Jericho vs. Swagger On SmackDown, Jericho-Fandango WM29 Update, Ricardo’s Ankle “Broken”

– Following Jack Swagger’s attack on Ricardo Rodriguez at RAW, WWE is reporting that Ricardo’s ankle is broken.

– This Friday on SmackDown, Jack Swagger will face Chris Jericho rematch from last week’s show.

– Speaking of Chris Jericho, it appears WWE is in fact building towards a Chris Jericho vs. Fandango match at WrestleMania 29. The two had a confrontation backstage at Monday’s RAW when Fandango interrupted Jericho’s backstage promo. Jericho mocked the new superstar by intentionally messing up his name and asking him for movie tickets, a reference to the popular Fandango movie ticket service.

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  • Lord Spliffmeister

    Y2J was great in that segment.Punk cursing was hilarious 2. XD

    • SOBI

      Jericho did a segment just like this the first time he and Santino squared of

  • tired of it

    Raw sucked again Jericho is going to loss as usual on another ppv nothing has changed

    • SOBI

      man are they ever gonna let Jericho win.

      • Marko

        They let him but Y2J puts people over too much. That’s the problem.

  • DigitalWWE

    There is no way Y2J is going to lose that match however, he will probably let Johnny Curtis(I refuse to call him FANDANGO) be the ring general and let him work like the first Undertaker vs Cena match when Cena was the heel.

    • Thefranchise

      Fandango will prob win after weeks of building to his debut. Jericho is back to put the young guys over which is what’s going to happen here. How do you compare it to Cena vs Taker?

      • DigitalWWE

        Cena vs Taker was the same situation. Cena, a new guy, was going around talking trash to everyone and beating up people. Taker, a veteran, confronted Cena. They had a match and taker allowed Cena to dominate most of the match to show off and see if he could put on a good match but in the end Taker won like he should have.

        I see this being the same situation. Even in defeat johnny curtis could have a star making performance at wrestlemania.

  • Respect

    Three things: 1. This Fandango character reminds me of Rico, the former Billy and Chuck manager. 2. Classic Jericho. 3. Ricardo sold the hell out of that ankle lock.

  • QuoteTheRaven

    Two best segments: Jericho & Fandango and CM Punk & Undertaker. I almost died laughing at the CM Punk segment.

  • Ares

    Another case of IWC indecision. Jericho wants to put younger talent over. IWC screams WE WANT NEW STARS. haha this is the reason why Jericho is one of my favs of all time. He’s legendary enough to lose and still be taken seriously. Can you imagine if Fanny Boy (lmao) gets a win over Jericho @ WM29!? That would be huge. That’s almost a star making moment.

  • dae

    Can we please get rid of that Fun-Winnabago guy? Seriously, the best part of his character is watching the other guys poke fun at his lame name. Heck, I fast forwarded through the whole Fun-Winnabago skit with the Punjabi Playboy and felt like I missed absolutely nothing!
    The CM Punk segment where he dropped the urn (and said a “very bad word for TV”) was funny because the censors almost dropped the ball on that one!
    But, pretty much, another lackluster Raw, in my opinion. I wish the wrestlers would learn to cut promos like they once did – Quit the whining and B.S. and call somebody out and beat them up! And, all of the extra BS on the show could be pulled in favor of a match that could build towards a PPV event now or later. Cut out the middle-of-a-match commericals would be nice (like in the old days when they dared not go to commercial during the main event and other big matches) as would ending the five million times of going back to earlier in the show (show it at the build up of the main event match and that’s it, I don’t need to see it 3 times in 2 hours since it happened!).