t of bought WCW, no one would’ve. The competition died when Time-Warner decided Ted Turner was wasting their money.

      • bsodcsi

        Actually you are correct in that no one would have bought WCW because they didn’t have a TV contract. However the reason that WCW died was NOT because of Ted Turner, since he was long gone from any type of authority by that point, but because Time Warner tried to re-invent the wheel. By that I mean the booking was horrible, the storylines were short or nonsense and just had a start/stop mentality. Also the funny thing about this comment is Jeff Jarrett in a way helped bring down WCW because he found the right people to smooch and was raised to higher levels that he just could not maintain.

        • johnson

          EricBischoff was surrpose to buy wcw he was waiting for the fax and at the last min mcmahon bought it

    • Khali’s lil bro

      Have you not heard of fullstops and commas?

      • john

        are you an english teacher? lol who cares, you know what he’s saying.

        • Tom Mayer

          The English language cares.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    I really hope this isn’t a reality TV-like wrestling show. Just be a wrestling promotion, no backstage/on the road drama please.

  • heb

    My question is will Russo be involved? Kiss of death if he is involved.

    • bri

      I doubt it, rumor is he’s writing the TNA shows again. that’s why it sucks so bad right now.

      • Tom Mayer

        Then he must’ve been writing for them for a long time ;)

        • bri

          he was.

      • riphawk592

        Wait don’t you remember what the attitude era was like? Or is it that you forgot that Russo did a lot of the creative writing for the attitude era. Granted I am not a fan of his but he can have some good ideas. Remember he did write a lot of the writing in the early days of TNA and until Mick and Jarrett Left TNA was a lot better then it is now.

      • Darius B.

        Vince Russo hasn’t been in TNA for over 2 years…… people really need to stop believing Dave Meltzer’s bullcrap articles

    • gdaddy1971

      Russo can be very creative. He just can’t be given total control of the writing or checkbook.

  • bri

    They should have just use the real name. The Jeff and Karen show.

    • Tom Mayer

      Like WWE Monday Night Triple H Show?

      • bri

        umm it’s not all about H. The guy just put Bryan over big time. Stop talking out your back end.

        • Tom Mayer

          It’s a joke, don’t be a douche.

          • bri

            you’re being the douche.

          • stormgreyeagle

            really? you both are douches

        • PandaBread

          Look how long he took doing that. In the mean time burying others like he always does.

    • bsodcsi

      Don’t you mean the Karen and Jeff Show? We know she wears the pants in that family. And I bet Jeff enjoys wearing panties. I’m sure Kurt Angle could tell you about her. lol

      • bri

        wow the stuff you have going on in your mind.

        • bsodcsi

          Maybe but am I wrong? lol

          • bri

            I don’t even want to think about jeff in panties. not my thing. Or angle at that.

  • tnicols

    jeff has the mind for business; i’m pretty sure he’s got former wwe talent on that roster.

  • Ares

    I’m interested. But the logo sucks lol

  • Dale C Twigg

    If this is done correctly it could be a fun alternative. I hate TnA. I will be shocked if Spike actually renews it. Jarrett has the potential to run and actual wrestling company. We don’t know exactly who is bank rolling this thing. If he has the right backers and decent independent talent (though we all know Hurricane Helms and company will be there from the jump) it could be a good change of pace from the WWE. If he gets the young independent guys and lets them actually wrestle (unlike Vince who lets his good talent do about 40% of the what they are capable of) we could have a good show.

  • stormgreyeagle

    legendary? he must have written this

  • PandaBread

    I can’t wait

  • NewWrestlingDay

    I’m open to it…..but i’ve heard Shane Douglas is starting up a new promotion as well. Maybe he should have just teamed up with Jarrett.

  • Dunlap Gabriel

    I’m excited about this! There is a whole flock of fans who’ve given up on wrestling because it has passed us by.. If they keep the storylines simple and wrestling related, I think the Gfw will do well. But, that’s a big if. Anyway, I’m excited to watch this develop and hope Jarrett has learned lessons from his first go round with TNA.

    GO GFW GO!

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Is it a wrestling promotion or another Marvel comics movie? Global Force? LOL.

  • RadicalRhys

    Interesting, hopefully things work out for them, as well as other wrestling talent, in the future.
    Also, at least it’s a more creative name than TNA.

  • Johnny Wooters

    Jeff Jarrett 12 time World Champion Smh

  • The Esteemed

    As long as Jeff doesn’t try to compete with WWE, I’m interested. Let this be a try alternative like TNA once was instead of WWE lite.

  • Dru Slim

    Sounds cool, but that retro 1990’s logo has to go.

  • tommy

    on the tna king of the mountain jarrett dvd jeff spoke of the future of us watching being mostly web based viewing and straying away from cable channels i feel were about a decade out from being mostly that far but in the meantime, wwe’s network and streaming on roku’s and tablets seem to be gaining traction. ever since buying a roku for my non smart hd 1080p tv, and subscribing to wwe network and hulu plus amazon prime and netflix, i never watch cable except for just raw and that is IT

  • morph_3

    This is AWESOME!

    Undiscovered wrestling talent that only Jarrett can find.

    Look out everyone, it’s High school wrestling!!

    Watch them evolve each day as they work through their teen angst in the ring.

    This is either going to flourish or nose dive quickly. Let’s hope this isn’t some “fantasy” league wrestling he’s setting up.

    And yes Karen, Jeff was born in the business where as you just screwed your way into the business.