Jericho’s Future In WWE, RVD’s New Weed Documentary

— TNA star Rob Van Dam has written a blog titled, “The Rise and Fall of The Medical Kush Beach Club” for Paul Heyman’s website, which you can check out at RV announces a new documentary called The Boardwalk Hempire he’s Executive Producing with Tommy Chong about the rise and fall of the Medical Kush Beach medical marijuana dispensary.

— Chris Jericho’s representatives have negotiated an extension on his current WWE deal, which was originally for six months. The challenger for CM Punk’s WWE Championship at WrestleMania has extended his contract for several months, and will be “full time” in WWE through the summer.

It is not known what happens to the Fozzy concert tour that was originally scheduled for the summer, but Jericho’s tenure in WWE for what he has been jokingly calling “this tour of duty” has been confirmed as “extended,” which means he will either continue feuding with CM Punk or be a major part of the WWE draft to help the Smackdown brand after WrestleMania.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • NWO4Life

    RVD’s blog was great.

    • MyNational88

      I know it was

      • cenasucks

        Funny…replying to your own comment.

    • tgabriel0891

      stupid pot head

  • wwetnadudez

    Yes, Jericho has taken this feud with Punk so far that I want to see this more than the whole rest of the WM card, Punk/Jericho are on there A game right now, I hope they continue.

  • pwnez

    If that’s the case then we could possibly see Jericho win the WWE title. Honestly, this is another match in which I don’t care who wins, I just want to see a good wrestling match. 

    • Drizzydrake

      Me too whoever wins i will be happy

  • Chaos

    That’s great news Jericho is F’N Awesome

  • bayarea08

    Y2J is an assclown

  • Matthew Issmarterthanyou Getov

    CM Punk is a joke.  

    • #DoinkTheClown

      so is your existence but up until now no one was saying anything about it

      • Mr 561

         Tone it down with shit like this or you’ll get banned

        • siberian_skies

          Good, but why did you remove my comment?  All I did was tell Doink that his comment was cold.

          • Matthew Issmarterthanyou Getov

            Yeah and all I did was point out Doinks ad hominem debating skills and that was removed also.  I feel like his initial degrading, personally insulting comment should have been removed before the comments calling him out on his taking my comment personal.  

  • M-Rods

    Y2J vs. Punk at Wrestlemania……wrestling at Wrestlemania?……….that will never sell lol

    • Matthew Issmarterthanyou Getov

      Jericho will sell.  Punk won’t.  Punk is a cruel joke being played on wrestling fans.

  • Spiledrive Crawford

    I hope Jericho ends Punk’s career for what Punk did to Christian on Raw.

    • The4thwiseman

      you know wrestling is a planed show right? This gives Christian a story when he comes back.. cauce punk took him outa mania..

    • TheKillingMoon

      Scripted. Get a brain.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    It’s odd. Last Summer on sites like this one, tons of people were praising Punk left and right talking about how much they love him. Less than a year later, I see the complete opposite. 

    I know, personally, I’ve grown tired of Punk’s character as well. He got over by claiming to be different than Cena (storyline wise) and, yet, he’s pretty much been just like him during his current reign. I mean that in the sense of being overly repetitive and extremely boring. To me, Jericho is the one who has carried this feud to the level it is at and I look forward to seeing him as the champ for a little bit.

    As for the contract “extension”, I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t see Jericho shoving aside Fozzy for a few more months in WWE. Fozzy really took off late last year and it seems to me like he loves doing that more than doing WWE.

    • Michael

      But Jericho still acts the same since 2009 when he turned heel? They all have the same gimmick, Cena has had the hero gimmick for 6 or 7 years, Jericho with the heel gimmick for 4 or 5 years, and punk with his anti hero gimmick for almost 1 year and yet your tired of Punk when it hasn’t even been a year yet with his face turn? Just goes to show what Jericho said was the truth, the wwe fans are a bunch of sheep who will follow what they like only because it is new and it looks cool, but after a few weeks they go with the rest of the crowd.

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        Yeah, but was Punk not different at first in his face run? Yeah, he was. He was edgy and anti-establishment like. That was the reason I, along with many others, liked him back then and why I can’t stand his ass now. He’s the complete opposite today. So, no, it’s not the same as Jericho or Cena. They haven’t flip-flopped in their current runs.

        • Illmatic

          Again that is creative’s fault.  Jericho on the other hand i don’t know.  I really don’t see any difference in his heel character from when he was in WCW.  He just added best in the world with all he has accomplished since then.

      • Matthew Issmarterthanyou Getov

        Just shows how bad he is at anything he attempts that people are tired of him after less than a year.  Honestly he was boring halfway through his first match and I’m not sure why Vince McMahon continues to play this joke on viewers week after week.

  • AngelFlow

    Nice more Jericho!!!

  • Team Awesome

    I don’t mind who wins. As long as the page i run people will be happy for either Punk or Jericho. This match needs to be 15 Mins or even 20 last time they fought 1 on 1 the match was 12 mins in 2009

  • Tiran66

    Jericho has done wrestling and music at the same time before.  He stated in his book that it wasn’t uncommon to go directly from the arena to the concert venue, perform, then hit the road to the next show.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Yes, but before, his tour had preset dates that would be where the wrestling shows would take place. As far as I’ve heard, the tour locations this year have already been set without being with WWE locations (I think). Guess someone needs to look at tour dates and Raw house show dates to see if they are in the same locations.

      • Shashy626

        they’re playing in the UK at Download festival on June 9th so imagine they’ll be here beforehand promoting that and playing some other venues over here at that time


     YES! YES! YES!

  • Dpsrkpguy

    punk is nothing but a jealous asshole

    • tgabriel0891

      hello kettle i see you’ve met the pot :p

  • Y2J

    Punk should change his theme song..
    Look in my eyes, 
    What do you see? A Chris Jericho wanna be.
    I taking your ideas, Im using them for me.
    Im a Chris Jericho wanna be.
    Oh Oh im a Chris Jericho wanna be…..

  • TotalNonstopAddict

    Well Fozzy are supposed to be appearing at Download mid-June and I can’t imagine they’d do a one off show of that magnitude without doing at least a mini tour, especially as they’re coming all the way to Europe for it. So is Fozzy on the back burner again?

  • Kaylyn Owens

    Man, I was hoping he’d leave soon. The new heel Jericho isn’t as good as years ago.

    • the masked middle finger

      yeah he is. The only downside is that fozzy won’t be doing much this year.

      • Kaylyn Owens

        I’m just not a fan of this whole: :I will make Punk drink” thing. It’s sad, considering all he did before he returned.

  • Eo

    No one gives a fuck about Fozzy. He needs to be champion tho Punk is boring. And Sheamus is gonna win too.

    • Bakershah

       I do. The band is awesome! cant wait for their next album.